Head Massage Therapy Craniosacral Techniques, How to

Massage Demonstration Cranial Sacral Therapy >>ATHENA: Hello. My name is Athena Jezik and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas and I’m also a cranial sacral therapist. Today we’re going to explain to you a little
bit about what cranial sacral therapy is and offer you a little demonstration. Cranial sacral therapy works with the cranium which is the head, with the skull bones, all the different skull bones, and the sacrum which is at the other end of the base of spine. The sacrum. The two work together through a tube that goes between the two of them and we influence that structure. So, how this works is the different colors that you see here are different bones of the head. There are some inside the mouth. This particular skull is falling apart so he’s slippery on the top. Now where these bones change colors, those are called sutures and the sutures do not fuse together. They stay mobile throughout your life contrary to what has been taught in a number of anatomy classes. And these sutures expand as fluid comes up through the membrane and the contract as the fluid disappears out of the membrane. That’s called the cerebral spinal fluid. So the work is done by placing hands on different positions of these bones and it’s a five gram pressure, which is the weight of a nickel, onto the different skull bones holding them in place. As the cerebral spinal fluid fills up you can feel an expansion take place. It there’s been a trauma to the body the bones are going to move in tilted manner. They are not going to move straight on each
other; They are going to be out of alignment. So by holding a five gram pressure, as it expands, the bones at the suture points are able to find their way back to the proper alignment, or the position they are supposed to be in. So the float on top of this membrane and they find their way back to the proper position. That’s basically how cranial sacral therapy is working at the physical level. You may ask why we would want to do this type of therapy. Well the therapy was origially designed to deal with spinal column and head trauma; any kind of trauma to the spinal column or the head. What had been discovered after they worked on that with people was that it took care of a lot of other issues. It took care of pain in the back, it took care of hip pain, it took care of emotional problems, ADHD, it helped with headaches, restrictions of the neck and shoulders. It began to, turned out to be a very valuable therapy. So that’s why we want to do it, because it relaxes the body down and allows for self, correction to occur along the core of the body, which is along the spinal column. So here, what we’re doing first here is we are doing what’s called a cranial base release. We are at the base of the cranium which is called the occiput, right near where the spinal column is and we’re releasing the structures the tissue between the occiput and C1, the altas. Right in that space between there. So by doing that we place our fingers in that space right there and feel for it to be right on the edge of the skull bone. Lift the head up and balance it on top of your fingers like a pedastal and just wait for the tissue to soften. The head tilts backwards and the soft tissue is released. There’s a nice feeling of relaxation as that begins to occur. Next we’re working on the frontal bone. The frontal bone is this blue bone here and the hand position is across the top of the forehead hooking into the edges of the brow. With that, the hands, five grams of pressure
are put on the skull bones there and there’s a lifting action where we feel like we are lifting the bone upward and forward. Just follow that bone up and it begins to release along the suture lines, as it’s lifing it begins to release and rotate slightly, and lift and rotate slightly It’s very small movements but it’s very significant. And that’s what we’re doing here, we’re lifing the frontal bone. As this begins to lift, people begin to fall deeper into a state of
relaxation, that’s deep state of relaxation. Their thoughts begin to move like a movie
camera. It just moves like a movie. You are encouraged not to pull thoughts into
their mind or push them out, but just let them roll past so the relaxation can go deeper. Often times there is sensation in other parts of the body that they’re focusing on, and then different thoughts might come through
the head. But overall, the general is the people begin
to relax and begin to fall into a deeper state of relazation and consciousness. The next bone is the parietal bone, which
is the green bone here. We disconnect it from down here on the temporal
bone and how that is done is the hands are place
on the sides of it and there’s an inward squeeze so that it can
open up the space at the temporal bone, so it opens up this
space here with an inward kind of squeeze. Once we feel that there is some kind of mobility in the suture there’s an upward pull to lift those bones
upward, so lifting those up toward the crown of the
head and as that lifts it opens up more of a space with the occiput as well as the frontal bone and also the temporal bone. So the purple, the blue and the pink bone are all separating in that space as well as the a little bit of the sphenoid
bone. The next bone is the most significant bone of this work in my opinion and that is the sphenoid bone, and that is
