Healing Beyond Medicine

kissee cougar viral favorite I'm Jessica the fracture rota aconcagua Chara nicotine the filter a cancer survivor for oh who are you there is no for you it is strongly when I was admitted for nine days and I went and told my doctor you know actually after this is a nice thing you know I've been trying to lose weight these nine days actually reach my target weight the day I was to be operated it was my 40th birthdays my full family my friends were there in the hospital it was a celebration time I should have been really nervous but I went in such a happy mood I had this feeling that there must be a reason why this has come to me I think when you hear the words you have cancer everything comes to a pause from the center I just started walking to my car and it was the Longest Walk of my life for them life changes because now suddenly from being a free bird they are down to a hospital immune system goes for a toss you really don't feel like eating my older ones came to me and hugged me and said are you dying I went to my doctor and I said Mako antidepressant pills hey mine has to take over and say that I will overcome this disease cancer is not a death sentence no doctor no nutritionists no healer in the world heals you your body heals you no one's telling people to sleep better no one's telling people to eat better food no one's talking about prayer and no one's talking about faith no one's talking about belief and this is inexpensive and this is free nature's given it to us we're just not using it we learn a lot from our patients every day an attitude that I'm going to beat this makes us want to come to that clinic every day and sit down and treat people every year we have close to 3,000 children coming to us for treatment the beautiful part is that they fight very well because they're thinking about is today and now my cancer gave me a chance to reinvent myself it got me into running so I run marathons I took a good diet and nutrition program I practiced being calm I believed in my family and I believed in my god and guess what I no longer had cancer my reports were all fear every human being believes in miracles that's what keeps us going we suddenly start having this respect for our body because it can heal us dude is my secret weapon now here is everything whenever I'm in doubt I looked at it who is my superpower nobody gets me like my friends look around the world is already so beautiful sometimes all we need is a hug I have learned how to love wizard amid cabinet for each other oh bonds family friendship meditation good sleep nourishment exercise prayer forgiveness feeling that I have someone for me and I can be there for somebody else that's really what's beyond medicine you


  1. This made my day. I feel tears in my eyes (happy). As always thanku Luke for all the good things u r doing. U, ur team and ur family is always there in my prayers. God bless all. My biggest dream is to meet u one day…….

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