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honest to keep the Minister of Health on for just a little bit longer to wrap up the conversation of this allegations against discrimination by medical aids against black and indian health practitioners it really has gained significant traction this week after the s ABC broke the story so again Minister thank you for staying on for you you know we know that in n it is difficult because we know that there is the the defaulting of medical aids is rife the stories are horrific you've highlighted examples you've spoken to them in your speech we've they've been on television programs are now no special assignment our investigative journalist program have spoken to how the medical aids are being defaulted it's a very big problem and that needs to be dealt with severely because I imagine that's also at the root of why we are paying such high tariffs absolutely absolutely and there's no way this country can stand for fraud corruption wastage and abuse that's why within the broader state the president has put so many Commission Commission's to get to the bottom of that now I have said Ilia that on the 28th when I made the speech you are referring to and everything that we've been asking is in that speech the Council of medical skills and the siu the special investigative unit together with the industry called the summit to discuss and develop which had on how we're going to deal with this matter on one side is this fraud abuse corruption wastage how do you deal with it but on the other side is the method which you employ to deal with it and then I said we cannot allow vigilantism in dealing with fraud and corruption no matter how difficult is it and that's why the summit was called here but now having said so a two-man spec the presidents and the proclamation to investigate coalition between certain people in the regulator at the Council of medical aid schemes and certain medical aids and that is ongoing while waiting for a report from the siu does the right way to actually do it yeah it is but at the same time a lot of doctors and how practitioners are losing income and they're committing suicide and not the are you aware of the high suicide rate purely due to the non-payment of medical aid schemes decided I've heard about that I met the representative of the doctors last week and I said please give the names to the Council of medical schemes and I think today that's what's going to be happening and they need to go deeper into it if I'm not satisfied about the results we might even have to put up a form of a commission on this matter but remember that some of the issues that are being raised that last year in June when we released the the bill on in each eye on the same day we also released a bill called medical schemes amendment act where one to amend certain practices but that has been put on hold because you also remember that for the past four years we have had the former Chief Justice Mobile investigating in the health market inquiry some of the practices within the private healthcare sector and he released the preliminary report last week I mean last year also in June but the other processes is still following and we are expecting a final report very soon we did not go on with that bill to amend some of the plans like in the medical it's like levees and all that because you are waiting for the outcome of the market inquiry they are going to be incorporated in that bill so there's a lot of work that is being done but I'm saying the most urgent one is to look into this issue of victimization of doctors indeed if they they have practice fraud laws of the country has to be followed and they can be blacklisted if you are found guilty of committing fraud as a doctor can you be blacklisted I mean I imagine I don't think I'm not illegal I expect but I don't think medical aid skills alone can take such a decision I'm insisting that I don't come along I have to go through the criminal justice system and go through a judge and say I mean through the law and say look I have caught this person doing ABC and I want to do this and see if they agree because it cannot be arbitrary so that's what I'm saying but I'm also aiding and I'm repeating the issue of demanding confidential information of patients between doctor and patient is something that will completely destroy the healthcare system because which patient will come to us when they know that one day my my my you know my information can just be disclosed to any third party medicine and you might remember that in the recent case of the health home but when he was in whiskey the issue of the tower psychiatric hospital the oom but was very critical of the doctor who released names of certain patients to the media in saying I'm trying to expose corruption yes and some in the media some in the media and in civil society we're against the but but he said this is this going to be dangerous if you just allow people to really nearly release people information in to the public like that yeah not even in the name of fighting corruption can you do that there's a lot of allegations against medical aids and this'll be our final question we have to wrap it after this that the the talk that medical aid schemes are a law unto themselves and the reason I say this is a they can demand this list of other doctors notes which you are saying they cannot do but they say they want them otherwise they won't pay you there are also dictating as to which doctor you can and cannot use they'll give you a list as a member to say no you can't go to that doctor you must go to this doctor because there's a list doing the rounds of those that are not allowed to be paid by us also they have a list of what medicines you can and cannot use and whether or not they say that they will not pay for this drug they'll only pay for that drug so you are again at the hands of the medical aid so many people are saying and feel that medical aids run riot and there are lawn to themselves with nobody watching over them no we are watching over them and and I've just informed you about the medical skills Amendment Act you know when you make laws you look at what's happening in your country into society and you say I'm gonna change this through this act so if you look at the medical skill Amendment Act it will go to Parliament immediately when the Parliament starts will submit it to them because we didn't finish that process that's why we with but secondly the regulator was set up to regulate some of these things which they're not even aware of and that makes me wonder you see that's why last week I gave them an instruction that call admit disturbed us and regulate some of these deals because that's what the regulator was set for that you sit and regulate medical aids your license then you can even take away their license if you think they are becoming a law unto themselves now now this is the third time I'm mentioning this because it's important no a third parties is entitled to a private medical records lien unless you give permission or unless the judicial system says oh so I'm insisting that doctors must refuse to submit any notes of the officials with the regard as confidential to a third party including a fandom they are not entitled to that information if they need it they must go to a court of law and authority even I as a minister I've never given that information I'll never agree to do that yeah can they even tell you what hospital go to is that allowed can a medical I tell you no no you can't go to the hospital anything so that's fine but it means the regulator was not doing their work and today as a medium they must not do in the awake you can wash out not the regulator they've been set up by law to regulate and I'm instructing them to start doing their work in regulating dr. Aaron mozzarella D the Minister of Health weighing in on the medical aid discrimination saga and it continues let's take a break sports after

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