Health Moonshot Showcase 2019: Jackie Iversen, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical

My name is Jackie Iverson and I’m the Founder
of Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical. The national, the opioid epidemic is a national
emergency. Last year, greater than 70,000 people died
of a drug overdose. The number one reason why people remain opioid
dependent is because the withdrawal symptoms are too painful. Let me repeat that. The number one reason a person remains opioid
dependent is because the withdrawal symptoms are too painful leading to catastrophic fatalities. Our moonshot is to end the deadliest drug
overdose crisis in American history and usher in a new era of pain management that’s safe
and effective and non opioid. Our moonshot team is seasoned with greater
than 100 years of experience. We are mission driven, innovative and a proven
track record. For patients and their doctors, we have created
Exulta®- 005, a non opioid pain reliever that reduces withdrawal, intensity, and duration,
and allows an individual to decrease their daily opioid consumption. Our approach is uniquely resourceful. We have repurposed two small molecules into
a fixed dose combination and can be on the market in three years. Our non opioid pain reliever is a game changer
because we can use our technology across a whole platform of agents. Our approach is working. We have completed a in vivo animal study that
shows a 50% reduction in opioid withdrawal intensity and duration. This is revolutionary for a non opioid. In addition, we have an open IND with the
FDA and a consumer licensing agreement with one of our over the counter products. The opioid epidemic is affecting every community,
not just in United States, but around the world. We have the technology to revolutionize pain
management and bring an end to the opioid epidemic. Join us as we revolutionize pain management.

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