the yellow bone, you can see it from the inside of the skull. The pituitary sits right in the middle there and underneath it also extends into the mouth. It’s a very significant bone. Here where the purple and the yellow come
together is called the sphenobasular junction. Here’s what that looks like with just the
two bones. It’s the occiput, where we did the occipital
release and this is the sphenoid bone and this is if a person were laying on their
back with their feet coming out towards the camera. Now the sphenoid bone sits on this, this is a joint, and as the cerebral spinal fluid is flowing through this, this joint moves back and forth. This is a very key indicator as to the alignment of the body. This is the fulcrum, the way we hang on a
hanger, So if we are off kilter any, this is going
to have misalignment at some level. What we do here at the sphenoid bone is we
check to see the purity of the flexion and extention then we also take the bone and encourage it to go into a little bit of a side bend either
way to make sure that’s on alignment and into a little bit of a twarp (***) INDISCERNABLE Then we compress it slighlty and decompress
it. Now with Amy here we a had a little bit of restriction going on, and it took some
time to even get into a flexion extension. As I discovered later, I had asked her if
she had any head trauma. She’s had some whiplash which has tightened
down the membranes and actually locked this bone into place. So it’s taking a little bit of a while to
open this up and I will be going back to checkinf the flexion
extension to make sure that it stays balanced. It’s a very significant bone and this is the bone that we want to have in a nice corrective pattern, moving back and forth with the occiput in this type of a rhythm so that the two bones are balanced and the cerebral spinal fluid can move with
ease up into around the brain. And then the last bone is the jaw. We just pull the jaw slightly upward and then push it downward and that will just align
things. You can feel all the bones fitting back into
a new space when the jaw begins to release down. The person on the table finds it relaxing, their jaw can be relaxed. It relaxes muscles. And then there’s one other little move that
we often times will do, where we are holding into the
nasal bones, lifting up, and that’s a good one for opening
up the sinuses and just have a bit more space coming into the front of the face because as these other bones are moving it’s nice to open up that space, too, and the sinuses around the eyes and things
like those spaces. Cranial sacral therapy is something that I
would recommend to everybody who is on a path of healing. It’s a good place to start, in my opinion, for a lot of work. It’s good for anything. It can address almost anything, so you just never know what is going to come out of the work. I’ve had people come in for a specific reason and they’ve come out completely different from what they thought they were going to
get out of it. So I would say that the reason you may want to persue cranial sacral therapy is just to see what you would get out of it. You will get something change, the measure of change, nobody knows. but you will get a measure of change out of
it. If you are suffering from headaches, vertigo or neck pain, shoulder pain, whiplashing, any kind of spinal column injuries, any kind of chronic pain, anything like that, this type of work is excellent fot that kind
of stuff. Some of the emotional stuff, often times people who are getting away from medications will
come in for support with their emotions. It’s a real vast area. It covers a lot. It’s therapy in its application. So I would just say explore it and see what you get out of it, I think you will be quite surprised. [pause][background voices] If you would like more information about where to find the work you can check, if you live out of the Austin
area you can check with upledger.com www.upledger.com you can look it up and find a therapist and go with a zip code and find somebody in
your area look for somebody who has taken several classes in cranial sacral work. If you’re in the Austin area and you would
like to try a session from me, you can contact me at my
website www.acranio.com, or get ahold of me at White
Crane. How I got into cranial sacral therapy was I began my work with massage therapy and the type of clientele I was getting was finding that massage therapy wasn’t able
to give a lot of real outstanding results and I got a postcard in the mail and I thought I’d check them out. There was something about that first class, the professionism of it, the type of work, the way I felt when I got out of it, the theory behind it, the practice, It was fantastic, so I began to practice it to mind control, so, if you liked it go ahead and click on me to enter the Psyche Truth Channel and I found the work brings results I’d never thought possible, so for my practice now, I practice very little massage therapy. Sometimes I will incorporate it if there is a problem into the musculature, but for the most part I practice Cranial sacral therapy as my main modality. If you want more information about this work and you live outside of the Austin area the best place to go is to the upledger website www.upledger.com If you would like more information from me you can email me at [email protected] >>WOMAN: If you liked this video, we have hundreds of more alternative videos, ranging from sexual health to psychology


