1. I'm very interested in the jobs available for healthcare administration. However, my college doesn't have the programs available for healthcare administration. It does offer healthcare management as a minor. My current major is Health Information Management (which is different from healthcare administration). I was wondering if I could still get into this field with a Health Information Management major and possibly a healthcare management minor?

  2. I have 16 year experience in the healthcare field and 10 years in manage and I am currently going to school to get my Bachelors in Healthcare Management, Will all this experience and degree help me to get a good job in this field or do I nned to get my Master's as well

  3. Those wages for Healthcare Admins seem very conservative. I guess location does play a role. Here in CA, median salaries are much higher.

  4. Helpful article for  Associate's in Healthcare Administration–Top 10 degree programs: http://www.thebestschools.org/rankings/10-best-online-associates-healthcare-administration-degree-programs/

  5. http://www.thebestschools.org/rankings/10-best-online-associates-healthcare-administration-degree-programs/

  6. Definately a good and tough career which truly makes you feel you are contributing something to the overall healthcare system. It's my dream career!

  7. This is awesome, thank you.. I'm in the Healthcare Administration program. This information was useful, in which I now understand what I'm going to school for. I'm super excited, 1.5 years left, and hopefully I'll be running my own facility. 😀 yay

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