#HealthCare:Exclusive Interview With Dr Anjum Gynaecologist With Shahid Imran

[Applause] [Applause] assalamo alaikom up declare cashmere crown or Maheu Shahid Imran rotunda's Mahina chal raha hai hamari beti koshish hamesha hota hai kahan apnea Vostok Baba temple chide discourage si UN go Sadducees Arif Idaho or up kiss head Karim hamesha al doctor hey our family program Madhu kiya hai is funky dr. ko or daughter Coby jeha us a homage to go Karen gay apnea wat een k hvala say UN Hoyo 18k hvala say Joe Joaquin de Raadt Manette Kirky American kamusta Bill Maher or SATA SOT American key fob abootman ik Han kadar a doctor he he urghhh my but Cara who who's beta key jihad on canal doctor and Jim hain yeh Rozsival say he Logan Key said Corral rocky I heard Satya up Nigel ml hello Jerry rocky we had doc sub up kebab Otsuki Apna Apna Kim D what the Akash micro thank you so much dr. Bushnell coachman ah'm maemunah said Yana K AB Siham be able to go Isla hoste gray k hamara chromatin cake curd RB hota hai woh saat assad all capital shied hamara semaj at her ahead palace of america hoga ki a hot one co segment radically cockroach kaneki's root Husker a grommet in ki baat cray yo shaadi shoulda woulda actually Joe shoddy shoe Ducati no tiene un cadeau zoo Rudy hanky-panky Joe died man iron mogera or calcium both important had joandkaa died my hona chahiye jianchi basically I'm pregnant Mira notice was be Joe fetus else key iron requirements we bought the whole thing or calcium requirements be ho teeny vitamins minerals minerals may calcium the other ahem wrote after or vitamin c vitamin c e DB Vasari vitamins and Camilla Cheney or iron cast or say buzzer ooh da keep Joe but Jackie national Maha who's Kelly iron bottom row dope but take a fetal brain development Keely a folic acid keyboard 0.38 Otis Malley case it be paddling out there especially harm couples Jogia Joe just married Hotel on Guam was called a Humphrey conceptional genetic counseling Guam policy is T skillet they are cutting he a guru nature at night on Co folic acid palace Elena so that but jajaja al-gaddafi noodle tube defects yo timber cheeky brain defects a budget so it's a home policy but chunko a neural tube defects prevent conically or bataki segment segment but i wanna cheer doha municipal think ii buy up a folic acid start Carew to Escobar Faribault job conceived carton which maybe fell at ballet first three months maybe help me folic acid Dana part about UK national Michaela dr. Megan West II must restart C 1 and K try catch open Italian rachelkr mr. Mitchell bar sohcahtoa shite super Abaza the my window – tell him in his Baris must be kid combo you show port a kendama dr. eben basically mathis Nina Garcia mu assist wasn't proper downtown sir off Carla the VR five sisters mashallah man I'm the eldest so Mary Papa medical representative so Mary mother teacher him so de mano Soares walkie this budget aspiring lacking mommy as Fernanda bonus Michiko editor him Kazan parney so mashallah Hamza Bey to Nevada so Mary do see behind me she's also doctor she's a gastroenterologist a core sister hamari she's professor law city university Hong Kong same chick or moth PhD law human rights violation Krypton lost miss Aberdeen University you kiss you kiss person the search of Incan Hongkongers Miss Bates maybe our sister such a financial Isaac you to JK bank basis locket he's been um social engineer the almost MCA though we can just a PhD Quran master's in computer application when she so computers mozi Computer Sciences must be HD Cara – yo soir – okay Isis galti bowel water representation of why Adama was gonna pursue doctor doctor the fathers is ha ha Mucha both joked that meri Papa Papa both jokes are basically the mugger demos called mutiny science student EOS mother dr. nyebern sake the pathos team is a high profession but poor Mia Melanson we need heat element balance and goodness up till 12 standard was is the Mallinson Peron after that entrance the path for medical colleges puzzle core MBBS was Chabad mani diploma gynie off status kia LD hospital say the gynie path called my father a mess general surgery must support my schemes a better Caskey poses one hamburger says his heart can't this of a thing not only Keeney related UCC aryan shekharan hysterectomy to quorum yeah ovarian cysts acharya off statics to quorum versus the one given chip pile is as i mentioned him to munch on ingenuity the piles surgeries yeah till pathetic operations on breast surgery chocen so that my uncle helper so cool as he or to go to Marshall I'm doing both in support resin dishes were so poor hast Rasmussen Duty the though no surgeries karthiyaini be or general surgery be laparoscopic cholecystectomy be piles be append actor maybe Herrick surgery though I am the only female in Kashmir who has done both degrees females and SK she must convenience bus female chest boo years doctors of care of Jessie Beatty you know how are you comment hit Matt and jump and area the doctor Baraka Cortes mattress in K used to when I show you how so poor hospital as most about that are far as odd basically she so porous Vario the catering area actually Bondi Podrick patient Ivanka pirate Hondo Warrick eyes she worries are the even button KP patients say each Elliot and tongue works a bit but anyone okay besides answers overlooked shock it by new patches Hospital