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hey everyone and welcome to yoga with Adriene I'm Adriene and today we have an awesome healthy body yoga for you this practice is designed to inspire you to cultivate a regular daily practice to help you feel good so hop into something comfy and let's get started all righty my friends we're going to begin on all fours today so take your time getting down to the ground and right away just set yourself up for greatness here so we have a pretty Swift practice but we're gonna be really kind in the way that we set ourselves up and the way that we move wrists underneath the shoulders knees right underneath the hip points and then really press into all of your fingers and try to take some weight out of the wrists from the get-go so just give a couple moments to get into place here and to just drop into the present notice how you feel mentally and emotionally as we begin to check in with the body physically so a happy and healthy body a happy and healthy Yoga body is one that is United right yoga union so this Trinity this three part of the mind and the body and the spirit being tended to is where the happy and the healthy truly come from so set yourself up for greatness hopefully you're here by now we're just going to make sure that the toes aren't splaying out or coming in but again a lot of awareness and how we set ourselves up today so bring the toes in alignment with the ankles and the ankles in alignment with your knees now from here you might start to notice a little tremble on the arms especially if you're not used to being on all fours hey yo can resist so right away just take some weight out of your joints by lifting your heart space up towards the sky even more so everyone can even collapse a little bit here in the shoulder so you can really feel that pressing away from the yoga mat then same thing with the lower body lengthen the tailbone towards the back of your mat and draw the navel up I said draw Texas Texas gal came through there draw draw the navel up so if you need to kind of figure out what I'm saying look at me and I'll demo for a second if the belly is dropping here create length in the lower back by a length the tail now we're just gonna rock front and back a little bit here nice and slow stretching through the hands pressing into the tops of the feet and as you do this just see if you can keep this awareness from the crown to the tail so this line of the spine nice and long and lengthened and so we're tending to the spine today as a way of really committing to this feeling of happy and healthy when the spine is tended to halt so many things can fall into alignment physically which will help the way you feel mentally and energetically alright come all the way up tabletop position check in with your spine again by lifting the navel up lengthening the crown of the head forward then tug the shoulders back a little bit more and when you're ready inhale drop the belly open the chest cow pose now take a couple breaths here stretch through the neck press into the tops of the feet start to deepen your breath connect to the life-force feel the belly stretch and then on your next exhale claw through the fingertips and let let that be what really lifts your heart space up up up up up up up for cat pose couple breaths here soft easy movement if you like chin to chest breathe and then on your next inhale back to tabletop position curl the toes under and send the hips back towards the heels walk your hands out so we're coming off the wrist for a second here and melt your heart down so we're stretching through the feet opening through the chest starting to open up through the shoulders and maybe the forehead comes all the way down to the mat and if not that's okay breathe so for me the practice of surrender is also what cultivates a happy healthy body so sometimes we get really stuck on it being like about cardio and fitness and toning and building strength and we need to remember it's also very powerful just just surrender and be still so take a couple more quiet breaths here close your eyes notice how you feel today and really be honest notice the thoughts that come up and then return back to the breath big inhale in exhale depress into the toes lift your heart your belly all the way back up here we go lifting the hips up high downward facing dog immediately find soft easy movement stretching through the backs of the legs hugging the lower ribs in finding that external rotation of the shoulders outs then maybe playing with bringing the big toes inward finding that internal rotation of the legs the hip socket and when you're ready press into every finger anchor through the heels and bend the knees belly reaches towards the tops of the thighs here breathe deep and then when you're ready big exhale to cue your slow walk up to the front of the mat forward fold is where we will meet take your time really feel it out start to elongate your inhalations make them longer smoother bigger fuller and elongate lengthen your exhales really emptying emptying emptying emptying out all the air so that your next inhale is just naturally big and buoyant and beautiful awesome shake the head a little yes a little no then really root down through your feet feel that connection and when you're ready roll it all the way up to mountain see how slow you can go stack your head over your heart your heart over your pelvis and right away go ahead and open up through the palms today and as you open up through