1. Iam following whole food plant based diet and trust me I have controlled my three auto immune disease . Thank to you tube and Dr Colin. Iam a changed human being with full of energy never before.

  2. Thanks SO much for this information! I was just browsing YouTube and stumbled across this page and starting now, no more milk. I was already hesitant about milk, but this confirmed my doubts from the get go. This is life changing information so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I am so glad I was brought to this channel. Fate.

  3. I just lost my daughter to Cancer…had I known the Gerson method she'd be alive today…Do
    Yourself a favor..go organic..go vegetarian..go salt free..and drink
    Lotsa organic carrot juice for its protein value. I haven't been slender in years…Ah!
    to experience thin…

  4. I had brain concussions. It happened more than once. It took years to heal but I also had other sicknesses like asthma, insomnia etc. Poor diet was also one of the causes. Had 6 operations. They say if you don't sleep, your immune system would give way. I am still here.

  5. If this woman was of god she will tell us the cure for free but to get this cure u have to pay…lolo u need worldly money to be cured lol my grandma is older that her looks stronger than her my grandma still work the fields to feed he self grand aunt is 110 same thing and they both waaay stronger than this woman she can barley go so weak why…no meat that's why her bone broke fragile no balance allot of what she say is true but she blaming the meat its not the meat its us who rely in industry to feed us but again without living a holy life nothing u do will save u

  6. Milk i agree but u need to read ur bible speaking as a holy person who lives holy and have relationship with Christ… If it does not go hand in hand with the bible its not of god and therefore be thrown out…the bible said we can consume meat not animal with spit hooves and no fish without scales so please read ur bibles…women need to srop with rhis feminist nonsense and go back to their roles as house wife who work the land and tend to their families grow ur own dam food …dont blame the dam meat its man devices making is sick as a person who receives prophesy Christ said move to the country with fertile soil and grow ur own food if ur sick u need to retreat from the cities u life longer in simplicity and tress working the land eating ur own laziness is costing u ur life

  7. Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent medicine that is true my grandmother 👵 same to lovely Charlotte,natural is healthy the greatest of all ,never kill animals please , thanks 🙏 dear Charlotte you’re telling the truth , I agree god bless us Amen 🙏

  8. The caduceus,the staff with 2 snakes and wings is the symbol of medicine in the west and in Reality represent’s Mercury,the god of trade and shopkeepers,as well as the god of thieves and tricksters,which sums up western medicine COMPLETELY,THEY the doctors and pharmaceutical companies SELL YOU bullshit and they TRICK you to do it because THEY ARE THIEVES AND TRICKSTERS.

  9. Excellent Presentation.
    Dr. Gerson and Charlotte has such a passion to help people.
    They help people like us, cancer and other autoimmune disease survivors.
    Thank you very much.

  10. 20:53 Sorry but elephants and cows get their nutrition from plants because they have a totally different digestion system than humans and they turn the plant matter into fatty amino acids by a fermentation process which is why they can grow to the size they do. I hear vegan doctor's using that same fallacy all the time.

  11. Wow this is really for me thank you i am on the right track its really nice to know some one thinks like me .

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