Healthy Bones, Healthy Life; Osteoporosis Cause & Solution

okay now osteo process this is really important because how many people are bones everybody okay now this is my favorite group okay if anyone wants to take up bodybuilding you can join this group but you got to be a minimum of 75 years old I got 23 years left and Evy I'm going to be there now now when we look at this you see different I mean this is the typical thing when you start thinking of broken bones of osteoporosis of thinning of bones what is this the picture that you have in your mind yeah well what's frustrating is you're going to find out that this is absolutely not necessary it's a porn osteoporosis doesn't exist in Aboriginal culture so why is it so popular in ours well we got to look at the structure now next week we're going to talk about arthritis reversal in fact all the month of January we're going to talk about joints how to reverse arthritis wait did I say treat arthritis or reverse it reverse it good good I know I spoke correctly okay yeah reverse arthritis okay so if you look at this these joints in your body are only about six to nine months old how old are your bones about six to nine months old okay so joints bones it's a very dynamic structure in fact they're cells that live on bones that lay down bone cells that tear it up so we have to understand how they work or how they deteriorate so when we look at this you got you got an amazing now this is an example of the spine and you'll see this is the front part of the vertebrae this is the back part the nerves that come out of the middle now these nerves control and coordinate every function of the body every function out a little bit every function now the problem is see this this area in here in between that's a bone that's a bone the area in between that's called a disc now the disc is 70% fluid so what happens is if you get in correct motion in correct motion that causes that bone to come down on the nerve and the nerve if the nerve gets crushed this means your body can't control itself so that would be bad right okay so what happens is people tend to open up that back area where the joints are okay where the nerves are so people stand like this because it's comfortable anyone that's standing like this means that the bone is coming down on top of that nerve that there's not a correct motion there's not correct fluid going to the joint so that joints getting smaller you know they say oh I'm getting smaller as age no you don't what happens is the fluid gets out gravity starts taking its toll but those guys 75 years old they're the same so what keeps bones healthy is movement and nutrients movement and nutrients that's it I mean that the structure is amazing maybe look at your human body you balance strength and flexibility okay Armour didn't last too strong not very flexible okay that that didn't work really well but the skeletal structure and if you look at the central nervous system it's the only structure encased in solid bone from the top all the way down to the bottom so you have this balance of very very flexible but still strong enough to protect the nervous system that controls and coordinates every system now have you ever heard of neuropathy okay well the way doctors speak we use a lot of Latin terms so we sound smarter okay all I just said was nerve problem if I said have you ever heard a nerve problem you'd say well that sounds kind of stupid okay no I'm just saying it in English seeing neuropathy it means Neuros nerve pathways problem if any of these joints come down on top of that nerve you don't feel it where it gets compressed you feel it where it supplies so like if someone comes in and say yeah it's my sciatic is killing me the sciatic nerve is giant it's about the diameter your finger and it goes right down the back of the leg it has five nerve roots that come out of the low back so if you have butt pain or leg pain or foot pain from that sciatic nerve I don't care what you do the leg nothing's going to work until you fix where the source videos have you ever heard of carpal tunnel syndrome okay pain numbness tingling in the hand and even surgeons are completely ignorant of this okay we got even two choices they're either ignorant or evil okay I'm going with ignorant okay because they'll operate on carpal tunnel syndrome and the end 85% of the time they got to do it on the other hand what do they say they say it's multiple-use or you know red you know repetitive motion injury in injury it's not if you look at every orthopaedic Tech's all the nurses supply the arm come out of the neck carpal tunnel syndrome is a double crush injury begins on the neck okay and this has to do with the health of the joints and health of the bones now this is not photoshopped she's 85 years old okay she's she used to teach yoga on TV she now is currently in yoga now do you think her joints and bones are healthy yeah she uses them she uses them okay now you can take both of these hands put this one in a cast within six weeks do a bone density and within six weeks this thing will lose about 50 percent of its bone okay 50% of its bone density you take an astronaut super healthy specimen of a human being put them in space six months later have them do a jumping jack as legs break so what happens is this type of body posture where people stand normal and they slowly bend over what are they doing I want you to look at this totally different when you start to see someone you don't say oh they're old full she's older okay she's still only be really halfway there we're supposed