Health Care Opportunities at HBS

if you're passionate about health care HBS is the place to be HBS is a perfect place for somebody who's interested in health care to be honest surprised me coming to HBS that there were so many people with a strong interest in health care HBS has one of the greatest concentrations of students studying health care of any MBA program in the context of a premier university all in Boston which is one of the epicenters of health care and life sciences there are lots of programs whether it be through the healthcare initiative or the healthcare Club or the healthcare conference to really dive into the health care space it's been really often for the first semester just going through a number of different healthcare cases we've been able to reach out to any of the faculty here or fellows who sit at the iLab to get advice on different parts of our business model and we've been able to tap into some of our core competitive set very easily here at the healthcare initiative one of our priorities is to create an interconnected healthcare community and we do that by creating opportunities across HBS across the Harvard ecosystem and then beyond that in addition to that being in the Boston area at a ton of different biotech and healthcare related startups and big companies people call it the mecca of health care all of that energy is with you motivated to think about what you would do on your own we are gen F and our goal is to leverage the power of nutrition to improve health and reduce healthcare costs the NF team is a terrific representation of the student body at HBS there are a cross-section of different disciplines and backgrounds coming together to focus on healthcare entrepreneurship the gen F is a integrated set of nutrition services we want to solve obesity through nutrition we are very excited about hosting the Business School Alliance for healthcare management case competition and having gen-f represent us I first look at it not so much as a competition it's really a collection of schools come together this show varying perspectives MBA students are thinking about what makes a venture ultimately viable term and for people in the medical space that logic is not front of mind one of the most surprising things about HBS is that there is such a critical mass of students faculty and alumni focused on health care nearly 10 percent of students take jobs in health care every year there are over a hundred faculty publications in this sector annually this is a really awesome place to be if you want to try and move the needle within the health care space

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