Health care for all: let’s make it a reality

[Applause] you're not gonna get out of going to school that easily can't be late meuk how am I gonna miss the bus Ben's not doing well did you manage to get the medicine didn't have any I'm sorry you're feeling so horrible my darling and how much is the greater cost are you sure just for an appointment and what if you don't have the money tell her my buddy see if I have no I wasn't talking to you sorry surely there's coffee something you can do us but if he gets worse no no no I okay I'll find a doctor tomorrow but how much is that going to cost listen you gave me to school after been difficult visual mom that's Mia that needs help when we gonna have to get a tracksuit you


  1. WHO不讓ROC加入 "健康是所有人都可享有的一项人权" 她媽的是假話 台灣人不是人啊!! "坚定"??? 你失職 細菌還跟你分哪裡人?? 把妳的學歷衝到馬桶裡!!!
    WHO fking deny that right for Taiwanese people, won't let Taiwan in WHA. You are a hypocrite for saying "Health is a human right to be enjoy by all people not a privilege for the few." You should should wash your degree down in the toilet. Do bacteria care which nationally are you? You all derelict your duty!!!

  2. need to establish special health facilities and officers trained in emergency anywhere and every government must provide easy access for everyone to achieve that

  3. We should spread preventive health care to avoid later complication to reduce the burden, proper education, lifestyle, health should be the detailed topic for the first 20 years of education

  4. Easy access to effective and quality health care is what everyone everywhere needs, let's prioritise access and information through local financing

  5. AWARENESS is required in every corner GLOBALLY..Infact many persons are ignorant about their RIGHT.Local Medias are to be requested to join in this mission.

  6. Can a person/business post this video for awareness building? Or who can I contact to get the rights for posting this w personal/business account

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