Healthcare, gun rights, and Ted Cruz | Beto O'Rourke on Pod Save America

and I'll tell you from all other people that I've met with a friend of the pod shirt at one of our town halls you're given so many people so much hope right now at a time that we need this so thank you for what you're doing thank you I love that that more than a million of our fellow Texans voted in the Democratic primary it's the high-water mark for a midterm Senate race for 36 years going I love I love that 1.5 million of our fellow Republican Texans got out there and voted it is the high-water mark for them forever that's a good thing protects the sweet we are a non-voting state we're not red we're not a blue state people traditionally have not voted in Texas so this is good for us and I'll tell you as the son of a Republican mother whom I've convinced to vote for me and she did the other day and as someone who is just in Cooper Texas and Pittsburg Texas and Paris Texas so many people said to me I'm gonna be voting in the Republican primary because that's how I picked my county commissioner my county judge may be my member of Congress but I will be voting for you in November and there are a lot of people out there right now so we're going everywhere talking to everyone not writing anybody off not taking anyone for granted and we're just gonna keep doing that so the way like the path to victory the path to victory is two groups of people for you right it is convincing people like like your mom people who voted Republican before who maybe just a chain of a trump disenchanted with Ted Cruz and getting them to vote for a Democrat and and maybe even more importantly Texans who've never voted before what do what do how do what are you gonna say to those people as you see them on the trail both groups to get them out to vote this is my opinion but more important than what I say to them is the fact that I show up and I listen to them so we've been going to places like UT Austin maybe you all have heard of it but but we've also been going to TCU into SMU and we'll be going to TSU south of here soon we're gonna go everywhere let's not everyone and no consultant worth their salt would ever allow us to go to a college campus or to a high-school senior class because they say those folks don't vote but I don't blame them for not voting if no one ever showed up and listen to them and heard what was on their mind so we're going there and we're listening and we're making their issues are issues when someone we met this young man named clay in Donnelly County in Clarendon who was going to Clarendon Community College studying to be a welder and he had a Pell Grant was working as a cowboy part-time rustling up cattle in the Palo Duro Canyon to pay for his education but he said I don't know that I'm gonna make it I've also taken on debt and I'm paying the the note on the loan and I may just give up and he wants me to be the person who's gonna champion his cause and make sure that his education has affordable and that he doesn't graduate with a ton of debt on his back and that he can pursue his dreams his passion his career people want to know why 45 years in we're still waging the war on drugs and we're doubling down on that in this administration and why people who want to use marijuana for medical purposes in this state are treated as criminals in the eyes of the law or why we have the world's largest prison population bar none and it's the young people we were just in Georgetown Texas and it was a high school senior who came to the microphone and said before you say anything about your thoughts and your prayers I want to know how you're gonna keep me and my fellow students safe at our high school so I want action on us and I think any any time we've had the the toughest most important change that this country has had to make it's been led by young people you think of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee you think of my colleague John Lewis in the house who's my all-time hero it's those students and it's those young people who are going to force us to do the right thing they have become our conscience and they are our leaders and so by going to them and listening to them and following their lead not only is it a way to get them to vote it's a way for this country to do the right thing so you're gonna find us there you're gonna find us everywhere across the state so ted cruz's first chess move here was reminding people of what your first name is and calling you a liberal the best applause or laugh line that I can that I can deliver in a Town Hall is asking people in Waco or Pecos or Edinburgh when was the last time Ted Cruz held a town hall meeting in your community because he never has and if he had he would know that Texas wants to lead the way from going from the least insured state in the country to making sure we have universal healthcare for everyone every man woman and child in his country they want to make sure that are racist gerrymandering laws in this state are changed so that members of Congress are no longer picking their voters he would learn that people like clay like folks all over this state want to be able to find a job that pays more than a living wage returns some dignity and function and purpose in their lives in this state the defining immigrant story the connection that America makes to the rest of the world should be the one that leads on immigration rights those laws in our own image from our own experience and as you all know of the 98 senators who showed up to work four weeks ago to vote just to proceed on a debate about immigration reform specific to dreamers 200,000 of whom live in this state there was one senator who turned his back on all of them in this country and the state of Texas and that was Ted Cruz and that's what people across this state are telling me so we can talk about nicknames and we can talk about the silly stuff or we can talk about the big opportunities that Texas has to lead this country and that's what I want to be how do you go in campaigning for to make Americans make text and safer from gun violence and what might be the most Pro gun state in the Union what how are you doing that and how can that work I think you begin by acknowledging that we have this incredibly proud honorable tradition of gun ownership so many people have stories about hunting with their moms or their dads or their grandparents having a gun for self-protection learning how to shoot as I did when I was taught by my uncle Raymond who was a captain in the County Jail sheriff's deputy champion marksman and he also taught me gun safety and gun responsibility so what state better than Texas to lead the way to say that we should have universal background checks without exception we know that in those states that do you see a massive reduction in gun violence against an intimate partner fewer girlfriends or boyfriends being killed you see a dramatic reduction in gun violence against law enforcement fewer cops and sheriff's deputies being murdered by those they were sworn to serve and protect and this could be the state that leads away on saying weapons of war like an ar-15 that are designed for the sole purpose of killing people as effectively and as efficiently and as great a number as possible should not be sold to people in our streets we go into our schools into our churches into our conscience and kill one another that's absolutely wrong and we could be the state that leads that and I'll tell you what just a quick anecdote three weeks ago we were in Brownwood Texas kind of between Fort Worth and Abilene and a woman stood up at the town hall meeting that we were holding there and she says but I also have 46 grandkids and I want to know if I can trust you to stand up to the NRA which was not the question I was expecting her to ask and I said ma'am not only have I not taken a dime from the NRA I don't take any money from any political action committee any corporation any special interest when I vote for something or work on legislation or take a stand it's always going to be for you and your grandkids no one else and you'll never have to worry but she she can be forgiven for asking the question because Ted Cruz in 2016 just one year took over $300,000 from the NRA so who does the guy work for the NRA or the people of Texas so I think that's the way that we have the conversation in this state I'll go to Weatherford or all go to Henrietta and folks will say what we have right now is not working they may say I don't like Obamacare and they may blame President Obama or the Democrats for it but they don't want to go back they say get something better and for me and for many of them that means universal health care making sure everyone not as a function of luck or privilege or circumstance everyone can see a doctor and they just get that that is so much less expensive and so much better than what we're doing today Lufkin Texas not a democratic stronghold woman comes to the mic at the town hall and she says I just want you to know that my brother gets arrested so that he can get mental health care at the county jail we have learned that the County Jail system in Texas is the single greatest provider of mental health care services in the state of Texas it is so wrong it is so expensive it is absolutely the worst way to deliver care to people who not only are going to be better if they can receive that care but they are going to be better for all of us they're gonna be able to work and pay taxes and finish their education and start business write novels tour the country and punk rock bands play it play music for raise their families and and do so at a fraction of the cost and and who knows maybe that idea is so big so important so urgent right now that even with this administration with enough Republicans and Democrats working together we can get that done because it is connected to every other issue if you're not healthy you're not well enough to go to school you're not well enough to go to work you're not well enough to raise your family and take care of yourself and so we absolutely have to get that right you all gave us a great start in the right direction but we need to finish the job and make sure that every single person can do that so


