Health Update: First Time Shaving at 30!

hey guys drifter here today I thought I'd do a follow-up on my old video about my embarrassing health problem if you happen not catch that one or you're a new subscriber since then in short about eight months to a year ago I was diagnosed with low testosterone and it wasn't really like low was in lower than average testosterone but more like almost zero testosterone essentially that of a 95 year old man and I made this video talking about my health problems and on the internet that's embarrassing I get a lot of trans jokes and cock this in that and girly boy and whatever but lots of people reached out to me about the video and they were experiencing very similar symptoms and of the people that I've talked to several of them have followed up with me and they are also starting some sort of testosterone therapy either soon or already have so I thought it'd be good to share some updates about how everything is going with me and what it did with my body and so that maybe one day it will help one of you maybe one of these days like eight years from now somebody watches this video and it helps inform their decision about what to do and this first update about what happened to my body when I started taking testosterone is gonna start off with a sponsor that I never thought that I would have the Dollar Shave Club because for the first time in my life I'm actually shaving because if you zoom in super close you'll notice that I have actual facial hair which is strange for a 31 year old man to say so today's video is sponsored by the Dollar Shave Club they sent me their starter kit packet right here which we are going to unbox in just a minute I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Dollar Shave Club already but if you're not there's subscription service that more or less fulfils every sort of hygiene need that you have as a man and as a gamer I hope that you brush your teeth and wash your hair and face and body and all that and if you do instead of going to the store to buy everything and experiment with different products and try different blades and all this other sort of stuff you can sign up for Dollar Shave Club which previously was one dollar a day to get all the hair and face care products that you need however now they're doing a five dollar starter pack so we get this cute little starter pack for five dollars and let's briefly set it down on my action will sink and if you're curious why there's a nickel here I'm doing an experiment to see how long it takes to rust just from the amount of water moisture in the room so my wife really loves this but it's staying for now so anyway the five dollar kit gives you a razor handle it's kind of a fan sexually metal it's not plastic which is kind of surprising I thought this would just be like a cheap plastic but it's metal we got a kit of four blades here which I can hopefully put on without cutting myself and you know a lot of you hairier guys what's wrong I just stick it in there yeah okay so my wife shaves more than I do not only her face but her nether regions as well so she knows these things oh my god okay so that's that's easy I didn't know I could do that and let's get in here on these two little guys we have easy shave butter and daily face cleanser now this one I'll be using in the shower later so I can set it aside but the shave butter is essential for when you have actual facial hair and you have to actually shave it because previously I had so little facial hair and so little growth I could take like some old gross razor throw some water on it or just done no problems but such is not the case anymore so let's try some face shave butter get a nice big healthy glob I'm sure that's my wife is making a face that I used too much yes Wow I used too much yes okay well okay we'll just put some face butter on here on this beautiful manly beard that we've got to do a sideburns it's just leather I know you said it was too much and I don't want to look silly or embarrassed on the video because it would be terrible if I embarrassed my poor dear wife was the particularly all of these things so this would be the first time that I have ever put I was gonna save shaving cream but a shaving butter or any similar product on my face because it's the first time I've ever actually needed it we only have this much left over just slather it on like shaving cream at this boy you can't put it back into me I feel like I'm getting a facial okay and what's been really weird for me after the testosterone treatments is that my facial hair increase for the first time in my life I was pretty much a hairless man all the way through that I cut myself no good perfect so my shaving would be like once a month once every three or four weeks maybe if if I don't know I had to just be on camera do something special maybe like once every two weeks would just be a crazy amount of Shaving so I get like one cheap razor and it would just last me forever but now that I'm taking testosterone not only has more hairs shown up on my face this late into my life but they have grown faster and thicker than before now I know compared to most of you this is definitely a Wimpy beard this is like your 13 year old babies first beard but it's more than I've ever had to deal with in my life and throughout my adult male life I've never had to consider facial hair products or cleaners or anything of the sort so I'm really happy to have Dollar Shave Club smart through this video not only because they pay me real American dollars but because I don't have to fool with razors and I don't have to learn anything and all of their products will just be good enough for me oh did I miss a spot oh yeah I did so unused to shaving a mich watch all the time like there's so many little hairs on this and now we get to do yeah so look a little different a little bit less like shaggy from scooby-doo and this is what I've been one of the biggest changes after getting testosterone therapy is that I just have facial hair so if you are like me and a younger viewer or perhaps an older viewer who is tired of learning about shaving and razors and going out to the store and planning and doing new things you could sign up for Dollar Shave Club at there's a link down there below you can click to go straight to it no coupon codes or anything crazy like that and I'd strongly recommend the five dollar starter kit that I showed you today because it just comes in it's simple its inexpensive to try and the neat thing is you can set up your own frequency if you're like me I won't need too many of these over the course of a year but if you have say a more alpha beard you might need quite a few you can set it up however you want so let's go back to the gameplay now so yeah in short shaving now is kind of a first for me before it was like a near monthly habit but now it's every couple of days but that isn't the only thing that changed with my body I found that it's also a lot easier to gain muscle mass than before which you know kind of makes sense given how many weight lifters take additional testosterone and to cheat or as a steroid or something like that and I did a sik's in high school and I had clubs in college and I lifted weights and ran and exercised all the time but I was always a really skinny guy I never really gained any muscle despite working out just as hard as everybody else I did athletics in high school I had clubs and stuff in college so I lifted and