  1. @nialicious77 When you pay for painkillers, you get what you pay for. Of course it only treats the symptoms and you end up with side effects, but no one's lying about it.
    You can even buy placebos actually. But that's irrelevant to the problem. Alternative medicine is mostly based on bullshit and the placebo effect. Try taking care of an infection without antibiotics, using a little massage and some herbs… Or maybe acupuncture.

  2. I don't know who this ProctoLion is, but believe me, boys and girls, I was speechless with disbelief after hearing this lady explain craniosacral therapy. The skull bones DO fuse in adolescence and everything she claims is a load of dingoes' kidneys. For once it's nice to see a lot of posters who are appropriately skeptical and the typical uncritical cabbageheads who fall for every snake-oil salesman on the Web just because it's "natural." Strokes, heart attacks and malaria are nice and natural

  3. Previous post continued: …and NOT the typical uncritical cabbageheads who fall fir every snake-oil claim on the web. This ProctoLion should be cybertarred and feathered and run out of cybertown on a virtual rail.

  4. First of all- ZOMBO: nobody appreciates your little dumbass, irrelevant, inflammatory remark. Second: the body CAN heal itself often times-it's called the immune system!! I didn't say ALL the time…medicine (ie drugs) is necessary sometimes, no doubt. HOWEVER– Although science has come a VERY long way, there are things even the best doctors in the world cannot explain. Cont'd……

  5. …Cont'd…If we become so closed-minded and think we know it all, and this is it-then science will come to a screeching halt-we cannot grow. I don't care what profession these commenters are in, any JUNIOR HIGH science class will teach the "scientific method". A theory is tested and re-tested, and you analyze your findings…your results….Cont'd ….

  6. @unmani1 I would like to learn how to work with it. because me and my friend had a chiropractic clinic for helping people around us. It's for low and middle class only. Please let us know how to do it because we really need this. You could find me on FB, Amelia V Salim, let us know…Thank you

  7. The sutures in fact do fuse and they ARE immobile. There's no validity to this whatsoever. There's no possible way you can cause cranial bones, much less influence the "movement" of CSF by applying light (the weight of a nickel) pressure to the head. This is total BS. The only thing craniosacral therapy does is empty the client's wallet.

  8. @Shaidyn I'm not saying this lady doesn't sound like a snake oil salesman, but the sutures in the skull are fibrous, not skeletal. As for logic, think about a dovetail joint. It's stable in one plane and has movement in another plane. Until you're in med school, hush.

  9. @Shaidyn Well remember that babies do have a soft spot in their head and that spot consists of before the skull bones grow together there is a space between them

  10. @IMETYOUB42 I think what she is saying is that when you have blunt trauma to an area of the body sometimes it can go out of alignment and by relaxing that area can sometimes let it sort of fall back into place. But I could be wrong.

  11. If the cerebrospinal fluid were to seep through the sutures in the skull then the brain would no longer exhibit immune privilege, which is an extremely important characteristic our brain exhibits. In addition to this, if five grams were to move the sutures in the skull, any minor head trauma would result in severe and probably irreversible brain damage or death. Where does she get her physiologically impossible information?

  12. We are used to very heavy, strong, forceful work in most therapies. When doing soft, subtle techniques, the effects are much greater and last much longer. The body does not like to be poked, prodded, shook, twisted or the such and when a therapy does that, the body protects itself and does not let the practitioner "in" which requires lots of sessions and lots of work. It "seems" like this softness isn't as effective, but the truth is totally the opposite. We can do great things softly.

