Head-kick KO!!!!!. What a clinical striking display ending in a perfectly timed knock out

very good stand-up fighter making this amateur debut here tonight I've seen him kicking pads in the back during the break I saw that sword that is all I have to say so it'll be hunting those body kicks all night they're like I said about the body tough guys early I've been training with that gym for a few months now and Mark Halford is one intense man so if there's someone who could test him on been Wallace's MMA debut it's gonna be someone like Halford who can take a shot you know I mean he could take a big shot but these kicks from Ben Wallace are always gonna hurt anyone who doesn't know Ben Wallace he's pretty sure he's number two or number one in his akt1 division mark Halford trading leg kick for leg kick there would been well it's not really a smart idea I'd say Bullis able to mix those kicks of lovely push kick straight into the midriff drove Horford now half is looking to were to move forward I was gonna say you've got a lot to think it's all for gonna change levels at some point you'd think to close the distance to get that take down in blocks two body shots from Ben Wallace charges forward in a big left from all of the left hands this is what I mean about how intense is he will take these shots but me too charging forward lovely lovely knee though from Wallace on the break you can't tell just from this beginning or chopping low kick from Wallace gone again and again and again Manik Alfred tells him come on BAE Oh head kick nahco3 leg kicks on the truck Marvin Maurice relaxing at on the hoe and then straight over the head kick [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh

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