to go to 120 and 120 I mean healthy strong vibrant the reason that these people are rounding over like that that bones coming down on the nerve they're opening up that nerve on the back so their body can be comfortable so this means long term dehydration long term lack emotion long term poisoning of the body with with acidic blood so this is not your future it's not your future the problem is your program your brain is programmed we recently found our TV controller I'm sorry has anyone ever had that problem or is it just me okay we have a video thing where we watch nothing but videos and we've been watching that for a year so I'm recently watching regular commercial TV oh my gosh do you know that mean 46% of commercials are for pharmaceutical products so you're being taught just like I've been taught the last week this is my end result I mean I'm going to rot and be degenerated by the time I'm 70 and 80 that's ridiculous this is what my knowledge base is so we have to look at this their cells that live on bones called osteoblasts they lay down new bone their cells called osteoclasts that tear up new bone so we need this process do you know how old my skin is don't say 52 years old do you know how my skin knows it's 28 days old okay and in fact the reason it looks so so good is because old skin flakes off sorry about that old skin flakes off okay you can't really see it but it's always being replaced if my skin didn't replace it look like I'd have psoriasis or something they'd be scaling and flaking all over the place because the skin is trying to get up well the same thing with bone the bone tissue is built up and the old bone tissue is torn down so you need this and also the bone it's kind of like it does so many things if you've ever cooked an animal before like cook a chicken or a rib or something the bone is very very brittle that's not how it is in human beings human beings bones are very very flexible in fact their tremendous flexibility and strength and they also produce red blood cells so there's a great function with them now this is interesting this type of posture and this is out of the Journal of spine causes demyelination of the nerves this means if you see someone in this body processor their nerves are starting to break down demyelination on the nerve is called multiple sclerosis do you know what the cause of that is we got a choice ignorant or evil because the official causes we don't know okay I'm going to show you what cause of it is now these are officially the causes of osteoporosis poor bone health now I don't want you to read this because it's a lie okay because I don't want you to think that it causes it I want you to look at the mechanisms behind some of these conditions and why they would cause a thinning of the bone and how you can reverse that okay does that does that make more sense okay smoking we know that that's a risk okay what is smoking do it acidifies the blood and creates free radicals so your body and its infinite wisdom in order to balance the pH will go to the bone bank and withdraw calcium to remember back in high school what's calcium look like big see little a with a plus sign okay that means it's a positive ion it means the positive ions flood into the blood okay it balances out the acid okay alkalizes the system takes care of free radicals and the body can be healthy so the more and more and more free radicals and the more and more toxins in your system the more calcium is going to go in there and start to be drawn out and then we look at this older than 65 that is not a risk factor in other countries why is it an American I don't know maybe we need to vote better we do because a lot of the products that we have and a lot of the advices that you're given by your doctor particularly if you have medical care in you're over 65 is incorrect it's absolutely incorrect now if you understand have you ever seen the commercial what's better for you Rolaids or no tums with calcium or Rolaids with aluminum salt your body needs calcium have you heard that now now I've actually had patients come in and they say yeah my doctor prescribed tums because it's made with calcium well the human body doesn't work that way okay you've got a mouth here the esophagus down there's a stomach here and that inside of the stomach there's very very acidic contents and has it has the contents and this goes into the carrot the spinach the the squid the wild rice whatever you're going to eat okay gets in that stomach it breaks it down into protein fats and carbohydrates and then it gets into an area called the duodenum now in the duodenum this is very very acidic this is where calcium and iron are absorbed so and then has it gets less and less acidic you get the C vitamins you get the B vitamins so get all absorbed in the intestinal tract so now you need acid in order to absorb calcium if you're over 40 you produce less acid so if you're over 40 typically you have to either take in digestive enzymes you have to increase the acid in your stomach somehow you can start vegetable juicing to break down the food products you have to masticate better because when you're over 65 you have good dental health or generally poor dental health if you're living in this country poor dental health so if you have poor dental health you can't masticate you can't break down the food products so we look at this this is not a risk factor this is a common byproduct of a poor lifestyle okay now then you look at it well let's look at the diseases hyperthyroidism this means that your thyroid isn't functioning