  13. That's because their bones haven't grown out to meet each other. Baby skull bones haven't finished growing, so there are gaps in the coverage (fontanelles). The bones are pushed apart by the growing brain. When the brain stops growing, the bones finish growing outwards, meet each other, and fuse. We use the fusion and eventual obliteration of the sutures as a method of aging in forensics. Yes, there are fibrous joints, but they don't move like your elbow, and eventually are replaced by bone.

  14. You're both right. Sutures are eventually obliterated throughout growth – fibrous at first, slowly replaced ossified.

  15. Get a session, experience it, then give your opinion. Criticism without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.

  16. Take a look at a fresh cadaver. NO OSSIFICATION in the sutures unless there was severe head trauma. The western medicine teaches it ossifies, and it does not. One can feel the movement in heads of every age.

  17. Absolutely correct, and it will be a great day when the burning, cutting, pounding, pulling, drugging is not run to for the first step toward correction. Cranio/sacral is a 'reorganization' type of therapy, not a restorative type of therapy.

  18. I have picked up dried skulls, and broken skulls – in fact I have a key to a room full of them. They only move significantly or fall apart if they are young, and get more obliterated through age. It's a criterion used to broadly estimate age in forensics, though age varies quite a bit. They'll ossify. They'll disappear. There's one in the middle of your forehead that's a perfect example – it's called the metopic suture, which usually fuses the frontals together. I'm sorry, but you are wrong.

  19. Exactly, that day will only come when people realize the effectiveness of these treatments and stop allowing poisons and 18th type century healing methods on themselves.. good thing people are much more open and aware these days!!

  20. I'd have to experience it for my self. It looks good and sounds well and all, I don't accept anything I can't taste, touch, smell, hear, or see/ and experience.

  21. so in other words, you believe that te skeletal system is only one bone. There are no joints or ligaments holding seperate bones together right? Look in any anatomy book and you can clearly see that the skull is NOT one solid piece. It "breathes" (expands and contracts), wheather, altitude and many other many other things cause the skull to swell and the sutures are there to allow this action to happen. The sutures ( non bone ) are as real as anything else in this world!

  22. a colleage: Leonid Soboleff, has recently abducted 2 children from Belgium: merusco.com
    He was doing craniosacral therapy on Bali, is now being searched by Interpol.

  23. LOL, so 1 cm = impossible, but 1,000 mm (100 cm) is possible. I assume you meant thousandTHS, and in that case you're deluded. It does end complaints that neurologists can't figure out (because it's a psychological issue not a physical one) You trained your whole life to do something ANYONE can do (it's called a placebo) Now I bet you like homeopathy too.

  24. i dont use homeopathy and i don't care about if you understand what i wrrite and when i have a neck pain and receive a cranio treatment and i feel mijn vertebra changing place and my nek pain is gone for manths or years i have evidence of work, craniosacral comes from osteopathy , in US ostheopat are doctors very recognized.
    ostheopathy is not a placebo and psicological problem is chemically caused by nervous system and hormonal complaints believe what you want..enjoy life

  25. thank you for your demonstration and knowledge. Could you tell if there is any circumstances where you should not do any cranio scral massage for ex. is it recommended after a stroke? after a motorbike accident? after falling on the head? Thank you for your answer. Kind regards, Roseline

  26. Hi greetings from Tijuana, Mexico I just gratuated from terapeutic massage school and one of our claasses was craneosacal, and with surprise I see on your video that there is a different kind of moves and hand positions I apreciated your well done video and excelent explanation. Luis Vega

  27. I live in Austin. I dont know how I can get in the chair with you. I watch your massages each night to sleep. silly i know

  28. I didn't realize correcting blatantly wrong and basic biologic information for a supposed professional was the same thing as destroying children's hopes and dreams of Santa. Oh, and in case you were not aware, the Easter Bunny is not real either, sorry.

  29. It seems like walking would have more impact on CSF than what is happening with this. I am not sure what is supposed to be happening with this treatment even if the skull bones in an adult could be manipulated in a significant way. Fulcrum of a suture? maybe try the elbow or TMJ. Manipulating the TMJ is the best way of improving your health if coupled with putting a carrot in front of your face first. Please give actual explanations of what is happening. What's the problem that is being helped?