ran and exercised all the time but I never really gained much muscle mass or at least not as much as my friends did I'd have to work twice as hard and eat twice as much and it was just a lot more effort for me to bulk up and get any real benefit from weightlifting so I just thought that I was genetically determined to be skinny I was always gonna be a skinny boy well in the last I would say month or so I've resumed weightlifting again I was mostly just doing cardio at my time in the gym it's good for the heart and helps keep my brain healthy and all that sort of stuff but I decided maybe it's time to try try weights again let's see how this goes and it's working better than ever before typically as you older it gets harder to gain muscle it's much easier to get ripped at 17 than it is at 47 comparatively but now my case is the opposite I'm gaining muscle mass faster and easier now than I ever have in my life and I'm still a long way to go from buff I'm still a long way to go from as fit as I've ever been and realistically given the lifestyle that I live as a gamer and eating tank Otsu just about every day I might never actually be fit I might always be a little bit on the unfit side but the good side is that the process is way easier now and that it seems to be reasonable gains in proportion to the work like previously I just have to work like crazy for any gains but now it seems more like everybody else's which is kind of nice for me it feels like a crazy boost but I guess I'm finally back on an even playing field I'm gonna try to stick with the weightlifting and who knows maybe in six months I'll be a much more handsome man but let's talk about a less positive topic next that will indicate a significant decrease in handsomeness and that is hair loss the the beautiful hair on top of my head may not be here much longer this is one of the most common side effects of testosterone therapy I think that if you like it on Google this would be like the number one that most guys complain about and having normal testosterone levels has put me back on track for normal male hair loss as related to aging I think I was skipping out on a lot of it before I just didn't have that trigger in my body so to speak but now that it's there the hair is starting to disappear yay it's definitely not as bad as a lot of guys have I think I'm still above average in that department because I know a lot of guys you can see it with like gaming youtubers and stuff they turn 23 and they're bald they got like a huge bald spot up here and I'm not there yet but I can tell that my hair is thinning I can tell that it's falling out I can tell one area back here is a little rougher than it has been in the past and at my current rate I think that in the next five years I might end up having to become either a hat or a comb-over guy I'll probably just go with hats or maybe the clean bald shaved now would be nice if I gained muscles and just shaved it bald it could be a very different looking kind of person than I am now and that's if it doesn't all turn gray first so yeh on the gray so hair loss is definitely not a positive aspect of testosterone therapy and if you're considering it please also consider that you may not have a lot of hair during the process or ever again really but now let's get back to positive because there's more positive than anything else my sleep schedule has pretty much fixed itself before I started this therapy I was on a rotating daily schedule which it doesn't make sense normally you'd have like a seven-day week I've got closer to a six-day week but I would stay awake for 28 to 30 hours followed by a 12-hour sleep so I was always waking up at different times every day and every day it would get bumped a couple hours and just kind of rotate and it was extremely unhealthy it meant that on no particular day I was able to predict when I would be awake or when I could get things started or what to do and if I had an appointment or something would just derail my life and be miserable because like if I was up for 30 hours and I just couldn't sleep and then I had an appointment after a two hour nap that was really hard however after a couple of months on this therapy my sleep pattern went back to normal I'm kind of back to like standard eight-hour sleeps which for me is really strange I haven't had that since maybe middle school and this has definitely been healthier for my overall lifestyle as well I think it's a little bit more irritating for my wife because she's a big fan of the naps and I don't really nap a whole lot especially not anymore but I'm glad to actually be sleeping for eight hours straight that's a very positive change we'll go with a more neutral one next and very briefly sexual function is unchanged for me that was working just fine before which is actually a typical of low testosterone typically low testosterone people have impotency and male performance problems and things like that I didn't have that and started in taking testosterone nothing really changed lots of guys do seem to get changes with this treatment good or bad so I guess I got lucky here that nothing changed pretty happy about that and on a similar note I have less overall energy in my body now but it's better energy so one of the weirder symptoms that I had before at no testosterone was like nearly unlimited amounts of energy that's the reason I was up so much as I would just work myself until my body was exhausted and I would just pass out it was almost like mania for bipolar disorder and I was just constantly bursting with chaotic energy all the time what you atypical of low testosterone typically you would see that with extremely high testosterone and low teve what you would see is a lack of energy lethargy sleeping all the time and the reason one of the reasons I didn't sleep very much was all of this energy but well that sounds good to some people like a drug or like you get so much done it was kind of irregular it was disorganized it was hard to control or do anything with but now my body is less regulated so I'm not manic all the time and I can have a lot more focus with the energy that I do have overall it's less energy I'm not just like exploding it all over the place but it's a normal amount so what I have I can do more productive things with and overall it feels better working on things it feels like now when I go to work to do something or start my day that I'm crafting something that I'm making a thing instead of just putting out a fire and chasing disaster after disaster so overall this has been a very positive experience for me I'm glad that I started this therapy and I'm probably gonna really regret those words in a couple of years when all my hair falls out but everything else is going pretty well and I hope that me talking through some of these symptoms and some of the things I've gone through helps some of you make good health decisions either now or later in your life I also hope that you check out Dollar Shave Club at slash drifter try out the little five dollar starter kit it's much nicer than expected for five dollars real talk and I'm gonna be using them now that I actually have to shave I'll probably set my deliveries a little bit lower because I'm never really gonna be shaving a lot but it is very convenient and I hope you enjoyed this video if you did if you learned something if you just liked this kind of personal content you could always subscribe or leave a nice comment Drifter out