correctly so what do they typically give you if you have the thyroid that's not functioning correctly drugs to slow your metabolism metabolism that has to do with bone health that means the metabolism the bone where it cells are laid down to build up on and tear it torn down if that process isn't isn't going on correctly you're going to have thinning of the bones lung disease if you have lung disease do me a favor just take a deep breath in blow it out see that did you see the carbon dioxide did you see the little C with the little o coming out there okay okay well I don't know I got these glasses back in when I was a teenager okay know what breathing does is you lose acid carbon dioxides an acid so just breathing deep your alkalinizing your system you're getting rid of acid alright what it what does calcium do that takes an acid body and moves it into alkaline okay does that make sense so if you're not breathing deep okay if you have a sedentary lifestyle if you have chronic lung disease you're not your body as acid your lung your blood is acidic so that means that your body is going to go to the bone bank and withdraw more calcium so does this mean sedentary lifestyles not breathing deep will also cause osteoporosis yes or yes so it's not the lung disease that causes it it's the lung disease that causes your body to become acidic and then in order to balance out that acid it goes to the bone bank they will go down and cancer why not half their population has it how do we treat cancer today incredibly poisonous stuff okay chemotherapy that has never been shown effective in over 50 years well it's actually effective for different types of cancer four percent it's used ninety six percent of the time putting toxic chemicals in the blood do you think that makes you more acidic yes or yes okay good good inflammatory bowel disease okay now how do they treat inflammatory bowel disease in this country you're going to get a pain reliever which is an antacid which causes osteoporosis you're going to get steroids which cause osteoporosis the bowel is going to be inflamed so you can't really absorb the nutrients in there because it's not functioning correctly so that's going to cause osteoporosis now inflammatory bowel disease when we talk about the digestive tract and we're going to talk about this clearly Crohn's disease okay all sorts of digestive disorders are actually curable within about 30 days if you look on the web MD they're incurable you're going to happen forever so I don't know ignorant or evil okay I actually just think it's ignorant okay that that inflammatory bowel disease is still around kidney or renal disease obviously those are blood filters now any drug that you put in your body has to go through the kidneys so anything is going to damage the kidneys if it's going to be preserved products pasteurized area if it's going to be all the toxic chemicals you're exposed to are going to damage the kidneys have you heard of an aspirin a day for a healthy heart okay it's totally ineffective it's never been shown to help the heart it's the leading cause of kidney disease when I was a kid I could drive down the road I don't ever remember seeing a dialysis center I passed three of them on the way up from San Pedro DC dialysis centers now all the time yeah aspirin leading causes of kidney disease okay it's it's not being 65 it's as older than 65 we're in America because of our health care it's not health care it's disease management so then this is something I had to give you now this is just a fun read okay you just you're just going to enjoy this because this is pretty much yeah if I went back to the 1100s and I talked to the people in authority and I said guys you're actually in the dark ages okay the world is not flat it's round would they accept this or would they think I'm crazy okay right now we're in the dark ages okay I'm going to try and shed a little bit light on the ignorance of science now they're trying to categorize stuff so what they do is they're trying to do a test on everybody and have the same results and what they do is they do a bone densitometer and this kind of shows you somewhat a little bit maybe sort of okay how dense and thick bones are it's not real accurate and what they did is they took a bone density on some people that generally don't have a lot of fractures and we're going to call them normal okay and then we're going to do a bone density meter on some people that have tend to have a lot of fractures and we're going to call them a B something a be normal I'm sorry anybody ever see Young Frankenstein Urza just me okay we're going to call them a B normal okay or let's call it osteoporosis okay that sounds good to me too okay the problem is you got healthy bones and you got sick bones there's an area in the middle that we're not quite sure of okay we can call it bone deficiency syndrome okay but they had to come up with something and it happened in 1992 in Rome they just came up with the term and this is just for researchers it wasn't meant to be a risk factor it's not meant to be a disease okay but now we're talking millions of people are diagnosed with osteopenia what does that mean it means nothing it's a ridiculous ridiculous thing that never came invented or even it was just invented now now this we realize that people has they age genetic background has a difference I mean the heaviest most dense bone human being on the planet is an African male the lightest bone density human on the planet is a northern European female so is that genetics or is that just how the world