Healthy Habits Global Business Opportunity Presentation

healthy habits coffee would like to show
you how turning bad habits into healthy habits can also result in a healthy income for you let’s start by
asking the question millions of people ask themselves every day what does it take to be wealthy there are many different and often
confusing answers but one very simple answer has proven
itself is a well producer for years and years sell a product in a rapidly
growing industry that continues to gain
popularity everyday in other words sell a product
people want and are willing to pay for a product
like coffee coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet second only two
water is the most consumed liquid every morning worldwide people drink
over to billion cups of coffee 432 million in america alone just think if you made
one penny of every cup of coffee consumed in the
world your income would be over twenty million
dollars a day amazing here are some facts you may not
realize over eighty-one percent up north
americans drink coffee on a daily basis coffee is the second most traded
commodity in the world second only to all one cup of coffee
open sales for five dollars or more gourmet coffee sales are
increasing every single year investor ball colby is
one of very few product that has proven to be recession-proof
for example Starbucks coffee was one of the
company’s least affected by the recent recession in a charge up to five dollars a cup Jim
Hortons coffee is expanding throughout Canada and the northeastern US at a rapid pace Dunkin Donuts has had so
much success with coffee sales that they changed their logo from a
doughnut to a cuppa coffee subway his actually introduce coffee in
their breakfast menu and Nestle’s after many years as
introduced Nescafe to the American market yes the strength
copy sales in growth make it a proven product in a product
that can help you earn substantial income especially when
the coffee you offer is healthy habits why because healthy
habits is not only a popular delicious gourmet coffee it offers health benefits this simply
make it better and also more in demand that’s why
healthy habits sales are booming one of the primary
ingredients and healthy habits coffee is gonna Dharma a totally natural
ingredient that is drawing raves and national media attention doctor eyes himself even stated gonna
Dharma has been known to increase sex drive in
men and women and other national media as well as
celebrities have endorsed it is well of course Ghana Dharma does more
than increased sex drive is proven to help provide more energy
enhance the immune system help the moderate blood sugar reduce
cholesterol in many other positive health benefits
to help to increase longevity in today’s health-conscious environment
that’s a huge selling point especially when most
people are well aware that regular coffee offers no such
benefits as a matter of fact regular coffee
offers many negatives it dehydrates raises blood
pressure is addictive causes jitters withdrawal
symptoms and even a big caffeine crash with
healthy habits there’s none of these negative symptoms
only positive help be benefits compare a couple
healthy habits to a glass of orange juice orange juice contains 8 anti-oxidants in poor vital nutrients healthy habits contains 154 anti-oxidants and 200 by the nutrients beginning to
see why healthy habits as such in easy sale there’s more healthy habits
comes in three delicious gourmet blends gourmet black gourmet blend and gourmet
cut there’s even our popular power blast energy drink all the spine products have
at least four times the Ghana Dharma is our leading competitor more products
will be introduced in the near future and all will contain the same help the
benefit healthy habits is a company that does it
simply make claims though our products have the highest
certifications in the industry we offer better tasting help your coffee T and other products in you can use this for your economic benefit with the help
and guidance have some the most successful business
entrepreneurs in america our CEO and founder Ted Fitzgerald is
among the top earners and several successful
multi-level marketing companies he has over 20 years a expertise in
sales and leadership and the knowledge of how to build up
first-class organization master distributor Gregory
Wiegel is also a top corner in several MLM
organizations he has 20 years of marketing experience
and is known as the master a mail-order Gregory has led the
fastest-growing and best producing teams in multiple
companies telling gregory’s mission for healthy
habits here’s turning bad habits into healthy habits
by introducing healthy habits gourmet
nutritional products through the world they’re accomplishing
this mission more and more every day now let’s talk about
you and the opportunity that being a healthy
habits distributor gives you to become financially secure
and successful the healthy habits compensation plan is
engineered for the future but you can start earning
today because you can be played six different
ways by sharing healthy habits product first retail
sales there are countless venues where you can
sell healthy habits product one-on-one and face to face special
event schools bears RB shows sporting event German health centers and many others
self healthy habits retail and enjoyed a handsome profits second fast start bonuses or every healthy
habits business starter package you sale you can earn up to two hundred fifty
dollars in these bonuses were paid each and
every week there’s no waiting third monthly residual commissions you can earn 20 percent monthly residual
commissions on your personal sales and up to 10 percent of the sales made
by your team best the ball there’s no limitations
healthy habits has a you know level compensation plan this allows qualified sellers on all
levels up a up to in vanity board prosperity bonuses a one-time reagan
chief Matt Bonner’s which can pay you from two hundred fifty
dollars all the way up ship four hundred
thousand dollars feared luxury car bonuses paid by rape these bonuses are paid monthly in can
put you in the luxury car your dreams which can pay you from 202
fourteen hundred dollars each and every mine finely number six founder’s club owners and
healthy habits we contribute 3 percent a bar profits to
our Founders Club bonus pool once yearly we distribute these
outstanding bonuses and healthy habits we have the formula
to make you financially successful we call it the 3
P’s we have the product simply the best
available anywhere we have the price is were less expensive
than our competitors and we have the pay plan engineered for
the future an extremely rewarding and generous to
all our distributors and team members so how do you start there are six ways regardless of the
level you choose to begin with you can start earning money right away are $25 dollar opening pack provide you
with a personalized website one bag coffee 25 percent on sales 20 percent on
residual commissions and makes you eligible for one level
team payout are 49 dollar member pack provides
personalized website two bags of coffee 25 percent on sales 20 percent on residual commissions and
makes you eligible for two levels a team player are ninety
nine dollar basic pack offers personalized website or banks
have coffee 25 percent on sales 20 percent on
residual commissions makes you eligible for three levels 15
payout and makes you eligible for 25 percent %uh luxury car bonuses with the 199
dollar business pac you get personalized website eight bags
of coffee 25 percent on sales 20 percent are
residual commissions makes you eligible for three levels 18
payout and makes you eligible for 50 percent a luxury car bonuses the success back is 499 dollars it provides personalized
website 16 bags have coffee 25 percent on sales 20 percent on residual commissions makes
you eligible for all levels a team payout and makes you eligible for 100 percent a luxury car bonuses our last back is our popular executive back for $999
dollars this pack provides personalized website 30 bags of coffee 25 percent on sales 20 percent on residual commissions makes
you eligible for all levels a team player
out 100 percent love luxury car monus’s and also makes you eligible for 100
percent a prosperity bonuses it also find what makes you eligible for
the Founders Club bonus which ever you
choose as a starting point just know that you’re starting on the
road to financial success with a great product backed by a great
and prosperous company help the habits global and you
can do it for as little as $25 dollars so what are
you waiting for contact the person who referred you for
all the information you only we look forward to welcoming you to the
healthy habits winning team

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