Health anxiety – 10 Minute CBT

health anxiety is an anxiety disorder which involves a persistent fear of developing serious illness patients are highly anxious and remain convinced that they have a serious illness despite negative examinations tests and medical reassurance health anxiety causes high levels of distress and impaired functioning for patients as well as being a common source of stress and frustration for health professionals health anxious patients tend to present frequently to primary care services and undergone numerous outpatient referrals investigations and treatments although this tends to worsen anxiety as a vicious cycle CBT is an effective treatment for health anxiety which improves medical symptoms and associated symptoms of depression and anxiety one of the most important starting points is to build trusting relationships with health anxious patients it's helpful if one clinician takes a lead in overseeing the care of a particular patient the first stage in effective management of a patient with health anxiety is to invest time in a longer consultation to fully review their symptoms and problems if necessary ensure you've read through and summarized the patient's prior notes in advance to gain the patient's trust always start by reviewing physical symptoms you can also discuss any behavior changes or health beliefs that may be relevant hello there how can I help you today well this these lumps in my neck they're still there I'm getting really worried it might be something serious yeah they've been there for a few months now and I saw another doctor last week he said there was nothing to worry about but I'm not sure you're not sure well it's real worry isn't it I mean they're not there all the time that come and go so sometimes I think all is fine then they come back again and I keep checking to make sure but I'm not really sure I'm feeling for those who have you had any any tests for this problem yeah I've had some blood tests and a scan of my neck they said it was all fine I can't understand work and still feel something there you you saw a specialist last month yeah he's was fine but he wasn't really interest me at all you know only saw me for a few minutes like I was wasting his time so you're still concerned despite the tests and the specialists saying that things are okay yes I'd like to have some more tests and see another specialist I mean it's not normal to have lumps all the time is it I see um and are you otherwise are you were though as well well no I have got some other symptoms I'm worried about other symptoms we have got all these different symptoms I mean I don't know if they're connected I mean I've seen quite a few specialists in the past but nobody seems to be able to help me I just want to feel better okay well perhaps you should start by by talking through all these symptoms that you're getting at the moment that are worrying you what's bothering you most at the moment oh the lumps the lumps there they're here so sometimes I think I can feel a lot other times I'm not sure right so that so they come and go yes they come and go yes how large are these lumps I'm not very big there any about the size of a pea it's not always easy to find them and you check your neck often for lumps like that I can't help myself I do it all the time I press here


  1. Always staying the expert means the relationship is never equal, so cannot be therapeutic. Dr patient relationship with consultation.

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