lays out it just is it's just genetics so we can't lump everybody into the same category now when we look at this now okay do you remember poke Pinocchio okay you got to know this because you've been sold a bill of goods that doesn't exist I mean obviously the type of care that you're having that's called healthcare which it's not is destroying your bones the type of food that you're exposed to is destroying your bones your lifestyle choices that they're telling you that's okay to do is destroying your bones okay but this is where it started 1995 I see we used to prescribe hormone therapy okay this was going back in 1970s now hormones it was going to make your bone strong it was going to prevent cancer and it's going to prevent heart disease okay and this was passed out in the 70s as a bill of goods no science or research behind it it goes on for about 20 years 25 years and guess what we found out it didn't do anything for bones it actually caused cancer and it we can okay so we know that hormone replacement therapy is stupid okay some doctors are still doing it but you know you got the choice big learner evil now now Mara came up with Fosamax and this is brilliant this is a brilliant marketing drug wait I said a brilliant marketing drug didn't I okay good good I didn't misspeak okay so you got it you got a chemical and what it does is it limits the action remember on the bone you got cells that lay down bone cells that tear it up do you need that process yesterday yes well this thing stopped that process so what it did on the machines when we read it it would actually appear that the bones were bigger so it doesn't matter whether they're stronger or not if you took this drug it started to look better on the machine yeah I'm sure that makes sense now did I say it made the bone stronger no did I say it made you healthier did I say it decreased the risk of fractures or damage did I say it made the blood more alkaline now all wait a second oh my gosh we might have a problem here I don't want to look too deep into this but if the body if it's exposed to acid if you have a toxic environment your body continually goes to the bone bank to draw calcium in order to regulate the blood so does this mean that this drug may cause the body to be more acidic if the body is more acidic does that also mean increased cancer rates oh my gosh that might be bad well let's look further into this okay so now what they had to do they had a tough time selling this we got this chemical okay let's say we're Marik now and we have no ethics no morals but we're in the profit we got this chemical we want to sell it to people in all of America there's only 200 bone density ters and they're really good they check the whole body so they come up with an idea we're going to create an institute we're going to call it the bone measurement Institute we're going to call it a nonprofit organization and luckily this was one of the first ones that I could see you're going to see a lot of these organizations started by chemical companies and they're called nonprofits in order to promote a product so this bone measurement Institute it was established by American had one member had no office it was actually the desktop of this one guy okay and what he did was he started to buy up these small cheaper densa meters that only check the wrists they checked the elbows and they checked a little bit of the hip not much the wrist elbows and I think angles I mean it's it wasn't really accurate so their sequence is I mean normally when we're making a product like let's say Edison he saw the guy lighting the gas lamps he said I'll bet I can do something better he built a product to fill a need okay it's called an electric light okay the guy originally you know saw his buddy dragging a cart on the ground he said I got an idea I'm going to make something round to go underneath that cart I'm going to call it a wheel okay so you saw me eat and filled it this is totally different and this is what you're exposed to every day in our American system first you create a chemical you see at our reacts in a body and then you start to advertise you got a patent the chemical so you can get it and then you advertise you've got to create the need like have you ever heard of antidepressants you've heard of antidepressants you have you have well when you look at the clinical pharmacology of it it says mechanism action is unknown we actually don't know how this chemical works but in the first three months about 40 percent of the time it tends to help short-term with depression the side effect is suicide so what you got it I'm sorry that's not what it says on the advertisements they say you know if you're sad if you're inside take this and you get run through the flower fields no I saw the commercial ok it works that way so so this is what you're exposed to now now this is Caleb Alexander he's a pharmacoepidemiology stat the University of Chicago he says one of the ways that chemical companies profit is they take mild symptoms and they created disease oh my gosh that goes into osteo P Nia osteoporosis no one's ever talking about why it's there no one's ever talking about the solution so these bone density ters that Merrick again bought all the companies that produced it and they sold it they sold it they would even give them away for free to doctors they'd say look I'm going to give you this bone density tur it's going to generate income and then they got even smarter because they got the FDA to approve it the fraud and deception Association I don't know if money changed hands