1. Two of my favorite bands have music videos with blonde women running in red polka dotted dressed in the woods. Wonder whats up with that

  2. Some people say "This is America" is the most violent video music, but I'm sure they did not watch this one.

    It's amazing! At first I was shocked but this is kind of video that you never forget and sometimes I would like to do the same as this girl.

  3. "We are Water" is a very cool video.  I like HEALTH a lot.  Best horror film music since GOBLIN & TANGERINE DREAM (but, darker)  Highly Recommended.

  4. OK, I think it's clear what happened here. She kidnapped the guy, stripped him naked, and when he escaped and got her weapon, and she fled, promising to kill him if she made it out. He ran after her hoping to head her off, but she got the upper hand and finished off her victim. Pretty depressing story.

  5. Maybe I missing the bigger picture. I'm seeing a chick being chased by a killer and doing the same thing I've yelled at movie and tv screens "just hit him in the balls and kill him"

  6. The instrumentals from 2:30 til end is insanely awesome. Definitely need to score more action or thriller films dude

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