Head and Neck Surgeon: Dr. Jason A. Brant

– I became interested in
otology and diseases of the ear mostly around people’s
concerns with hearing and the way that hearing impacts how people experience
the world around them and the people that they interact with. My name is Jason Brant. I’m one of the otologists at Penn ENT. Patients will express that they can’t hear their grandkids talk to them or they can’t hear on the phone. For many, it’s a slow change over time, and it really isn’t until they’ve noticed there’s a problem or
the problem is corrected or we’re able to get some hearing back that they really notice
that there was a lot of the world around them
they were missing out on. And their quality of life
really changes because of it. My personal approach to patients
is to be upfront and honest and to provide all options for their care. There are risks and
benefits with any avenue that someone chooses for
a particular condition that they’re trying to treat. Often there are multiple ways to treat many of the
conditions that I see. And so really personalizing
a treatment plan for the patient that’s
sitting there in front of me and letting the patient
and their family decide. When first seeing a patient
be able to hear things they haven’t heard, experience things they haven’t been able
to experience before, it really is a life-changing
moment for them. And it’s very gratifying
to be part of that and to be able to influence them and impact that part of
people’s lives in some way.

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