but they approve something that doesn't really work then then this is just brilliant they go in and they made the campaign contribution so Medicare benefits would cover it now I know what you're thinking Medicare is going to cover it but it doesn't really work well I mean the sciences is not there and but in 1997 the Medicare Act was passed bone mass medication Act so this means that now every senior in America can have this machine that doesn't really work to tell you that you're at risk of a disease that that's from there from lifestyle or toxic exposure to give you a drug that you absolutely don't need ok it's just a little bit of history luckily it's 20/20 so we had to come up with a diagnosis now if you look at the actual facts in 1994 77,000 people were diagnosed with osteoporosis and they had their scans now just five years later 1.5 million so we have from 77 thousand to one and a half million in five years does that sound like it's an epidemic no it's an epidemic of diagnosis ease okay it doesn't really it's not there okay it doesn't exist I mean people are not getting healthier we're actually getting way sicker now 2010 we're up to 34 million so if we actually had this many people in 1994 and now you know we're talking just 18 years later 34 million does it seem like an epidemic that this should be all over the news oh my goodness why are all our bodies breaking down or are we just changing your perception of health to make you think that this is going to be your body posture that your bones are breaking down okay so we have to we have to look at the same thing at first off Fosamax this is the number one drug okay that was first came up with but they're pretty much all biphosphate drugs that's what they do long-term use of the osteoporosis drug known as by phosphates can actually weaken bones by impairing healing leading to fractures I'm sorry long-term use of this drug designed to strengthen bones what does it do it weakens bones but don't worry about that you show denser on the densimeter z– that we gave to the doctor so he may say that you know you may have broken your bone but by gosh it showed a better reading okay now this the efficacy and this is out out of the actual package listing of fosamax hasn't been spent established if you use it over two years we don't know if it's appropriate for you now if you ever wanted you know if you like hanging out with attorneys and I actually do some of them are really cool okay but there's lawsuits all over the place now and these are spontaneous fractures have you ever heard of somebody falling and breaking their hip that's not what usually happens what usually happens is the hip breaks and the knee fall down there's spontaneous fractures now they're called my leg I mean that this is this is crazy I was reading one thing of a woman wading in water a wave hit her and broke her leg okay was she taken osteoporosis medications yes she was and she showed okay on the bone density meter I it's foolishness okay we have to take it back we have to take this back I mean luckily there's tons of lawsuits out there so if you want to be part of one that's really easy is that it is it is what's wild is this the lawsuits are out there America is still selling this stuff boniva I mean I'd love Sally Fields but this is like ridiculous I hope she's getting paid a lot women who take Fosamax are a hundred and twenty five times more likely to suffer a fracture and this isn't just bagging Fosamax let's bag on a mall okay boniva you know of India I mean all the crazy ones that they have for for the bone thinning 125 times more likely that's like an antidepressant causing suicide oh wait they do have that warning on there okay well anyway ah when you look at this femur fractures osteo my inflammation of the bone osteonecrosis this means the bone starts to die severe bone pain all of these from the Fosamax now this is just what's on the studies if you look at it think about it remember you've got this bone Bank what does the body do to tear down the bone and put it up it does it to alkalinize the system so does this means that cancer rates are going to increase our cancer rates increasing right now yes do you think this is one of the causes of it yes or yes it's absolute foolishness to do anything other than this we have to revert back to how the human body works you break down and you build up you break down your skin you build up your skin you break down your bones you build up your bones you break your spleen destroys a million red blood cells a day and you're blond bones build a million red blood cells every day so this tear down this anabolism catabolism where you break up and tear down everything that's everything so anything do you do to your system that helps the build-up faster the breakdown that's good if it breaks down faster and you build up you're going to die early okay enough said no I'm going to tell you the secrets okay okay so this means every medication slows or stops a metabolic process so does this mean every medication will cause your body to break down faster than builds up yes or yes yeah this means all nonsteroidal antiinflammatory x' this means advil tylenol motrin i dad Digital god I forget some of the names of them because we don't use them this means every blood pressure medication every medication that slows or stops a metabolic process will lead to acidifying the body and break it down early every processed food is going to acidify the body and break it down earlier every pasteurized dairy product is going to acidify the body and break it