the arms and the palms really allows the shoulder blade to really wrap around and plug in behind your heart space just best you can visualize that so again we're kind of coming out of our shells a little bit here today and finding head over heart heart over pelvis plugging the shoulder blades in as you lift up through the chest feel this upward current of energy through the front body and then balance it out by grounding down through the heels so we have this full body awareness rocking and rolling today or that's the goal when you're ready big inhale to softly bend the knees and inhale reach the fingertips up high so we're not locking in the knees and then exhale just forward fold all the way back down and on an inhale take the crown of the head forward lift your spine up halfway arms go back airplane arms spread energy through the fingertips here and then exhale cascading it down inhale root to rise so really feel your feet here as you reach for the sky stand up nice and tall and exhale all the way down forward fold on the inhale halfway lift airplane arms take the crown of the head out forward tail reaches back and then exhale fold start to sync up with your breath really sync up with your breath inhale reach for the sky and exhale rain it down forward fold now remember that tabletop position here as you inhale halfway lift hug the lower ribs in draw the navel up again lift up between your shoulder blades heart space lifting and then exhale fold awesome work this time we'll bring the fingertips to the mat we're going to step the right foot back and then lower the right knee down inhale plug the shoulder blades and again by wrapping them around lifting up between your heart space and inhale lift your heart open the palms upward current of energy through the front body grounding through the back body squeezing our size together one more breath here inhale then exhale release plant the palms left knee comes back to join the right we come back to that tabletop position now fine mat done the crown to tail nice and long taut line in the spine super aware and when you're ready send the right leg out and send the left arm forward and find a little balance or work to find balance in between as you lift up in the navel and then lift up in the heart so just like we did before turn the left thumb up as if you're shaking someone's hand and turn all the right toes down one more deep breath in here then exhale release beautiful curl the toes under lift your hips up high downward facing dog deep breath in long luscious breath out enjoy alright step the right foot up this time and lower the left knee down take your time there's never any rush here find your alignment make sure that front knee is not going super past that front ankle but rather nice and stacked in the bones when you're ready loop the shoulders inhale open the palms lift up from the pelvic floor a little bit here again find length in the front body think cow pose and ground through the back body and lengthen down through the tail keep breathing here squeeze and lift inner thighs hugging towards the midline take one more breath maybe you open your heart a little more and then exhale release hands come to the mat right knee comes back tabletop position so each time we come here you have an opportunity to check in with the spine make sure there's lots of awareness so no collapsing in the shoulders and no dumping through the lower belly but rather gathering that energy up finding support from within we'll test that out by sending the left leg back right arm forward right thumb up again as if your shaking someone's hand plug that shoulder in and then turn those left toes down work to find a balance and equilibrium here and use your breath to find what feels good in the process we're toning the belly here toning the legs the glute that booty but we're working from a place of awareness in the spine so working in a supportive way take one more deep breath in and then exhale release everything down curl the toes under and lift the hips up high downward facing dog couple breaths here careful not to crash into the wrists so bend the knees as much as you need to lift the hips up high and back when your next inhale take the deepest breath you've taken all day then on the exhale just walk the hands and the feet in towards the middle together so you'll meet in the middle of your yoga mat and then one more time inhale halfway lift moving with the breath fingertips back airplane arms necks Hale release everything down inhale to reach for the sky really press into your feet maximize the stretch here notice what it feels like to be alive today enjoy enjoy enjoy and then exhale hands right to your heart palms are together in prayer position let me just find a little lift up through the chest random two thumbs take a moment to observe the breath notice how you feel you might close your eyes just kind of go in where the helps to just take a moment to close your eyes and really see and feel what's up alright bat the eyelashes open took everything in my power to not start singing what's up by 4 Non Blondes they're okay so we're gonna take the feet super wide here we're almost done great work everyone I'd like to invite you to deepen your breath longer fuller inhales longer fuller exhales so we literally change the chemical makeup of the body when we remember to breathe in strong powerful way on the yoga mat and off the yoga mat turn the two big toes in hands maybe still at the heart here so you're