Health Care Reform: 450,000 Doctors Can't Be Wrong

when I was 15 years old my youngest sister died and when my father called me and told me I told him on the spot I was going to be a doctor I wanted to help people like my sister so it's a chance really to make a difference in someone's life let's be honest hailey knows something are blending them something or renting them something and it's really great being able to take care of a patient their family and even the entire community the magic of medicine is the relationship between the health care provider the personal physician and the patient medicine Nell has has been shifted and it's really more about insurance companies and rules that aren't fair it's no longer about the patient and the doctor I spend 40% of my time away from my patients doing paperwork getting prior authorizations having someone come back from a pharmacy with a medication they've had for years all of a sudden being changed because it's no longer on that plans formulary we need to start taking the barriers that are between me and my patients away the American Dream is about choice it's about fairness it's about being affordable it's about access it's almost like vaccines the fact that everybody gets vaccinated it only helps us all if we had health care reform what our patients are going to see is an increase in their quality affordability and access of care it will actually give patients more choices they can absolutely keep their doctor and their healthcare plan if that's working for them but if they don't have one or if they want to switch to another it'll give them another option it will provide them with information to be able to make informed choices that are at them in the best interests of their children and other families it kind of brings the insurance industry back into alignment with what patients you know the public wants and what we as doctors want what I see health care reform helping with is moving more into preventative care allowing us to take care of people before they get sick allowing our patients to be able to access care without worrying where their next meal is going to come from allowing them to be able to pick some drugs that probably are going to work and not have to worry about how they're going to pay for them when they get to the pharmacy pushing preventive health care pushing health promotion rather than waiting till someone gets sick and then putting resources into trying to get them feel better I I don't see anywhere that we're talking about limiting or rationing care if anything we're trying to open it up so that people get the preventive health care they're not getting now we will start to see the health of the nation improve we'll start to see the health of individuals and families improve in a very positive way health care reform will be life changing for me and for my patients


  1. I don`t understand Americans. Are they this stupid, or what?
    I understand that they don`t know what socialism are .

    All the countries in Europa has socialism,( even USA), we have universal Health Care,
    6 weeks Payed Vacation + extra, Free Schools, 1 year Payed Maternity leave etc, etc
    33 to 38 hours Work Week and you cant be Fired without a very good reason.

    But you don`t want this, do you. You are a working machine.
    In US you live for work and in EU we work for living.

    Its better to make the rich richer, than only have one job, not two, with enough money.

    You have the worlds richest man, and if he gave away half of his fortune,
    he would stop all the famine in the world and still be the richest man in the world.

    But you don`t like your family or friends, you don`t really like to be together with people?
    Here is your big chance, Listen to these doctors and get a better life!

  2. my premium more than double! fuck Obama care and work cut everyone hours down to 28 hour do to high pay health benefit! i better and u can make more money by living off of government!

  3. my premium more than double! fuck Obama care and work cut everyone hours down to 28 hour do to high pay health benefit! i better and u can make more money by living off of government!

  4. It's good to know that lots of doctors don't care about money. The ones that do shouldn't be doctors. We should nationalize health care and forget "incentives." The best doctors I know care about their patients, not whether their patients are paying them.

  5. Get rid of the fucking insurance companies! Please put an end to them and make health care coverage socialized!!! Why is it that a bottle of pills in Europe or Canada cost 50 times cheaper then in the U.S., I have proof as a personal experience through travel! Health Care should not be a "for profit" system, just as prisons should not be in the "for profit" industry, yet the U.S. fails both!

  6. i support the health care law. i called the one eight hundred number for the health care site and qualified for a subsidy help for my premiums.

  7. The USA Healthcare establishment is 100% corrupted. They bribe in regular basis (lobby) the Congressmen politicians so they own them.

    They price their services at their own will because greedy is their religion and they want to be billionaires as long as the no rules allows them.

    Obama is against that corruption and unfairness of the establishment and want to change it for better but people ignore all of this. Fox News and the Healthcare corporations know that this is the beginning of a big change and they are afraid because they want to keep sucking the big bucks forever.

  8. The guy who said we can keep our doctor was wrong. The one who said our costs would go down was wrong. 

  9. Obama care – simply does not "do it".  It only makes matters far worse.  About 60 percent of medical people detest Obamacare.

  10. Lying scumbags. Evil collectivist filth. They're going to "help" you by robbing you blind and taking away your rights! Absolutely mind-blowing how evil and idiotic the world has become. Everyone wants to rule over everyone else. They all hate liberty and peace and voluntary exchange. They want politicians and bureaucrats to rule over every aspect of our lives. Their "plans" for us are so great that they have to FORCE you at gunpoint to "participate." A decree from a central power must come down, and must be enforced by goons with guns along with armies of fat bloated bureaucrats, in order to extract the last bit of wealth from us and force compliance.

  11. Ive tried to keep an open mind regarding Obamacare. But in the last month or so I have seen nothing but increases or cancelations in peoples plans from $200 up to $400 more a month for their ins. How does that help anyone except those who wont/don't take care of themselves. The Gov. is taking away $500 Billion dollars from Medicare,how does that help my parents?

  12. Wow, these docs must be smoking there own pharmaceutical grade cannabis. Give me some of what they are smoking. Example of government run insurance from a news article "In Jesuit Bend (Louisiana), Scott Morse was stunned to learn that flood insurance for his home was increasing from $400 a year to $13,000." You have to ask yourself, Can you afford it when they jump the price after a year or two of low rates to sucker you in?

  13. But…….is the ideas in this vid what we got with the new law?

    Are these people real Dr.s or just actors with a stethoscope thrown around their neck?

  14. Informed choices and a lot more money :). GO OBAMA!!! And the meal… How wen he spoke about the meal… It was so overwhelming that brought tears to my eyes… You are getting closer and closer to a failed SS system. Just look at Europe. You are getting there and Obama is in the drivers seat… Good Job! I bet the slogan now is "Change we can't believe in". LOL

  15. There are doctors who are leftist also. There is no problem getting a leftist to prostitute his credibility for the statist cause.

  16. Doctors are losing their private practices because of Health Care Reform. This video is propaganda promoting big business health care. It wouldn't surprise me if all these doctors had the same employer.

  17. You know, I have been in this country for less than 10 years, know 5 languages and can write a check for $400K. You need to learn how to convey and write your thoughts in a coherent and clear manner instead of telling others to understand your ever changing brainless liberal asswipe diarrhea. You have the cognitive functioning of an Oprah Watching Housewife. You are what I call a "functional illiterate". You are changing your tune now after I caught you with your pants down. Communist cunt

  18. You know, your mind is as weak as that of people who join sick cults out there and start killing people. You are a true dumbass and the people Castro loves to fool. It is obvious you couldn't chew gum and walk at the same time. Anybody can sell you ice in the North Pole. All you have read about Cuba's healthcare is false straight from the government's communist propaganda.

    So now I've never been 2 Cuba? Born in Sagrado Corazon de Jesus hospital, Vedado, Ciudad Habana you fucking dumbass

  19. You communist son of a bitch. You have no clue what the healthcare in Cuba is. Do you want hospitals full of cockroaches? Do you want your teeth to be pulled without anesthesia you stupid moron? You want doctors drinking alcohol during surgery? Don't argue with me you stupid fuck. I'm a Cuban born and raised. Why don't you go live there like a Cuban and visit the hospital so get a fucking clue? Did you know that they sanitize and paint the hospitals every time you morons announce your visits?

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