Shackleton your boutonnieres overreaching high society patient Aishwarya wate ba da da ba da ba both hum boards are the sada openes before Amazo G's we bought candy party life calyx dr. sense what life was about a hectic why does that hectic journalist Tanisha's a hectic avoid a life hectic what a hectic life just our doctrine t they are katsumi the person agrees normal delivery has got kuru exception beginner's guide normal deliberation exertion and kisaki intend judge not ambush mana that's not a smoker Syrian Jews are the Gaza are Chirac's ability to kill other good basically change human bro I saw an emoji beauty master Exige I'd be Han yeah tomorrow's the sedentary lifestyle care I skin Shannon and Joe are sedentary lifestyle I'm Jake CJ dimension home Corcoran cos keen the buncha times eaten teacher normal delivery Kazakh process busy team Karen late marriages him suddenly it marriage book lady ego can see if you might hope so my pastor already ages / Elka conceived Jessica but the guys two points mother counted but so already throw very similar can see you cannot ban on stem precious pregnancy much intimacy were stupid 30 should quote sorry Monica trial team other behaviors can go babies a meconium poor baby's heel cord prolapse go during the trial of labor hey Kiki a few complication bases so nobody is ready to accept the complications patient required someone leaked it Santa yeah I says that guy seemed all two rows in teeth I said I see by ste Rossum cheek so no gynecologist wants to take a risk that's what known as safe obstetrics everybody wants to play safe thank you I just which is caesarean rate why does a hospital Ithaca article covered itemizes of Peru messy-looking with K you see a caesarean week in a c-section delivery citizen the patient was gonna not so PR openness time arson I see what you do what nurse I got eyes do it with packet assess the time set but my gosh no ask you the operation of the time suck a guy's nose Nana you she's mighty well she might be patient is she might be someone buys to achieve mighty sorry how many both in Prince on m'lip filming him it may pressure me RK Beach Columbia ki-ki-ri-ki basically and pursue Papa Duke's the incident go the used to patient RK deliver white patent the path mood sbatch a time but Corps director health anak poll create consultant on hood because I am a consultant Beach Mississippi aqua consultant or samara beach bar key concern back in gyms and bulky stations Jesse cruelly Hinchey Jeong do Seung GGI at Mossad pool as much as she's already helped Quran this request for bottomless augment current the antivirus which is mr. Coss with bottomless Mazen 24/7 Telamon Yannick Edith cute teacher a second caesium credit so we give an full-fledged acyl trial laborious Manson I can we can a city thai-style laborious much actually here can again theater Jolla a guru guru repair but sauce on your car now ho Caesar aka is pink and scissors water deliveries to better my name is Roberto by Justice good Karma's to Susie short C's record you taken it and my other two a bitch party accessories or that time such is bottomless wasn't that it's just I need autism basta matter I see I become I see dr. myself I should I do our duty cesium can even pass cesarean section check that cereth cute on a girl mother loves relation L become a patient also accept user grave grave problem I City my hld kazamia bizarre LDS true maximum lower as shared core mater skull this is a good point which has been done by the director to issue Mauna Kea Minh is none other to commitment change ok Briscoe just a sedentary job the officers Exige IBM champion Cara yeah Tim channel character cause washing machine she social Impala Barbara Asuka Suriname but but my love se-ah-dom Chanhassen tyskie hectic Judith Kenneth and zanza me indoors on on and assign team should command me karate MJ Khan must design team she done any moon on Team Jim team current in March and done a sock which even we just patient was 100 M you should not know yet country's got some P just a mere sona near this condo is Munira been ahead consume the dark in there is cheese brain kidnap a Miss call that's gone down to whom channel voided turn on Paulo could be madam I am a female boss the spawn a buzzes look on LD massive system on thorn duty he month on me punch in normal delivery this much bosses pawn become Cara I would never prefer a cesarean or myself when I won't profit for myself why be like preferred for others which has the bank inna integrals are normal I guess in my other micro is previous illustration awesome chemistry Palma no Rudy Caesar Karuma third wanna kiss budget race fair trial chunky Allah coolie and gassiness normal delivery cousin unless she has some complications for example cursed by touch a cohesive Malchus mph then we just invited severe high blood pressure famous you know my just a budgie are wider growth retarded baby submission stress of Labor had come bar – get it came yeah born baby macros omec baby mask yo shake you luteum Chan hakkan normal disc anthem shot con obstructed labor Gaza so we give them we don't go for city mother normal delivery in those patients we give them he says by just AB because I spider came by to coincides transfers like water complicated human uses Cara ass girl unless patient at of jayegi labor meter circle her medication