Health Predictions: the future of healthcare (ISCF – Ageing Society)

what's the future healthcare be like could artificial intelligence and smart technology improve every space for life from before we're born right through to help us live longer better life I'm Sara Lansing and I'm here at Catholic I've talked about future healthcare so capital will really be a part treatment before we're born yes we already have feature scanning of beautiful surgery and these are set to improve the future humans will potentially be able to have a better start in life so what happens as they grow up well we've got the Internet of Things using wearable technology and that will allow us to get measurements from us or in our own homes it will allow us to create baseline data from when we're healthy and we can use that data to work out when things aren't quite right okay so what if it turns out that we do need to go to the doctors but wanna go to the doctors it could be like taking our car is reserved it you'll get a full body scan also technology is so good that you can detect illness even from breath okay so you've had your scan and then what happens after you take information from us again and the information that you've collected at home and that could build a complete picture of your health and what's wrong with you and that's particularly important so chronic diseases like diabetes so what if the scan actually shows something up there well the unit could call a doctor over for a consultation alternatively it could dispense the treatment a personalized medicine and that's likely to be a medicine assim developed by artificial intelligence so how will that work well artificial intelligence or AI is a new tool that allows us to generate new information from old data so computers will Cyprian vast amounts of chemical or medical data and it will take that and use that to develop new truck molecules so what if it turns out that you do actually need to go to the hospital well I think hospitals are really very different in the future you'll have robots which will transport and move patients around hospitals also algorithms will be able to take patient data and diagnose conditions much better than humans in a camp so if you think all that automation or make hospital treatment more impersonal though no I don't think so I think what will happen is it will just remove the boring bit of treatment it will allow doctors and nurses more time to release their medications when it's needed so what about the problems we usually associate with adults and older adults especially yes so you've got diseases like cancer and dementia which are associated with older adults and Jean entertainers technology we should help neutralize those conditions okay so what exactly is gene editing well gene editing is the exciting new tool which allows us to insert delete or repair DNA and in cancer for example we can use in anything to empower the body's own immune cells to recognize and delete cancer cells so there any other benefits to that well it offers a one-time cure for these types of treatments and this means that recovery time will be less and it means that patients will be able to return to their own homes and to work much much quicker so it sounds like will soon be getting more active every stage of our lives yeah what did you think [Applause]


  1. Love your video! I believe that the future of healthcare lies in Blockchain. We now can simplify the procedure to find a doctor in a short span of time, access our medical specialist’s credentials and have the ease of obtaining transparency of the medical care provider. Our ID card and health insurance information is secured from theft and hacker. All that benefit is thanks to, a platform serving more than 250 thousand patient in USA.

  2. With the sick state that health care is in nowadays, these innovations will probably be available within the years 3100-3300AD. Thank you regulations and high prices!

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