down earlier everything if any doctor understands us I mean this blew me away what do they do for pain okay and this I've seen so many people with epidurals if you knew that infections this is the fourth largest get you take aids breast cancer and auto accidents combined infections from hospital kill more people kill over 200 people a day a day this is a jumbo jet crashing every day and it's from infections in hospital why because we're weakening the immune system this has never happened this is what destroys bones pasteurised area and I mean pasteurized theory now is our government supporting pasteurized dairy absolutely they're trying to outlaw raw dairy okay but they were supporting pasteurized dairy because the the people that run those massive factory farms do campaign contributions and they fund it I just got got an email from this little I think is in fourth grade is a nine-year-old autistic kid and he went up to the top four contenders for president and he asked them he says when II read from a little prepared statement and he got to give this kid courage I mean is really really rocked and he read it to each each person that's running their ron paul and you know the other guys okay and the girl okay he read it to all of them and it was a prayer prayer how can i am a ron paul fan but you know you read it to all of them okay but none of them gave a direct answer he says what are you going to do now that autism is epidemic you know you're losing the number one resource was children in america every one of the candidates says well it has to do with funding okay we need to find that the the we're going to do more work in brain research we're going to know not one of the candidates says my gosh you're right it's epidemic proportion we got to find the cause we're obviously doing something that's causing you kids harm this is the same hang a steo Prosis it doesn't exist in Aboriginal cultures it's absolutely rampant in our things we have to find out what we're doing wrong I mean this is it this is approved food products ok this acidifies the blood it thins the bones meat products soda soda is phosphoric acid I had this one kid 23 years old he's a mixed martial arts expert he drank a six-pack of soda every day he loved the rush ok phosphoric acid he comes in with a snapped arm ok I mean when I say snapped I mean ok like the the elbow doesn't Bend here ok he comes in ow and I said I'll bet you broke your arm he said you know I took an x-ray but you know 23 year old guys don't break their arms they do if they drink soda all the time so soda outlawed for kids it should be do we sell it in schools yeah so this is this is inappropriate inconsistent this is ideal we're jogging at 80 where we're hiking the the the oldest person to scale Mount Fuji was 93 years old she took up mountaineering at 87 I know I know I don't know what she was doing before that but she does that I want to climb so so this is our future your body will not break down your body is continually building up if you've been diagnosed with thinning of the bones know that it's an ignorant process do everything you can to build up your system you can't ask your doctor if it's right for you this is the insanity I mean we're medicating symptoms every medication does it help the body rebuild or does it slow the body's function down every medication slows or stops a metabolic process every medication does this mean every medication I mean every medication now this is vital vitamin D know if you look at this a lot of medical doctors will say vitamin D is dangerous it's a fat-soluble vitamin you can build up toxic levels do you realize that there has never been one death from vitamin D never won okay I'm talking in all the records that I've ever seen never one death from vitamin D Wow there was a few deaths from vitamin A okay do you know when it happened no nobody not am I the only guy that reads like this okay well let me tell you the explorers they were up in going for the North Pole and the Eskimos told the white explorers don't eat the liver of a polar bear and of course we're not going to listen to the smart Aborigines we decide to do it ourselves they ate the liver of the polar bear and they died from vitamin A toxicity turns out the polar bear stores massive amounts we're talking about tens of thousands of units of vitamin A and their liver and it was too much and they killed some of the explorers so that's the only death from any vitamin I could ever see so I mean if you're in the northern country and somebody gives you advice to don't eat the liver of a polar bear follow it aside from that you can take vitamin D your skin bill is 20,000 units a day you require it why do you think northern countries have thinner bone density than Africa's higher vitamin D rates that's it why do the breast cancer is unknown multiple sclerosis is unknown in those countries when you start looking at this that sunlight is vital and why one of the reasons is from vitamin D you need at least 3,000 units for every 100 pounds of human that means a human like me I need at least 5 to 10,000 units a day ok so this is this is absolutely perfect now we don't have a cold or flu season we have a vitamin D deficiency season so that's huge exercise this means when I got my patient in he came in on New Year's Day called me up crying I gave him an exercise to swollen discs the guy could barely walk he's in there on a walker you know the exercise I gave him sit in the chair and turn as far as you can one side as far as you can the other side does this seem like a tough exercise