attorney labor man but chica surfers Gauss was coming episode me they kill could operation Kerry stupid board operation current we are proud objects a doctor somebody is home kitchen McCurry hey I'm really proud and cash my crown is proud on you Tom are a Gurkha come carry on Qatar even picky John Kehoe slabs I radical giant the moment the doctor agrees got Carew in which used to normal to caesarean I agree with Sicilian Chris ladies Emma which are normally stored in Michigan complications Conti surgery schneemann coordinate teaches never take me some consent I would irrigate with the dorsal guys get as much as to surgically Otis and how much anaesthesia to involved as an anesthetic complications a countersuit patient us means unsure is the one camera stays Devon we should aspire anaesthesia different times you go inspiration to second conversions guess it's a meningitis Humes and spinal and icg complication she so she has to give consent written consent key are gonna be you complication going man hey kid vs. if they conscious surgical complication for example during surgery patient take avoid a bleed good it the surgeon he can control clearly times at keunsatcho this draws problem heck of a season so patiently cadena part aki-nee baba mother mother overall she sues alien warrior see if oz colors even you dr. Rosen did you see his patient when she bites participation to scallop I assume with parchment loop hoon Ghazni may want a misnomer same bah bah i irrigated ah so mother Bakara kashi agora antiga sotomayor by steamed oyster my so the corner point aim did cone point maker Khushi spiced about you Morty watching blood point lagoons are Subhan masha'Allah mother mother the bunch of Hitachi are sentimos it use brave Tressa so I am a mother dim sum gynecologist not something to throw – a Kia so which is kind of colleges to use which is jhana watching Breaking Bad martini you may instead of cool a cigar to you which a surgeon I have a loins heart that's great doctors Gustafsson Tamiya bus lines heart surgeon a nice and golden haha ladies fingers loins hearts the Eagles I this is a quality of a surgeon doctor doctor ngrick Sawa labrum is a nice mosquito cases Aryan see Jaden goosey Thomas ladies chaos a pursue action / action awesome dude BBQ Magus is Aiden this is Chuck word within 10-15 days what stitches removed her item shoot that son debris MTF jubilant the hunt panthan was his book Qureshi to put man's an animal just one dream T up to voluntary return months so three are attent on Garcia well at least she should have would rest goodnight mother so guys niggas in my lab a boppers conceived us in the current era than–than Koppel keen the at least three to six mother at least choice one IKEA other baby choco both cameras come with us as soon as every gap mother it should not be too early too soon too late the guys now assume can subjugate times you come by bossa the last bit community salinas de muchacho they yet my Mubarak is Rasmus the things cut the Capernaum Westwind Terfel III bonobo Kashmir chronic doctor I'm really proud of you and I congratulate you you are serving our nation you are really treating our people issues already car trickery Ashish kill burn it is about this paranormal del V del God rest normal healthy path biggest normal delivery casual excitable Cesar patch do I die Caesar currently other path matches cast but Abu Catherine but respect Kia Barroso buys your ident patient and she sees are carried by two cohesive Boozer on this is our credit goosies and zubich Apache tell our Caesar part cinemas obstetric care and limited casa his nature via Turkey other route another normal day ridi segue to be by stealth paraechinus on Thomas Kean the team carrying humans and Primus required agreement by XI team : Jaime's bunny intimacy and vanity normal dell record my other crisis is that she given Tim Chang in puna pau tie our keratin Mahtob operational cutter are abou screen masking ich mich cane cutter cane pokey in the on Kate mail came asking vodka and tool cane pants it wasn't until make a head moving image of the vodka IT doctor and Jim in unity and button Kula Sakia yellow guca operation Curt Angela can dodge omni in cooperation can Akiko sheesh keys DNA mayhem nigga he pyar ki doctor and Jim's your hand vacuum a ik Kabul or wound hard dr. hamer comb kiya Manipal iike a Hamid radius of Jammu Kashmir ki doctor being our daughter be high in PMF who Natalia how many host labs are you Curtin hey I say he doctors Kiva Jessie shied hamara comb jaha vacuum a Zinda hair or walkie hamari Baruch Asahi lodge hor-aha high up to bot bot Supriya your health segment technically ugly she marry me a code dr. ke saath mera melaka togi a victory yoga sesh my crown


  1. Great shahid sir… ap hamesha apna lanaguage ma interview krtha hoo..good job…wrrna aj kl log English nd urdu jadtha haaa zada…

  2. Outstanding and fantastic. fortune favours the brave. congratulations to Kashmir crown and DR Anjum.

  3. Jisko baby conceive nahi ho raha hai hi usko kya karna chahi Agli baar dusri doctor Sahiba ko Iske bare mein main zaroor pooch lena please please please please please

  4. Assalamu Alikum Brother Shahid

    I need to talk to this Doctor. May you please help me with her contact number? Its regarding some Gayne problem.

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