gonna inhale find length and just feel the power as you press into the outer edges of the feet and we kind of draw energy up from the arches we're playing so with this lift up through the front and then this grounding in the back business in the front party in the back so we're not just dumping into our feet there's lots of energy and you can kind of feel a little empowerment I mean take take what you can get right as you tone the quads and lift up it's very much power pose here so we'll swim the fingertips around when you're ready interlace behind the tail if you can bring the palms together awesome that's what we're working towards because want to create more spaciousness of course but if we're not there you can just keep the wrists nice and square inhale lift your heart think upward current of energy through the front grounding through the back the knuckles draw down and away here you get a nice stretch through the neck through the chest the pecs and then just like we did in tabletop position try to keep the navel drawing in and up here we call this booty and Abunda this navel lock to support the lower back body as we slowly begin to take the heart forward soft bend in the knees here we're still drawing up through the arches pressing through the outer edges of the feet you might find that you get this far and your body is saying beep beep stop stop the car in which case you might release your fingertips and work here or bring a block or maybe your couch is near a chair if you can continue the journey down explore that soft bend in the knees and we take the head underneath the heart here if the crown of the head can come to the earth awesome we'll work on that and if not don't worry except where you are today now you've got to bring the breath here big inhale in long breath out to come out of the pose press into the feet connect to your Center inhale rise up check in with that halfway point deep breath in and then exhale all the way back down with the knuckles sorry lift up through the heart inhale and exhale relax the shoulders keep the fingertips interlace we're going to turn the left toes out right toes are already turned in well we maybe step our back foot up a little bit depending on the length of your legs and we're going to bend the front knee draw the navel in and up humble warrior inhale same action of this upward current of energy through the front body this anchoring through the back body and then keep the root of this posture in that back foot as you slowly send your heart forward and you might just pause here hovering working on the strength hugging the lower ribs and or maybe you take it all the way down humble warrior opening through the hips pressing into the knife edge of that back foot and releasing the crown towards the ground lift up from the pelvic floor here you got this big breath in then use the power of that back leg to rise up strong bold calm and in control right away into the next beat left toes turn in feel the blood flow opposite direction and right toes turn out front knee over front ankle find that booty & Abunda here that's support for the lower back and when you're ready inhale lift the heart fine length and exhale bowing towards the front left corner of your mat and then maybe we pause here don't cheat here don't cheat yourself you got this fine support from within you don't need to dump weight into that right thigh but keep it lifted and then if you want to continue the journey down maybe you do crown of the head at some point reaching maybe towards the earth press into the knife edge of the back foot breathe deep ear inhale in to come out of the pose exhale ground through that back heel outer edge of that back foot keep the left inner thigh engaged and rise up strong yeah baby right toes turn in left toes stay turned in so we come back to this standing wide legged and then check it out don't release your arms yeah I know they're talking to you inhale in exhale release the fingertips left to right star pose should feel awesome thumbs go up we inhale big X shape here so x marks the spot here is you spread maybe there's a slight backbend here as you lift the heart up to take up space so I love that quote paraphrasing but it's like who do you serve you don't serve anyone or anything by being small so take this big power pose here this is our final posture and just own it here for three breaths even if you feel like a fool beautiful happy fool inhaling in and exhaling maybe out through the mouth inhale in let me hear ya one more send it all the way to Texas inhale awesome slowly release the arms down pay attention to this transition all right then gently walk the feet together head over heart heart over pelvis one last time palms come together Anjali mudra prayer position soft gaze here or close your eyes and take a really honest to God moment to just notice how you feel to receive this information and then you can use it you can use this awareness to help guide the rest of your day and you can compare notes the next time you return to this practice which is designed to help you commit to something regularly so that you can be happy and healthy in body but in mind and spirits because when you feel good you look good if you want to have a good body or feel good in your body you gotta tend to all parts thank you for sharing your time and your energy with me and with the yoga with Adriene community we'll bring the thumbs up to the third eye take a deep breath in and exhale bow head to heart namaste