  30. All the naysayers .. do some research. Very little is known of the brain, its structure and functions. More is discovered every day. You cannot just give your mainstream, parochial opinions stated as "fact". T'ain't so. You're just parroting old information someone else told you. That's not scientific, is it?

  31. Firstly, I believe most people are talking about the skull, not the brain itself, of which we know a lot about.

    Secondly, a valid argument has been presented to you as to why this "therapy" would not work. Yet you have yet to respond with any facts of your own.

    Finally, any positive effects gained from this are purely down to receiving a very good head massage and nothing more.

  32. exactly, also isn't CSF held in with Dura Matter? if CSF could just "seep" there would be no point to our blood-brain barrier, seriously uneducated.

  33. And we're supposed to .. what? Just take your word for it?

    Sounds like you are stressed from trying to maintain all the cognitive dissonance you're trying to hold onto.

  34. This work is amazing. I love cranial sacral and it has done wonders for me! If you have a therapist in your area, schedule to see for yourself! Live through experience!

  35. I'm not saying that certain massage like techniques cannot relieve migraine pressure since most professionals believe it can. Now, suggesting that the sutures move so easily and the human skull can move so freely with such minor force is ridiculous. Any physician will tell you this is certainly not the case and that it requires significant forces to alter the adult skull in any way. You say little is known of the brain, true. But we know all there is to know about the skull.

  36. Here's a handy rule of thumb. When someone says, "it's impossible", that person is not a scientist. It is a person with an opinion. Scientists don't have opinions.

    I guess we know which demographic we have replying to my comments. Opinions.

  37. The intra-oral portion of this therapy is the therapist working directly with the muscles of the mouth. We massage the muscles of mastication so masseter gets directly worked on, the lateral and medial pterygoids, sub lingual muscles, pallatine, maxilla muscle, are all directly massage with finger tips of therapist. We glove up when we do this just so you know, and we also work externally on masseter and temporalis too. SCM, trapezius scalenes as well. So this really does help your condition.

  38. We do actually massage the cranial intra-oral muscles so it's just not from the outside only there is an entire TMJ protocol that we learn and then apply directly to aforementioned muscles. If you have a massage school somewhere near you and you volunteer to be a lab client you can get some one learning cranial sacral work and see how this works yourself for free (sometimes experiencing this and not paying for it may change your opinion) Just an idea

  39. As I've said, I'm not claiming that craniosacral massage has no effect; but instead I'm claiming you can't easily move the sutures as is suggested. I do believe it works but for other reasons than this claims. Typical trigger point therapy obtains the same results.

  40. I have a question then… how do you think it works then? I am curious and your input would be valuable. Let me know what you think. I also am studying neuromuscular massage and reflexology with the idea that I should be able to help a client with a wide variety of techniques.

  41. I believe it works through the release of tension and lactic acid buildup as described in many other areas of massage therapy. The reason I say the sutures don't move with that slight pressure is because an adult skull is fused into almost one piece. Granted, there are still a handful of bones for each piece but connected by sutures. These sutures do not really allow for movement. They do not allow fluids to pass through are delivered through the veins.

  42. In addition, if such minor pressure would allow for movement, then the adult human skull would be heavily damaged by any minor trauma such as falling or being punched. The minor head trauma I received when I lost my leg; which resulted in my car landing on my head would have instead completely dismembered my skull internally if the sutures were so easily influenced. Your therapy premise and conclusion are fine, but do not believe something entirely; especially when parts are so clearly falsified

  43. I noticed a typo on my part. I would like to clarify the sutures do not allow fluids to pass through. The only fluids permitted to travel to and from the brain are delivered through veins.

