HEALTH – "Tears" (A Short by David Altobelli and Jeff Desom)


  1. I guess I finally get it, so amazing. Wow! Love this experience, a picture is worth a lot of words, fuck. Completely impressed. Great song, great video!….. what a way to not pull the punches!, "and my arms go up." Funking intense.

  2. Fucking amazing video! The musicians, the best director of this song!!! Damn! Fucking incredible! I right were you went! Amazing art, that's me my kids and my thumb, mind! Blown!

  3. I only wonder that how did they shoot this ? I mean if, i was one of the parents of the babies that were used in the video, i'd be freaked out. "They made a make up that would make my baby look jawless with blood puking out!" I hope none of them got scared.

  4. maybe I am wrong but I think the interpretation is an artistic illustration of liberals obsessions with free abortions.

  5. i was playing max payne 3 and i recognized the voice and i said this must be the song..great band..die slow a great song 2

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