Head and Neck Surgeon: Dr. Jonathan M. Lee

– I think medicine is a great field that’s very challenging
and we get to use our mind, our training, our expertise to try to find out ways to help people. My name is Jonathan Lee, and I’m a general otorhinolaryngologist. I’m the director at Radnor
and the Associate Director at Penn Presbyterian at Penn ENT. The ability to hear, smell,
speak, swallow, breathe, those are all things that
have a tremendous impact on a patient’s quality of life. So I chose this field
because it’s a privilege to be able to try to help
patients with those problems. Otorhinolaryngology,
that’s how it’s pronounced. It’s nine syllables. It’s a tough one. It’s just Latin for ear nose throat. So we deal with a wide variety
of ear nose throat problems. Everything from hearing loss to head and neck cancer to sinus problems. Kind of the whole range of
diseases of the head and neck. I have a particularly strong
interest in dealing with sinus problems, and nasal airway problems, obstructive sleep apnea. I remember one patient in
particular, a middle aged man, who had spent his entire
life not really knowing what it was like to
breathe out of his nose or to have any sort of
sense of smell and taste. And he had actually thought
that this was normal. Turns out this patient had a bad sinus problem with nasal polyps. We treated him surgically and medically. After surgery, after he healed up, he said this is incredible. This has changed my life. I can finally breathe
through my nose again. I know what things taste like now. He had no idea that his entire life, he went through this and he didn’t know that it could be improved,
so I think for that patient, it really made a huge difference. Well, I think the best part of my job is that there’s a tremendous
amount of variety in our field. Sometimes, it’s life or death,
it’s cancer, it’s airway. Other times, it’s you
know, something simple like a wax impaction,
but that can actually make a huge impact on
somebody’s quality of life. So I like that everyday going in, I don’t know what I’m gonna see and it’s a huge variety in terms of the types of patients I see, the types of problems I deal with. So it always keeps me on my toes. (light music)

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