  1. Hold up…. He's not in his late teens or early twenties!? I honestly thought he was something like 23 :/ you look amazing for your age my dude

  2. There's always going to be a**holes around dude hope you get your health together and be careful with the testosterone levels therapy or treatment you may end up to high on it and believe you will need to realese some and if that so go get your self a nice cougar she will thank you for sharing that with her..joke aside hope you get well dude

  3. I'm 40 I was born with panhypopituitarism, it basically gave me the same condition as you, I've been on hormone therapy since my teens. I barely ever have to shave. Don't let your levels get too high, it'll make your blood thick

  4. This is a somewhat poorly edited video. There's a lot of repeating yourself. Also the dollar shave club ad was invasive

  5. …low testosterone!? Lol all men are getting this condition. It's because of the food we eat, chemicals in the food and drinks etc. Do steroids bro and enjoy how big u get they won't kill u the scare tactic crap is crap just like the weed supposedly killing everyone 😂 I Am 33 and I started off at 128lbs when I was 15… Now I'm 265 lbs and I have been bodybuilding the entire time. I get regular blood tests etc and I'm in perfect condition I even do Hgh. I'm a monster bro I can barely get in and out of my car 😂 and I'm only 6ft tall.

  6. Driftor sadly is being possessed by a Reptilian Entitie its such a shame i knew he had problems with Archons. LOOK UP DR.VIRTUAL7 ON YOUTUBE. He uses Earth frequency to remove low vibration negitive energy

  7. I may be an alpha beard man but you are da man. There aren't a whole lot of public figures who are male who are open to talking about Low T, it's amazing you do

  8. Not every guy goes bald or even has bad hair loss. My dad's 64 and he's got some thinking on the sides but not enough that it makes much of a difference. I'm 40 and my hairlines just barely started to think but it just at the very edge.aybe you'll get lucky and your hair loss won't be bad. If it is you can just do what Ali A did and pay about $50k for some hair plugs 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    His hairline looks like a Ken dolls because it’s a perfectly even line 🤣🤣💀💀💀

  9. I haven't shaved or trimmed my beard in almost a year. It's a little more than twice as long as it was when I took my profile pic. I love my hippie beard.

  10. Please don't answer if this is a very weird question or if this isnt comfortable to anser, but did your sexlife suffer with low testosterone?

  11. I appreciate the fact that you don't care about the insults but instead, decide to still do the video so that you can help other people that may have your problem as well!

  12. I'm really happy for you, I've been following you since I was young and playing mw2. Things have changed a lot, its clear how much happier and more positive you are in your videos these days, be proud of yourself for the journey you have gone through and the courage to share it with us so honestly.

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