Healthcare on Smart Card

running successfully in Puri Odisha and Masana Gujarat the rush is fast bhima jyotsna provides comprehensive health care using a biometric smart card at rural clinics the beneficiaries of this scheme can make ten free visits a year to impanel hospitals and can avail checkups treatment and free medicines the pilot scheme entitles impanel doctors and hospitals to an insurance claim of fifty rupees per visit per beneficiary the scheme is now extended to BPL families in unorganized sectors such as construction workers billi makers domestic workers and street vendors as well this scheme has of course in the last one year delivered on many fronts in terms of what was expected in terms of the doctors being available and accountable to people in terms of the drugs that are being given accross to them which was not available earlier and this is now going to be experimented across many states four years ago my son felt sick the doctors demanded one lakh rupees for treatment I only earn three thousand rupees a month so I had to take a loan for this now thanks to this card I don't need to borrow any money for treatment actually shebar people they're very uneducated very poor they cannot go they cannot spend their money they don't have money also they don't have guidance also so those people are carried they come over here with that smart card government has given that will be BL card that they bring hand come here and they get all sorts of health medical folding lodging everything they get help from here Pompey Sridhar was the runner-up in the individual category at the Nevada Wars for human innovations 2012 you


  1. Mam Muzaffarpur me smart card se free me con con doctor ilaj karte h Muzaffarpur bihar me please mam btaiye arjent h please

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