  1. Ar15 is not a weapon of war. Pistols are, shotguns are, bolt actions are, m16s are. Sounds like he wants to ban all these.

  2. liberal beto wants to turn TEXAS socialist. He has valid credentials/accomplishments like TED CRUZ does.
    It was Ted Cruz who got some justice for the murder_of_Jennifer_Ertman_and_Elizabeth_Pena
    who were gang raped & murder <=======================

  3. At Mini Maxi: substitute Satan for Beto and you are right…if you want a 6foot 7inch giant with charisma, check out Owen Benjamin….he plays piano too.

  4. TEXANS WAKE UP !! There are 4.8 million eligible Latino voters in Texas and ONLY 27 % are expected to vote in the November 6, 2018, MID-TERM ELECTIONS. What will take to bring and mobilize the Latino voters on Tuesday, November 06, 2018 ?

    In 2016, only 46% of Young Millennial (1981-1995) voted, while 72% of Senior Boomers (1946 to 1964) did. We can do better than this !! BE SMART. DO NOT LET PEOPLE- who will be gone soon- VOTE FOR YOUR FUTURE!!
    IF YOU VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL KEEP GETTING. After 24 years of Texas Republican politicians- includinIF YOU Vg Rafael 'Ted' Cruz- have kept our taxes for them. They DO NOT return our taxes to our local governments and this is what we have in return. EVEN WHEN TEXAS IS # 8 RICH OIL AND TECHNOLOGY- BASED ECONOMY. WE SHOULD BE # 1 ON EVERYTHING !! INSTEAD, TEXAS IS # 46 in QUALITY OF LIFE. # 37 in EDUCATION.  # 47 in EMPLOYMENT AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. DO REPUBLICANS NEED MORE YEARS TO TAKE US TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL? It is like watching a movie 24 years and expecting a different ending. Daaaaa !!

    Also, republicans at federal level want to take away your Social Security and Medicare when you retire. Texas State republican politicians are leaving us at the bottom of everything!!


  5. the NRA are anti-2nd amendment, why is 40% of the population on anti-psychotic or anti-depressant medication?

  6. I liked everything he said but the ar 15 comment just made me not. I live next to the rio grande in the city limits and police won’t get to my house in 20 minuets. To top that off I don’t even get good cellphone coverage due to being next to the border. I sometimes see illegals crossing but what really gets me scared are the guys moving drugs. These people are armed to the teeth and only an ar 15 would give me an equal opportunity to defend myself.

  7. Have them explain this one criminals don’t do a background check they don’t even worry about our login it comes to buying an illegal gun so you gonna make it harder for law-abiding citizens and easier for the criminals

  8. Where he’s not telling you is that we do have universal background checks he’s lying when he says we don’t know how hard it is to buy a gun these people are freaking retarded I can’t believe he’s even running and spewing that crap

  9. Up Beto next senator/prez fr great state of Texas! Down Spanky Bonespurs n he crew enviro putrefactionators!

  10. Wow! People who vote for this idiot prove how politically retarded they really are. People want so bad to live in a 3rd world country so bad, go live in California. This punk is a disaster. Beto, you're an idiot…Texas already leads the world you hack

  11. Fuck all you communist liberals trying to take over the country and destroy the constitution for the sake of security and a communist-left View of a dangerous fairytale future that progresses views have for this country. Civil war will come soon if they take the house..

  12. Democrats are either purposely lying about guns, or don't know anything about guns. An AR-15 has the same caliber as a .22 rifle, and is perfectly useful for hunting. If you don't believe me, search for it on YouTube.

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