  44. Cerebral fluid, this fluid gives the brain it's density. This fluid also flows through the while cavity. This fluid has many objectives (you should look into that) but it does have a interchange and is released back into blood stream. How could it do that if it couldn't pass skull. In this they are actually messaging the membrane (allowing to help with the cerebral fluid) which helps start up the bodies natural healing process. Thanks

  45. @stupidbutcunning, you don't know much about the skull. The skull, and spine are in a cavity which is lined with a membrane called meninges, which is made up of more protective membranes. In this membrane that is covering the cavity is

  46. "Dr. Linda Lee of Johns Hopkins Medicine answered:

    In craniosacral therapy, light touch holds work within the natural flows of the body. This type of massage results in deep relaxation and encouragement of the body's alignment and natural healing ability.

    To find a qualified massage therapist, talk to your doctor and check with an integrated health center (many major medical centers now offer these)."

    Johns Hopkins U. begs to differ with you, sir.

  47. I'm afraid we do know all there is to know about the skull as it is now. We have spent great deals of time studying the skull as it is, as well as its place within the human body on both live and deceased subjects. Don't misinterpret my words. When I say skull, I mean the skull. I do not refer to the brain contained therein as we are far from understanding all of the brain, so far in fact that I question if a complete understanding of the brain is even possible.

  48. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14723858
    a scientific approch of what she is talking about. (you can't get more scientific then PubMed approved)
    Do not be blinded by what you've learnt, we know so little about our body. Scientific facts are proven wrong regularly (through scientific approaches).
    I think we should all come down from our high horses and stop pretending we know so much and are a step away from being all mighty.
    The truth is in us, and we are yet to know it.

  49. did you read the article you sent me. just in case you didnt, here is the conclusion copied directly from the article you sent me.
    In conclusion, PRM-rates could not be palpated reliably and under certain conditions were influenced by the examiners' respiratory rates. These results do not support the hypotheses behind the PRM. The role of PRM palpation for clinical decision making and the models explaining the PRM should therefore be rethought.

  50. YOU ARE EITHER VERY IGNORANT OR YOU WORK FOR PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES, either way you need to cop on and educate yourself

  51. Stop talking, people don't watch these videos to listen to your point of view or lo learn how to massage by your spoken instruction. We watch to see the massage and more often than not look at a pretty girls with a look of pleasure on their face

  52. @lastfaceseen24

    You seem to regard yourself as morally and intellectually superior to the lady presenting this video, yet in your use of disgustingly offensive language you confirm yourself as neither. CST is a contentious therapy, but there is a right and wrong way to establish what value – if any – it contains. You have provided a clear demonstration of how NOT to debate this issue. A quite disgraceful display of mean-spirited arrogance.

  53. This lady is gonna place her magical hands on my face and cure me of all my problems when she can't even hold a plastic skull properly. How dumb are you?

  54. It's unfortunate just how many people do not discover that ADHD medications in fact are actually (meth)amphetamines. This is the reason I'm proudly sharing with you my short video on healing ADHD at the center through a scientifically proven application.

    My little sons awareness tremendously increased by simply exercising the working memory, and so I hope it will certainly be of help to you and others!

    All the very best,
    Robert Smith

  55. I wonder if this would help give relief or help with IIH?? To help CSF flow…less LPs if it's successful….??

  56. you can't move fixed joints…moving the sphenoid bone is not possible outside of skull fracture….this is ridiculous

  57. Im on my husbands account— I began to do this and I an amazed. I was getting severe anxiety , and couldn't sleep for nights. I also have tmj. Today made 2 days since I had it done. I didn't take my anxiety meds today and slept all night last night. My tmj feels better. no pain. I had it done for one hour. It was worth every penny. I am going back tomorrow. I thought it was nonsense when he began the therapy. but began I to feel like a weight lifted off my shoulders about 15 minutes into it.

  58. addition to my earlier comment, I had not slept due to anxiety and panic attacks for 5,5 months. My anxiety began due to medication and hospital stay in July. I had pneumonia and was on large doses of steroids for months. This really works. 

  59. I have epilepsy, and have had 1 massage but was so tierd and felt so bad after…
    how many sessions do i need?


  61. 'contrary to whats been taught in a "number' of anatomy classes'
    ??You mean ALL anatomy classes

    Sorry – Craniosacal therapy has no basis in reality

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