Health Care Issues and Problems in USA

our current healthcare system is failing because the very paradigm which underlies its formation is the incorrect paradigm for the world in which we live that fully eighty to 90 percent of our diseases if not more are the results of our lifestyles of the way we handle stress and the way we treat other people if we were to address those issues 80 to 90 percent or more of our illnesses would disappear instead our current health care system merely treats the symptoms of the imbalances that are there a proper paradigm would treat the source not the symptom and we would approach people differently so our current healthcare system suffers because with the Cartesian Newtonian model of thinking where you think the world is made up of little tiny golf balls that bump into each other the thought of a human being was like a machine lots of little parts and so in medicine instead of having one physician who treated everything you begin to have more and more specialists you know specialists for the lens of the eye specialists for the left or Rick Euler appendage and so forth on and on and the problem is that you you end up within each of these specialties you learn more and more about less and less so you end up knowing everything about nothing what's missing in there is the human being what really causes health and what really brings about healing comes from within all a physician can do is assist holding things in place to make sure there's adequate nutrition coming in nature is what does the healing and that nature can be passed on from one human being another a mother passes it on to a child when she kisses the the finger that got caught in the door and the pain goes away there's a communication that went on between the old-fashioned physician and I still include myself among that but who used to make house calls and you knew the entire family and so when a person came to you you treated that person yeah in today's world you have what six seven eight minutes for every visit with a physician and it costs a huge amount of money for it to happen but the human being never gets addressed and so the family physician would include in the relationship the kinds of questions that gave rise to an understanding of what the underlying problem was you know you need to get more exercise and if it was doctor's orders and those days you did it because it came from someone that that cared about you the doctor was drawn from the tribe from the group the most trusted of the elders were the healers those were the doctors oh the ones who were entrusted with the poisons and the ability to – to breach the barriers of the body and these were the people who loved you the most and so there was a lot of love sense of togetherness when I would see you in my office it wasn't just you that was having the pain you know I would imagine me that could be my father sitting there might be my child it might be me and so I have empathy for you and I feel it and so I'm not willing to say oh you have a headache take these pills and it'll go away then I'll say well tell me more about when the headache came on you know listen and I say well you're furious at him for abusing you you're a battered woman the wonder you have a headache here's what you can do to begin to deal with your situation but that won't happen in today's clinic and then the next time he may shoot her and that may generate $20,000 worth of medical care but as that money comes in of course it nurtures the beast and the Beast is a very greedy beast so medicine instead of selecting for physicians who cared for patients as a whole we found those people who were the technicians who were interested in focusing here and focusing there and then in medical school we put them through such a terrible experience of training that they lose any sensitivity they had left for themselves so we have not raised a crop of human beings who are the compassionate caring Albert Schweitzer kind of kind of physician and so you go into a medical office now and it's a horrible experience you're not treated like a loved one you're not treated like a friend you're not treated like someone who's who's cared about so and then and around so of course in the 60s corporations figure it out hey I know how we can get better employees if we offer a healthcare package we can we can compete better in the employee marketplace so then the other one had to do it and pretty soon you have complete competing health cares and now nobody wants to go to work for a company that doesn't have a health care plan and so everybody has to have it so the health care plans come along so now the physician sees a patient doesn't touch the heart of what's going on within the patient doesn't really see the patient doesn't deal with the underlying imbalance but makes a charge that mock charge get passed on to the healthcare health plan that gets passed on to the corporation who pays it and health care course healthcare costs therefore of course keep ratcheting up because we're being pushed further and further away from the true cause of our illnesses and diseases and more and more into a system that basically abuses people abuses them because if I give you medicine for your headache and I don't guide you to see the underlying anger or fear that's underneath that you know maybe that headache come because you're afraid to do what you need to do for the next step in your growth but if I stopped it numbing your headache and the same thing goes if you've got a pain and stomach or a high blood pressure or any of the other illnesses that come along if instead we went to the heart of what's going on so that's what my practice has been for 35 years there's really going to the heart of what's there it's amazing how many diseases never get to happen it seems like medicine as its practiced nowadays it's like pulling drowning people out of the water and what I've decided to do is to go upstream and close the fence off so people aren't falling in the water far more effective far more efficient makes a lot less money for a lot fewer people to find out more about dr. Miller his recent articles podcasts videos his healing times radio show and free e-newsletter or to find out more about his self-healing and peak performance CDs DVDs and books visit dr. Miller calm that's Dr Miller calm


  1. I would love to have Dr. Miller as my doctor. Love this video! All doctors need to be personal, instead of just shoving medication into my system.

  2. I would go to a medical office more regularly, say once or twice a year If I felt cared for in that setting. Instead I feel in danger everytime I go to the hospital, people treat me like a patient instead of a human being. I go only when I can't possibly avoid it anymore.

  3. Хорошее видео! мне понравилось, умничка!) Вообще уважаю труд тех кто делает видео, и ведет свои каналы. Я сама веду канал и знаю, как это непросто – записывать ролики.
    Продолжай в том же духе!

  4. Thank you, I enjoyed this video. I look forward to others from you. Feel free to contact me to discuss more

  5. I agree to the merit of the "paradigm shift", however, medicine is not so black and white. Treating the symptoms is imperative while treating the source. After all, isn't it true that studies show that most people have better success when they are treated with CBT augmented by meds?

  6. I'm a nurse and this guy is right on the money. Its really a sad time in western medicine right now. People with medical degrees and with business degrees are usually immoral and most I believe really lack true empathy and that's not a healer.

  7. Dr. Miller,
    Checking to see if you have received my book, if you had a chance to read it, and any thoughts you have had.
    Thanks so much. Blessings of great health to you! Paula

  8. As a retired Chiropractor and as a now practicing hypnotherapist..I say "Thank you, thank you!:,,,I Have been teaching and educating my patients to this for over 35 years!!

  9. Thank you so much. This powerful 7 1/2 minute video is now required listening for all my clients as it jumps them from 0 to 60 quickly, making my work with them easier. They "get it" and realize what we are doing together is powerful, that they can heal themselves!

  10. Thank you Emmett Miller for saying what needs to be said! As a holistic health educator and healer, these are the issues I address everyday and work to inspire people to make the changes in their lives. I just published a book on whole food / whole health healing that is about healing and the self-responsibility surrounding healing. I would love to send you a copy. We are in this healing paradigm shift together, from disease care to true health care. Blessings, Paula HandsOnHealthHH

  11. "…Results of our lifestyles of the way we handle stress and the way we treat other people, if we were to address those issues 80 to 90 pct or more our illnesses would disappear" please show me the studies on this statement.

  12. That is a tragedy indeed. I feel great sadness to hear of this. I hope we can make the changes before many more suffer.

  13. This was very informative. It really makes you think about the assembly line situation that is hospitals and medical care today which is riddled with the doctors eccentric need to prescribe treatment of symptoms and not problems themselves as treating the problem is far less "cost effective".

  14. I agree with Dr. Emmett Miller. Well said! We need a paradigm shift in medicine. Thank you.
    Dr. Abby Caplin, San Francisco, CA

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