Healthcare in 2017: Transforming medical care

meet Michael and Anne after retiring a few years ago they now spend their time relaxing in their new home in rural southern Spain almost Wednesday afternoons they enjoy a relaxing stroll in the countryside although active and young at heart Michael is a history of cardiovascular disease that means his symptoms can flare up without warning what he doesn't know is that he could have been hospitalized just this week Michaels clinicians used the latest technology to be proactive and offer personalized advice and preventative care when he needs it most using clinical and operational analytics technology Michaels doctor gets real-time insights from the mountain of historical data that is collected during his regular check-ups including vital signs lab results and even unstructured data from clinical Diaries machine learning algorithms use this data to identify when Michael is at risk of clinical deterioration having doctors to predict his care needs armed with the knowledge of when where what care may be required Michaels doctor can also improve her resource planning and ensure the right staff are available at the right time after a long relaxing walk Michael visits a community center for his regular checkup the nearest town is miles away but thankfully the virtual care room at the local center means Michael has access to the latest technology and medical equipment to receive high-quality care without having to step foot in this doctor's office Michael can connect with her via Skype to talk about any current health concerns while also taking his blood pressure and other symptom tests and on his way home he receives a message from his doctor saying that his prescription has been ordered online and will soon the right way post the next day Michael feels unwell so he uses a healthcare chat bot to find out what could be wrong through simple questions and answers The Blob sends a recommendation for when Michael should seek further treatment if his symptoms don't improve in the next two hours a visitor doctor can checking to conduct further tests and review Michaels recent medical history after review and access in Michael's health records he might recommend visiting the hospital again entry time just to be safe and as this data is all stored safely in the cloud care teams can collaborate communicate and consult one another on the move to deliver better care whilst respecting the privacy of the patient so when their daughter Sam arrives at the airport to visit everyone is happy and healthy


  1. This is very useful and handy to the timely care of the patient as he is far away from the health centre. The doctors can monitor his mechanial algorhythms and observe his lab reports also take into account the clinical visits. Based on all these the doctor has drawn out and an effective management for his patient. Also all this conversation is conducted in the patients comfortable surrounding via virtual digital technology. Thank you foor sharing.

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