Health care for all: President Duterte signed the Universal Health Care Act

Poseidon Rodrigo rato 30 please be seated good afternoon mr. president and distinguished guests today we will witness the president enough into law two important legislations may we request the president to sign the universal healthcare bill [Applause] this is an app instituting universal health care for all filipinos prescribing reforms in the healthcare system and appropriating funds therefore this law ensures that all Filipinos are guaranteed equitable access to quality and affordable health goods and services and protection against financial risks through a systemic approach in clear delineation of roles of key agencies and stakeholders towards better performance in the healthcare system thank you very much may we request SEC officer in charge Commissioner antonietta F eBay Commissioner if you know Luis be amitin sss president and CEO a manual dog senator Juan Miguel subedi senator aquiline apartment on the third representative Arlene RC Lea's and represented the original belong to come forward may request the president to sign the revised corporation code this is an app providing for the revised corporation code of the Philippines this law incorporates international best standards and practices into Philippine commerce and business to address present day realities it also encourages the creation of new businesses contribute to the ease of doing business strengthens corporate governance better protection to the rights of stockholders minimize or deter corporate business fraud strengthens anti-corruption measures and fortifies the regulatory authority of the Securities and Exchange Commission thank you very much may we request everyone to please take their seats [Applause] we will also witness the president's presentation of or equally important pieces of legislation may we request dlg secretary Eduardo Emanuel senator Aquila no co-payment of the third House Majority Leader Freddie near Castro and representative Roger Mercado to come up the stage and now may we request the president together with Senate President Soto and Speaker Gloria macapagal-arroyo executive secretary Salvador vigil dia secretary to the cabinet Carlo Alexis dog Rowleys to present Republic at 11:00 198 Republic Act number 1 1 198 is an app providing for the reapportionment of the province of southern leyte in the two logistic districts [Applause] thank you very much at this point [Applause] may we request Social Security Commission chairperson our orosi Ignacio together with Senator Ralph recto Senator Richard Gordon representative mark go and representative michael romero to come up the stage next is republic f-111 9 9 & Akridge analyzing and expanding the powers and duties of the Social Security Commission to ensure the long-term viability of the Social Security system repealing for the purpose Republic after number 11 61 as amended by Republic after number 82 82 otherwise known as a Social Security Act [Applause] thank you very much may we request senator Emanuel Pacquiao senator Aquila no Coco pimenta the third representative mark Aaron sambar and representative Conrad Estella the third to come up the stage this is Republic Act number one one one two one four and I'm establishing a Sports Complex to be known as the Philippine Sports Training Act and providing funds for the acquisition of property construction of facilities including its administration maintenance and management of the center [Applause] thank you very much maybe now request Senate President pro tempore Ralph recto vspeed deputy governor Maria Alma's are Osito on llaman door and representative Henry on with the representative Ben David on a representative estrellita Swanson and representative Aquila Carlo kueh to join us and stage and finally Republic Act number one one two and one is an act to strengthen the country's Bros international reserves amending for the purpose sections 32 and 151 of the National Internal Revenue Code as amended and for other purposes thank you may I request everyone to be seated at this point may we request the National Treasurer Rosalia de Leon to join us in front as DSP will hand over the 4 billion pieces check dividends to the Bureau of Treasury to be witness where our president and our distinguished guests on States [Applause] thank you very much [Applause]


  1. He's a good president. He truly represents the Filipino people. He's using his own commute car to go to his meetings, not using the state provided luxury car.

  2. hala mga likramador mga supporter sa mga dilawan anng swerty nyu kasali kayu dito mga walang otang nalood sa presidenty…mabuhay po kayu president du30..

  3. Sa lahat po please ishare niyo po itong youtube acc po, para mabawasan natin ang mga na brabrainwash na mga kababayan.

  4. Nag ground breaking na po yung Kauna-unahang Subway 🚆 for the Filipinos at matatapos po sa 2021 and then 1 year training para sa mga employee. By 2022 available na sa mga Filipino commuters ang subway train 🚆!👊

  5. Thank you very much tatay Digong ur the best President ever we love you po God bless you always 😍

  6. Wag nang magpapalinlang ang sambayanang Pilipino sa mga pulitikong nangangako lang para maluklok sa pwesto.. We need a President who is a catalyst of real change. Mabuhay ka Hon. President Du30!

  7. Daghan jaaung salamat imo amahan nming Dios c tatay digong imong gihatag sa amoa pra pamunuan ang ang aming bansang Maharlika marami ng pagbabago dahil sa aming mahal na presidente Du30 tunay na may malasakit sa mga pilipino…mabuhay ka na matagal tatay digong ikaw ang aming kilangan…GOD BLESS U…

  8. Ask ko lang po covered din po ba ang mga buntis sa universal heath care if ever po na kahit wala pa pong hulog ang philhealth dahil sa kakapusan or walang kakyanan makapag hulog

  9. Tanx tatay digong napakalaking tulong po sa amin yan. Best tatay digong. Walang katulad ka. Mabuhay!!

  10. I still hope that every Filipino can reunite, and live here in the Philippines. 😕
    Be more patriotic, and reunite under our President.

  11. Mabuhay po kayo tatay Digong, more power and I always pray for your health..👊👊👊❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  12. ☺ HOPE for a *STRONGER PREVENTIVE or STRONGER PRIMARY CARE … "Prevention is better than cure"… Hope the Government, even the Media & all concern people (as possible) will promote more for Healthy lifestyle and "Prevention of diseases/illness" … promote more for importance of hand washing/hand & body hygeine, family planning, health safety (i.e. workplace safety), immunization, proper diet and ideal weight , common disease awareness, strong and ACTIVE health centers or proactive healthcare providers, wider health information dissemination using an easy to understand concepts and utilizing the common language or our own FILIPINO language , and more accessible healthcare – more competent health centers (especially in rural & remote areas) and competitive & well-updated healthcare providers, not only cheap medicine and available medical supplies but also hope that government will support more the local medicines manufacturers & local medical supplies manufacturing or industry (JOBS creation), ect… ☺

  13. Talagang may mga GUNGONG na Filipino pa rin ano. Bakit thubs down ang iba. Ayaw ba nila ng health care for everyone. Ang hirap talagang intindihin na mga ULOL na ng thumbs down. Pwe.

  14. kaya Mahal na Mahal ka namin tatay digong dahil ramdam mo ang pinagdadaanan ng bawat pilipinong walang mahingan ng tulong.salamat at kaisa mo kami na mahihirap.panalangin ko na habaan ng Panginoong Diyos ang buhay mo para maisakatuparan mo pa po lahat ng mithiin mong mapabuti ang Bayang minahal mo.mahal ka po namin.magiingat ka po lagi.god bless you my Pres.

  15. So paano tong batas nato? Libre na ang hospital bills ng bawat filipino? Cmon hindi ganun ka yaman ang bansa naten para bawat ay libre na.. niloloko lang kayo ni dutae! Wag nyo iboto mga yan sa susunod na election guato pa maging presidente si sara dutae eh hindi naman qualified.

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