well it is if you have too swollen disc okay but but what's cool what does that do Sly Pitt emotion you use the muscles it strains the bones it's going to fill up and hydrate those disks with fluid and sure enough today walked in with no Walker but any kind of exercise is going to be vital how about what days do you need to exercise every day every day if you want strong bones every day every day if you want weak bones put one one arm in a cast within six weeks you're going to have osteoporosis okay it's going to be thinning of the bone detox this means don't eat anything that's in a package nothing that's preserved because it has no enzymes it's dead you can't utilize it anything that you eat that's that's not considered food that's that will stay on the shelf for a long time it will acidify your blood thin your bones everything everything I'm talking to every bread product every everything so corporate food and now genetically we're not even talking genetically modified food but anything that's in a package that has preservatives that has stuff you can't pronounce will cause thinning of the bones you need direct sunlight you need vitamin D and these are the keys and they're all in the sheet you need regular exercise it's that simple you need not just calcium but dark green leafy vegetables is the best source if you say should I take a calcium supplement or should I take a glass of vegetable juice a day well now vegetable juice is better save your money you don't need it save your money get the vegetable juice because not only does that pre digest it it also alkalizes the system help you utilize it and there's bioflavonoids there's phytonutrients there's there's magic in that juice there's magic in that juice and if you're over 40 the reason that your bones start to thin is because you're not producing enough acid because you're not breaking it down because you're not taking appropriate enzymes so you need to supplement you need to supplement with appropriate enzymes now this this is magic here broccoli fresh fruit fresh vegetables and and I it's it's really that simple you've been you've been fed a build of goods okay that's not true this right here this is this is the perfect example now she's standing up straight is her spine straight or have bent off to the side horribly off to the side you know a couple of accidents but nothing really major she walked away she felt fine okay gosh if I hear that again 65 years old she's got indigestion so what pill did they give her an aunt antacid excellence good so she's 65 they give her something to decrease the acid in her stomach even further so that mean she was going to be calcium deficient and iron deficient so she has low energy and she's starting to thin bones and now she has pain so did the giver they give her a pain reliever okay that also causes osteoporosis now since she's hurting she's sore she's low-energy is she happy or sad antidepressants so she's taking three bones that caused any of the thinning of the bones and she comes in and no what she says yeah he wants to put me on Fosamax okay he wants to give you a hundred and twenty five percent increased risk of hip fracture for what reason ignorant or evil your choice what do you think it is yeah I still I still gotta think they're just ignorant I really do they're flat-earthers they're they're absolutely convinced there's their sea monsters on the other side of the world and they're not I mean she comes in here within 13:30 day she's drug free within 90 days she's pain free she's off every drug her bones are strong healthy and now she's dry jogging five K's I think she walks half of it but you know at least she's doing 5ks okay can can you see because what we're doing is we're respecting its it's a kilometer okay it's about three miles it's little races and stuff it's fun stuff okay so I mean she goes in there and we approach the body with respect and honor her 65 year old memories are in a body that's only about a year and a half old okay if skins wrinkling it means that you're not getting enough protein it's your body can't break it down you're you're not building your system fast enough I mean this here the most frustrating thing this is an actual fake disc in the spine the most frustrating thing when you look at this spine here 85% of all back surgeries have to be repeated they fail there's actually a billing code I got that's called failed back surgery syndrome why because 85% of the time they do surgery they have to go in there again no they don't put zippers okay they did they just go in there again now the frustrating part she had the surgery and still had pain why because they were working on the wrong place so we go in there and we worked on her again and the pain went away doesn't that make more sense to approach the body intelligently like they're given symptoms for a reason yes or yes I mean this is absolutely what your body requires you need to get checked for subluxation why because that's healthy nerve supply and healthy motion without correct motion your body breaks down I can't make it more simple you need exercise daily to strengthen the bones to strain the bones remember those 75 year old guys try me 23 more years baby I'm I don't think I'll be on the podium but I'm going to be there I'm going to join them okay okay proper nutrition this means a man makes it don't eat it you have to be careful anything you put your mouth is going to go through your liver it's going to go through intestines it has to be honored do you realize back in the old days we would pray over food