  1. Thanks Adriene. I do a lot of weight lifting and martial arts. After each practice or difficult lift, I go into prayer position. Lately however, Ive been doing it out of habit rather than intention. Thank you for reminding me why I pray. I pray out of gratitude for my body, struggle, and determination.

  2. Thank you so much! I love all the classes, they have seriously made a difference in my life. Sending love from Canada.

  3. Just did this one. Adriene, I adore your sense of humor. HEYO!!!! Oh, and ummm…….well, ya know…..AWESOME video!!!!

  4. I cannot describe how special it is that you have made exercise part of my mental health routine. A portion of my mental illness is rooted in the bullying I experienced during high school PE (gym) classes, and as a result exercise has always been associated with trauma for me and I have struggled to get enough exercise to boost my brain without triggering those painful memories. The way that you have turned exercise into my happy place through your amazing, kind yoga is nothing short of magical. Thank you so much, Adriene. Namaste.

  5. I’m off my days so I am doing this one on Easter how beautiful of a practice for Easter morning ❤️

  6. I honestly started singing what’s up by four non blondes in my head & then you referenced it! Lol!
    great practice! Thanks for your instruction and authenticity!

  7. Ironically I am doing this video a day late…talk about a regular yoga practice!
    Not being too hard on myself, I actually did some flows yesterday on my own since I was so tired to do a full video – and because I decided to pamper myself with a bath and some nail painting.
    I think this yoga practice is engrained in my memory, part of my life and part of my soul…now. It was a beautiful thing to have that is all my own yet is shared with millions of people…I really resonate with that!
    Thank you as always <3
    xx Namaste

  8. ACT: I messed up and did the practice that was supposed to be for today, yesterday…but it was almost like that was by design because this practice was exactly what I needed today and that Ahimsa practice was exactly what I needed yesterday

  9. I forgot to put my hair up before this practice, so insert me looking like a lion every time I rise up lol. After a tough workout, this was just the practice I needed to reset my mind and intentions, so thank you

  10. Wonderful practice today, I enjoyed moving today , my breath lead the way which really help a lot so thank u Adriene for another great empowering practice, love yuh and Namaste Everyone 💕💞💗💓💖❤🙏🙏

  11. ACT day 18

    I promised myself for a healthier body I will dedicate 2019 for daily yoga since 1/1/2019. My goal is to reach one full year!
    I feel blessed and thankful to be part of this yogic community,Thank you Adriene for the experience.


    #ywaACT #FWFG

  12. Studying for finals all this week and next week and this was the perfect video to do during a study break!

  13. Thanks Adriene! I was feeling "some kind of way" which is unusual for me but knew immediately what to do. And it worked. I'm feeling better so keep doing what you are doing for us, it works!!!

  14. Thankyou once again for a great routine, pepped me up for the rest of the day. I will certainly return to this one. Heartfelt love xxxxx

  15. One of my favorite practices that I do indeed return to again and again. For a twenty minute session, it is so wonderfully all-encompassing. Thank you, Adriene!

  16. This was a great way to focus and reconnect, the reminders to focus and activate naval were just what I needed! Thank you I'm loving this month of ACT!

  17. I love the look and feel of this episode. The lighting is really nice and warm as well as the clothing colors. If I had an Adriene action figure that is the outfit I would choose…lol

  18. Adriene I think this is the best slow full body workout, no flows, no vinyasas, just purposeful moves with special attention to detail. I love this because we really make the most of our 20 minutes, no rushing just a feeling of power ….. rather gorgeous ! Anyw, afterwards I feel really good, refreshed and tingly and no pain ready for my day. April is flying by summer is coming life is good, thanks from my heart Adriene 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

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