Head and Neck Surgeon: Dr. James J. Kearney

– The reason I became a doctor, I had family members who were in medicine and I respected them greatly, and I was somebody that always did well in math and science, but
had a strong interest in trying to help people. So I wanted to go into a field where I could blend those two strengths. But it wasn’t until I
got to otolaryngology and saw the intricate
detail of working with the senses, working with the fine anatomy, and the fact that you
could help people from the earliest stages of life,
until their later years. That’s what drew me to the field. My name is James Kearney,
I’m an otolaryngologist here at Penn Medicine ENT. My focus here at Penn ENT is
in general Otolaryngology. I am one of the few otolaryngologists that is sub-specialized in sleep medicine, so that provides additional
insight into understanding the disease process, to
help to be able to offer the most advanced treatments. But when it comes to treating patients, I really try to do my very best to look at the whole patient. My wife is an internist,
and her job is to look at somebody and to take care of
them as a whole individual, and I try to emulate what she does, so I try not to have the
blinders on and just see ear, nose, and throat, I
try to really look at the patient’s entire condition,
and make the most appropriate decisions for them. Often in medicine there can
be a rush to do procedures on people, I really try
to take into account what’s good for them in the whole. (upbeat music)

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