because we realized that nutrient with the nutrition is a spiritual aspect anything you eat becomes part of your spirit okay isn't it I mean does that give you goosebumps you're not going to do that at McDonald's okay sufficient rest we're going to talk about this in a couple of weeks how to get deep sleep every night okay and prayer meditation we talked about that last week prayer meditation in every study stimulates cell growth it stimulates cell growth it helps detox your body okay I mean right now it's it's hard to explain this because we're in the dark ages but we are spiritual beings okay and this is actually just as important as the nutrition it's just as important as the exercise is just as important as getting checked for subluxation you can't say a hierarchy well I do that in that but I don't do the other sorry no you don't have a you don't have a choice you need to do this and and this I mean new your special it's kind of ridiculous it was $11 for 2011 guess what it is for 2012 I know just for this month guess what it is next year this 38 oh my gosh you looked at my plan okay yeah but we do this because because it's time to make a choice you know I mean to get 300 dollars to get your nervous system checked might be challenging this way $12 you get x-rays exam physical drug search and you're taking medications I can tell you which ones are necessary which ones are foolish I'll give you the paperwork so you give it to the guy that's passing out the drugs okay we're not going to call in healthcare professionals anymore because they're not particularly if they're passing out Fosamax they're either what ignorant or evil okay and then you can you know refer my this is recorded okay I'll give my card I'll talk to him okay exam if I feel you need x-rays you're going to get a copy of the x-rays okay and if I see nerve pressure actually going to get an adjustment and and that's that's going to be ideal but I got to tell you just just being here shows I mean this this it takes effort to get at the end of the day to come here to learn about this stuff so you guys are the cutting edge so thank you very much you guys Rock


  1. ? I was put on ALENDRONATE SODIUM 70 MG TAB I 'd like to get of just been taking this 3 months. Advice please!

  2. I argue with my doctor every year when I have my physical appointment. He's trying to put me on cholesterol, bp medication and osteoporosis medication. I refuse year after year. Only good thing he put me on his vitamin D.

  3. I have Osteoporosis,due to prednisalone over many years.I suffer with Emphysema,diverticulitis,Acid reflux,gallstones,cervical spondiliytis.I take 30 tablets a day for all my ailments.I am 60 yrs young and have the skin of a 90 year old.I am now steroid dependant due to polymyalgia.
    I think you are amazing,and have learnt more from this video than I have in years.I had Lvrs surgery 4 years ago in London.I will embrace all the advice you have given, as it has helped me understand what is happening to my body.Thank you Dr John.


  5. I don't understand, should you take in foods that make your body alkaline as I always thought or acidic
    Please help me, I was taking lemon in am and drink vinegar water throughout the day, good or bad

  6. Doctors over the pond here has told me that I've got arthrose. Dr. B, can you tell/explain in English, what on earth is that and can that too be reversed like arthritis?



  9. highly recommend – 1Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar (organic – Braggs – With the mother) in water bottle + Eggs + Omega 3 Fish oil supplements. 😉

  10. Growing up told to stay out of the sun as it will cause wrinkles. Media said to wear a floppy hat and long sleeves whenever you go out to prevent skin damage. Then you hear to wear sunblock to avoid skin cancer. Now they say sunblock causes cancer, so wear clothing to protect skin. Now in my older age, I have been diagnosed with suspected Paget's disease. Going for a bone scan to verify diagnoses or it is ??

    Reading about Paget's disease and the recommended medicine is Bisphosphonates … why not prescribe calcium, D3, & K2/M7, and minerals to strengthen the bones instead. I decided I will not take the meds and will prefer to add Calcium/Bone Health Supplements to my diet first. I will also try to get a minimum 15 minutes of sun a day. I mentioned this to the doctor and she smirked like this was a foolish statement. Anyone out there who had/have Paget's disease and healed themselves? If yes, what did you take to reverse it and healed yourself? Thanks.

  11. My humerus (left arm bones was fracture since dec 10th,2017 till now is no growing doctor told me that i might need another surgery to take the bone from my body and plant into the humerus.I do not wish to have another surgery.Dr.John Bergman please advice me what should I do to help my bone grow.

  12. What about fish?If you eat some meat,will it aid or detract from healthy bones?Should the diet be primarily vegetarian for healthy bones?

  13. I am so grateful for this teaching only God Almighty knows. I give Him PRAISE and Thanks for making me so UNIQUE. Listening to you fill my heart with gratitude and tears that God has made me as the Bible say, " I'm fearfully and wonderfully made" words are limited when it comes to thinking how our bodies added made. Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

  14. U are amazing John, wish we could have millions of u especially in uk 🙂 I am constantly recommending you to everyone i speak to.

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