Head and Neck Surgeon: Dr. Steven B. Cannady

– I decided to become a
physician pretty early in life. I had a series of family illnesses when I was a pretty young child, when I was in first and second grade. I lost some grandparents. Through that experience, I
became interested in medicine. I found the anatomy and
physiology of the head and neck to be absolutely fascinating. I felt like it was a calling for me. I’m Steve Cannady, I’m a
physician at Penn Medicine, ENT. In the world of head and neck cancer, the greatest advancements we’ve made in the last 20 to 30 years are arguably in how we reconstruct, rebuild, and restore a person back to their goals. My goal in meeting with patients
is to explain to them that we’re not only gonna
deal with your cancer, but we’re gonna deal with the consequences of dealing with the cancer. That we’re gonna cure you, but we’re also gonna care
about your function afterwards. My favorite part of the job
is after I’ve done a surgery, after I’ve done a reconstruction, and the patient has healed, early on, they don’t see the end
product like I have, as someone who’s done this many times. And so, my job, in some ways,
is to be their cheerleader, and tell them, I’ve seen
people go through this, and, just give me a few more weeks, and you’re gonna see the end product, that’s gonna make you smile
when you’ll come in here. So, my favorite part is when that’s been a month or two months, and I have a patient walk
back in and smile, ear to ear, and say, you told me
this was gonna happen, and I didn’t believe you, and now it has. And I just love that
moment for the patient. (upbeat, inspiring music)

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