Health Execs Caught Bribing Politicians

healthcare lobbyists are working overtime in an effort to defeat any possibility of Medicare for all becoming a reality now there's one particular group known as center forward that is getting together with like-minded individuals to come up with a game plan to defeat Medicare for all and one of the things that they do and this is certainly indicative of the healthcare industry overall is they get some of these congressional staffers together at fancy ritzy resorts in an effort to Wine and Dine them and convince them to work against Medicare for all now according to the intercept Sen uh Center for words big idea on Medicare Part D for instance is to maintain lobbyists authored provisions of the law that bar the government from bargaining for lower prices for medicine such restrictions cost taxpayers and patients as much as seventy three billion dollars a year while boosting the profits of drug makers so to give you an idea of how they you know push for what they want in terms of continuing the private health care industry and continuing the system the way it is several aides to Democratic leadership filed disclosure showing that they received paid travel to attend the Center for word retreat including Chiefs of Staff two Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer so again this is very similar to what pharmaceutical companies do with some doctors they'll have some sort of retreat at a fancy resort the doctors will go they get wined and dined and it's likely that they'll get influenced by what the pharmaceutical industry wants and the same thing is happening here with center forward the private health care industry and these congressional staffers so there's more analogies there but the only thing that I'll disagree with a little bit is that there's not a chance they'll be influenced it's a guarantee this is corruption defined and so they come over and they say okay now here's your marching orders and you will do as you're told this the $560 trip to a fantasy retreat is tip of the iceberg that's not the real deal that's just where they tell them what their job is here we are you're donor's you shut up and you do as you are told but we're telling you in a very nice and pleasant context of a mansion that you've all been invited to right no the real deal is in the money that they contribute to their politicians and and other forms of the lobbying so center-forward is just a rebrand for corporate democrats they've had a lot of rebrands because they're toxic and nobody likes them no actual voters like them there's no voters in America who are like oh my god if I could just get a Democrat who loves giant multinational corporations and does favors for them instead of looking out for our voters did that voter does not exist the only thing that props them up is branding marketing and help from television so everybody on on TV are like oh my god these centrist Democrats are so reasonable the way they want to work with Dick Cheney and Mitch McConnell and all and the oil companies and the pharmaceutical companies and the defense contractors that is how bipartisanship should work and it's corruption on that level too but in this case I mean look we've had what the Blue Dog Democrats they were in attendance if any of them still exist almost all of them have lost their elections again because they are deeply unpopular in the real world problem solvers caucus that means I worked with Mitch McConnell to solve the donor problems and New Democrats and those are all corporate Democrats now you got center-forward you could call it whatever the hell you like it's corruption either way so look even the progressive presidential candidates unfortunately we won't call it what it is and you have to name it so so people love saying that about other issues I'll say it about this issue corruption so Steny Hoyer corrupt yes yes and so Jim Clyburn yes he's done some great work in the past in other issues is he corrupt in this way yes so the people that who have attended Kurt Schrader dan Lipinski of course dan Lipinski is a massively right-wing Democrat there's no and he's in a very blue district and he goes over why is he so right-wing part of it is ideological and issues like abortion and part of it is he gets legally bro to be that right-wing and he's that kind of guy who loves taking that legalized bribery so that's what the story's about and they just rubbing your face in it because they're like who cares come to our mansion we'll do it right in front of everybody well I'll put you in the room with the Republicans you guys will all give us everything we want there you go run ads pretending you're against us it'll be a nice little trick and we'll Rob the American people together it's not a fun trick right and you mentioned the Blue Dog Democrats which I'm glad you mentioned because this is essentially the same group right so Blue Dog Democrats fought aggressively against the Affordable Care Act they fought aggressively and won in defeating any opportunity or chance for a public option as part of the Affordable Care Act and you're right in that this group has now rebranded itself and they're going with center forward and you have Democrats and Republicans working together to defeat something that pulls incredibly well in fact the Kaiser Family Foundation did a poll asking specifically do you support a single-payer health care system right so there's no Medicare for all there's no language like that specifically a single-payer health care system 56% of voters this includes Democrats and Republicans were supportive of a single-payer health care system which means that they're working against what the majority of Americans want and and Jake mentioned legalized bribery and in this case it is legal because there was a loophole used so for instance let's go to graphic for the ethics committee rules bar registered lobbyists from arranging luxury travel for Congress although Center for words board is made up almost entirely of registered corporate lobbyists ruie event forms were signed by the group's executive director cory kramer who is not a registered lobbyist a technicality that helps skirt the prohibition on lobbyists fun to travel so they use all these loopholes in order to get around ethics rules so look Republicans also attended Sean Duffy Rodney Davis will hurt and these are all the guys that Joe Scarborough and the rest televisions celebrate so my question to you is bipartisan compromise to what and and that's the question I'm gonna keep on asking no matter what to what end because they said well bipartisanship is great really what if they have a bipartisan agreement to nuclear country well I would call it not great right and you say well that's an extreme example how about if they need a bipartisan agreement to rob the American people of seventy three billion dollars well that wouldn't be great either right that's exactly what's happened here it's not a little like it it's not an analogy because george w bush barack obama donald trump all of them said you are not allowed to negotiate with drug companies you will bow your head and pay them an extra seventy three billion dollars that we definitely do not have to pay them if we negotiate it like every other country in the world and by the way Obama ran campaign ads saying that he would defeat it that he wouldn't do that policy and he did anyway and now you tell me it's not corruption sorry I believed a much simpler possibility it is corruption Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party got paid by the drug companies as they're getting paid today to do that corruption to help you help them rob you of that seventy three billion dollars I know what their excuses are oh we had to do a deal in order to get the Heritage Foundation a plan passed we kill the public option we killed negotiating with drug prices we left the entire health issue insurers industry in private hands and at their mercy and they were allowed to raise their prices for insurance let alone drugs any way that they wanted all those cooperates we had to make but what a lucky break our donors totally agreed with that Wow so lucky Obama and the Democrats then Trump said we hear a Nancy went on the stuff why can't we negotiate with drug companies I'm gonna end that what happened he came in and like a little lap dog troubling yes absolutely sir corruption Trump's like I didn't know we were doing corruption of course I jump in it so now Trump and all the Republicans say no do not negotiate drug prices it is insane what is this capitalism guys is this capitalism when you say I'm not going to negotiate anything I'm just going to whatever company tells me to do I'm just gonna hand not my money the taxpayers money the taxpayers money if you're a conservative you should despise this so there are no Joe Scarborough rest of television I do not agree to this bipartisan agreement this is a bipartisan agreement to rob us blind where's my god to have 73 billion dollars and by the way some people don't take those drugs because they're so expensive and you know what happens they die that's real it's there in the middle of a fire and we and we don't send them help and we say oh you want the fire out you got cancer you got something that is existential threat life or death we're not gonna send help and on top of that we're gonna charge you more making it more likely that you're gonna die no if you have bipartisan agreement on things that the American people agree to wonderful if you don't have it on stuff that the daughters agreed to and that the American people hate No Deal so call them what they are these Democrats that go to these retreats and sell you off they are not on your team they're not your colleagues they're the corporate donors colleagues and they're paid to rob you like they did here the TYT Plus app is now available on iOS and Android download to get more Tea Party content at TYT dot-com / 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  1. An entirely average americans life is widely valued at $9,000,000.

