Head and Neck Surgeon: Dr. Michael J. Ruckenstein

– Hearing is the only
sense we can now restore. We can’t restore blindness
or loss of smell or taste but we can take people who are deaf and make them hear again. My name is Michael Ruckenstein. I am a professor and vice chairman of the
Department of Penn ENT. I’m a what’s called a neurotologist so I deal with the medical
and surgical issues pertaining to the ear and the associated
structures in the skull base. The ear is a fascinating organ. When I was an undergraduate
and doing physiology, it was the only thing I didn’t understand so I figured this is what
I better do for a career, figure it out. I was practicing evidence-based medicine before it was called
evidence-based medicine. There is no anecdotal use of
this or that in my practice. There is no well let’s see what happens. If you get a prescription from me, if you get a surgery from me, if you get a recommendation, you can be assured that that treatment that I am recommending has stood the test of
scientific evaluation and come out as the best option for you. What makes Penn special is the fact that you have so many resources
that if you have an issue, something you want to address, you just have to make a call and an expert in that
area is available to you. It’s a very unique situation. (inspirational music)

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