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all right here we go it's an introduction to health we're answering the questions today what is health and wellness first question we're going to answer is well simply put what is health we're going to look at health today in a triangle it's an extremely important triangle something that you're going to have to kind of memorize put into your brain but we'll show it to you many times so make sure you do know this so here's our health triangle let's define health is a combination of a couple different things all right it's a combination of physical and we're going to put physical at the bottom of our health triangle combination of mental and emotional so we'll put mental emotional on one side of our triangle and social and now our triangle has been put together so health is a combination of physical mental emotional and social which creates a state of well-being alright so there's our triangle again you're going to see it many times visualize it right now look over health look at physical see where mental emotional is and see where social is so let's start taking a look then at physical health physical health simply put is how healthy your body is right where was that physical health do you remember that's right we put it at the bottom of the triangle all right kind of the base of our triangle so here's what we're gonna look at now what are the different ways that you can affect your physical health because you want your physical health to be strong or really good so let's look at ways that we can make it stronger make it good to affect it in positive ways by eating nutritious meals and snacks is one way that you can make your physical health stronger better all right you guys know this sounds just making the proper choices making the right choices alright but you can see good just a good example of a balanced nutrition eating properly right the other part of physical health you're gonna have to give it regular physical fitness all right so get your physical health stronger you're gonna have to do any of the sports or activities that you like that again will kind of keep your body fit and you need that because again you eat that food you've got to burn away the calories you do that by daily physical fitness again to keep your health physical health and tip-top shape shape we're going to need to get your physical body checked out by doctors and dentists by having doctors and dentists take Karia and they can keep your physical health in good shape all right and of course you have to avoid harmful behaviors so just an example if you avoid smoking obviously your physical health is going to be greater it's going to be better the more harmful behaviors that you end up choosing the more your physical health deteriorates right so we're gonna move on now and we're going to talk about mental and emotional health and mental emotional health is simply put again how healthy your brain is here's our triangle you know what's in the middle now right all right health you know at the BAI at the base is physical and then our mental emotional is on the right-hand side so what affects your mental and emotional health well having positive relationships can make your mental and emotional health stronger again negative relationships would again deteriorate your mental and emotional health so the stronger positive relationships you can have friends family community members people at school those types of things the better off you'll be along with positive relationships your self-concept or your self esteem that affects your mental and emotional health the better you feel about yourself the more you care about yourself the kind of the better person you become alright so think about self esteem and think about the last thing we said the positive relationships the more positive relationships you have the higher your self esteem is alright how will you handle stress um stress can be it take a toll on your mental emotional health stress happens all the time so you have to find ways to relieve stress some examples here we're simply listening to music maybe just playing a game on your phone for a little while can it get you away from the situation maybe talking to people that you care about your relationships that you've built and texting and just kind of maybe talking about the situation that you're in alright and then you got to deal with your thoughts and feelings that happen every day then some people do it by journaling and drawing and subscribing and writing but by kind of getting those things out it's going to make your mental emotional health you'll deal with all the situations so much better alright so there's our mental and emotional health moving on to the last one then social health and is social health is simply put respecting caring and valuing people here's our triangle as no health is in the middle physicals on the bottom mental emotional is on the right and socials right over here on the left right so what affects our social health I get along with friends classmates and teachers spend a lot of your time at school you've got to have those positive relationships that we talked about in mental emotional health those positive relationships at school are extremely important because you are here so much so having that positive relationship and you're with your teachers makes the day go by faster make school more enjoyable so work on those relationships with your teachers all right and of course while you're at school you're dealing with teachers and you're also you know you get to be with your friends and obviously the friendships are a huge part of your social help and you want to have good again good positive friendships right you you need to support people that we care about and it'll just give you a couple examples grandma grandpa moms and dads family members you need to care care and support those people that you do care about and you can do it in massive quantities you can support people you know by doing things like answer walks that way not only do you support maybe someone in your family that's been affected by cancer but people across the country all right good ways to improve your social health right there um I think one of the most important ones is spending quality time with family alright the more time that you can spend with your family the more quality time the stronger social health will be and again you can see they were out for a bike ride with their family so they've got social they've got physical and again it with physical fitness it can actually relieve stress so it can help your mental and emotional so these things are all kind of tied in together here and you can see on that health triangle and again in quality time it's spending time with your family enjoying your time with your family it's not just going to someone's basketball game although that's extremely important family yourself too but as you can see a vacation good quality time where it's just you and your family all right okay um so kind of here's our little review health there's our triangle and you know that health is in the middle all right so health is a combination of what do you think all right all right physical visualize it where does physical go there you go again you're going to need to know this all right along with physical health what else is on that health triangle you got it mental and emotional where does it go on the triangle visualize it here it comes all right I'm over on the right hand side there and last but not least social you can fill that in on your triangle put all the pieces together so again health is a combination of physical mental and emotional and social again well-being right together these make up your total health all right we got to look at healthy balance as you've seen that triangle so far has been a perfect balance all sides are equal the physical the mental and emotional and the social health they've all been equal and that's extremely important that you take care of all those sides of your triangle you don't want your you don't want your triangle to have an unhealthy balance because then obviously something or many things are wrong think in your head right now what might someone look like or act like if their triangle looked like this or this or even this you can see that all three of those triangles have an unhealthy balance one thing is off you could ever triangle with two things that are off alright maybe even three things but you can build yourself back up towards that healthy balance too so we'll talk more about this unhealthy balance and when you come back to class alright let's talk just a little bit about wellness then because we've talked our question that we want to answer today is what is health and wellness alright so wellness is a state of well-being or total health you can see wellness is on a continuum is what this is called it can continually switch it can go all the way up to the top right optimal wellness or all the way to the bottom where you're extremely poor this can happen at any point in time during the day your wellness scale or your health scale can change alright so we can just take a look at the thermometer over here you can see it's up towards the top of the wellness scale so maybe they're in very good or excellent excellent wellness things are going good for this person alright something happens during the day maybe you get hurt in a class like physical education class well now your physical health health has gone downhill you're not hanging around with your friends you had to go to the doctor's office again your social health is low and maybe you're really disappointed because you're going to miss the big football game tonight or your sporting event and that's going to affect your mental and emotional health so you can see depending on a particular event your scale can be real high or it can drop very low and it can happen at any point in time during the day any hour any minute all right so we're putting all this together we've got health we've got wellness alright you can see I showed them as separate but these two things are not separate your health and wellness is all together alright so you can see there's your health you've got your wellness and health is inside our health as a part of your wellness so the three parts of our health triangle would fit inside the little health circle there and they kind of help make up your wellness which is surrounding you and and wellness could be part of your environmental factors the things that are around you we're talk about this a whole lot more in class too but it's important to know that health is a party or wellness then alright this is health and wellness by mr. Pomeroy please be ready to answer questions at the beginning the class will have some Bell work on this information I will see you on Thursday Thanks


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