    Mass murder claiming its capitalism while costing the overall economy immensely with worse outcomes than some undeveloped countries… priceless…

    Because it’s an unquantifiably large cost to society due to outliers.

  2. Why is there a law prohibiting the government from negotiating for prescription drugs? The VA can negotiate.

  3. How is this not being connected to vaccines as well???? How they are bribing and forcing the government to make it mandatory????

    Lying about how 'safe' they are and the reports of side effects/death just swept under the rug????

    You all are fear mongering and falling for their bullshit. It's easy to start health issues at a young age since they can't tell you exactly what they are feeling. It's easy to start there because it will develop into a serious illness when they are older and so become dependent of big pharma.

    America has the most mandatory vaccines and yet have the worst health. Hmmm it ain't just because of the health care system, it's also what the f you put in your body in the first place.

  4. "Health execs caught bribing politicians" you Americans are crazy. In my country it would have been "politicians caught taking bribes" one of them is doing something more wrong than the other and it's the politician

  5. It will be criminal if these lobbyists stall Medicare for All. I've got private insurance through my husband's employer. I had a health scare last month. I spent 12 hours in the ER, had 4 scans, EKG, IV fluids & medications, 3 blood draws for testing, a urine test, a chest x-ray, then an ambulance ride across town to another hospital @ midnight, I was admitted to that hospital, had 2 more blood draws, another scan, telemetry, 3 meals & some oral meds. I was discharged without a diagnosis or any treatment for my main symptoms, after seeing 7 doctors. I've started getting the bills. There will be around a dozen different bills. I'm on disability with Medicare Part A which will cover everything after admission, but the majority of tests & expenses will be under my private insurance. It is going to be $1000's. I can not afford it. My credit rating will be ruined. I still am having the medical problems that I went to have checked out are still concerning me but I can't go to another doctor & have more tests or be able to afford a prescription if that's what I need. So basically, I've got a semi-serious medical condition that I can't get treated because I have been charged thousands of dollars by multiple providers over a 24-hour hospitalization that didn't even diagnose me, much less treat me. WE NEED MEDICARE FOR ALL & WE NEED IT NOW!
    On top of all of this, I need some dental work done, I need my eyes checked & probably need glasses. I need a mammogram, a colonoscopy & a pap smear. I haven't been able to afford preventive care for the last decade. The state of medical charges, insurance is untenable & must be fixed.

  6. I spoke to a well travelled businessman yesterday who truly thought Trump is a self made Billionaire who actually cares for the people.
    Most like him are too busy to keep up with all the corruption.

  7. The DNC and most democrats are owned by corporations. There are a few progressives in congress now, but the majority remains corrupt. Any blue won't do, vote progressive in 2020.

  8. Know any doctors? Their houses are full of pens and paper and swag from pharma reps pushing their meds. That's not to say doctors act on this; it's just evidence of the onslaught of big pharma trying to corrupt the system every step of the way. How do we fix it?

  9. I am amazed how consistently great TYT is. I got my GF hooked on you guys. You filled the hole left by the loss of Jon Stewart. Thank you…another great piece of reporting. My current formula for knowledge is Bill Maher, John Oliver, the Daily Show and TYT.

  10. “Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob…..” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  11. Steny Hoyer. The male version of our "Driving Miss Nancy" Speaker. The whole cabal of Corporatist/Establishment Dems are up way past their bedtime. Time to rain on them like a global warming storm. Every time somebody interviews them, they should ask "And what are your plans for after Gov't Service? You need to be thinking about that. Right now. Today."

  12. The Democratic party – the party that prides itself on being the progressive party – is made up entirely of groups formed for the sole purpose of fighting progress tooth & nail.

    And then they wonder why they lost to Donald Trump…

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