HealthLink BC Physician Triage Pilot Project

the hustling physician triage pilot
project was an attempt to embed a physician in the nurse line services
from health link BC Canadians utilize emergency departments more than any
other country in the world and a lot of the times that patients come to the
emergency department it’s very crowded and we hoped that by embedding a
physician alongside the nurse that we would be able to reduce the number of
callers that were directed to the emergency department so when someone
calls a one-one they speak with a health service representative and depending on
the nature of the call they could be transfer into a nurse dietician
pharmacist or qualified exercise professional clients who have spoken
with a nurse and were trios to requiring physician care within an hour had the
opportunity to be transferred to a physician as well the physicians would
do a follow-up call within a week to the client and to see how things went the
partnership of housing BC was phenomenal it’s not often that projects that we put
in place decrease demonstrable emergency department usage we found that by
embedding a physician alongside the nurses that we could reduce by almost
fifteen percent the number of times that a caller ended up in the emergency
department and that we found that there was a twenty percent reduction in the
number of pediatric patients that ended up going to emergency departments after
speaking to an emergency physician the October Thanksgiving weekend we were at
the park and my son Caleb kind of tried to jump off the swing we think and he
didn’t quite make it and when he got up and turned around the
swing came around and hit him right in the top of his mouth we were kind of on
the fence when speaking with the nurse whether or not he required care in a
hospital she had mentioned that there was the
option to speak to a doctor who was located in an ER and we thought this
might be the best option to save us a trip to the ER or if we had to go to the
ER as health resources become more finite and they’re increasing barriers
to care the telehealth is the solution we know that the true value of this
service is providing it across the province so we’re looking to see if we
can actually integrate it more with primary care it helps eliminate some
things that maybe would like free up time not only for us but the ER staff as
well as the community I absolutely highly recommend this program and would
be so happy to see it not just for BC but other parts of the country too you

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