Head Team Physician Dr. Deena Casiero, UConn Basketball Interview

I am here with Dr. Deena Casiero, the head team physician at UConn. Tell me more about that awesome role. You know, it really is an awesome job I feel very lucky because I get to spend the majority of my time on campus taking care of the nearly seven hundred student athletes that we have at UConn. I’m a primary care sports medicine doctor so I get to take care of them in all aspects of medical problems—from upper respiratory infections and asthma, to the injuries that they sustain on the court. I also work with a lot of orthopedic surgeons that weigh in on complicated cases, and of course help us when the athletes do require surgery. So how do you partner with UConn Health Orthopedics, like you mentioned, and other sports medicine experts? Most of the team physicians that we have at UConn are UConn Health physicians and I’m actually faculty at UConn Health as well. I actually did my fellowship here eight years ago so that’s pretty exciting. But we work with a team of physicians—non-orthopedic and orthopedic surgeons—and together we really take care of all the aspects of medical problems and orthopedic problems that the athletes face. And it all sounds so interesting—how does UConn really remain on the forefront of the latest in orthopedic surgery and just sports medicine care? Since UConn Health is an academic medical center and it’s the home of UConn School of Medicine we really are a cutting-edge orthopedic practice because of the lab and research facilities that we have. So we have people every day working in the lab, trying to figure out new and better ways for us to care for not only our athletes but also the general population in Connecticut. Well, keep up all the amazing work you do and thank you so much for your time. Thank you very much.

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