Healthy After-School Snacks for Children : Reducing Sugar in Healthy After-School Snacks

Hi, I am Katalin, the creator of creative
English in Hungry. We are here on behalf of Expert Village. We are going to show you a
few tasty snacks. Believe it or not, all parents, even the busiest, can reduce the amount of
sugar in children’s eating. First of all, the most dangerous sugar is the refined sugar
that we can find in most ready made food. It is very simple to make some homemade food
and homemade snacks for the children that they can take to school or they can eat at
home between meals. These snacks will let your child enjoy the natural taste of the
food as well. You can build it in your daily routine. You can generally use these snacks
at parties, as well as in lunch boxes or at home in front of the telly. So don’t worry
about it. You can use your imagination, your creativity. If you have basic idea, then your
creativity can be endless.

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