1. Video reminds me of The Holy Mountain, American Psycho, The Shining and my youth in Hollister, Pac Sun and Urban Outfitters at the mall.

  2. More like Die of a Seizure. Christ, who makes these videos, and why are there an average of 5 cuts a second?

  3. if AI decided to blend boxing and dancing into one artform this is what it would sound like.

  4. i don't necessarily dislike the new health stuff released in the past few years, but this shit is just so fucking good.

  5. these guys put on a phenomenal show. saw them at the velvet in toronto a month or so back. best show ive ever been to.

  6. can't believe this song is already 6 years old. saw these guys live in paris last week and they tore the house down. still one of the more interesting stand-out bands out there. go HEALTH!

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