Healthy Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery: My Philosophy of Care (Part 4)

hi my name is Joseph McPhee I think I have a very personal relationship with my patients we talk about food we talk about cooking we talk about exercise talk about a lot of stuff other than the surgery in itself because it’s a life-changing surgery it’s an elective procedure where you go and you start to see that the changes are gradual but the fact that your medical diseases are going away the fact that you can play with your grandkids when you want when you weren’t able to do that before it’s a it’s a personal journey that I enjoy being a part of it’s something that I take very personal very close to heart which some people want a a surgeon that is a little bit harder and a little bit more telling you kind of what to do thing mine is more of a style where we we talk like we’re good friends and I get you through the the procedure and the post operative procedure most of my goals I take into account how I like to see my patients succeed after the operation again it’s it’s a personal goal for me to have all of my patients succeed after the operation if I can do anything to make this life-changing surgery easier on the patients by being there for them personally and to help guide them through a very hard it’s not an easy recovery that would be my ultimate goal I’m looking forward to seeing some new patients I missed my patients already down in Portsmouth so I need to get a new support group for me up here I can’t wait to see it some of the info sessions or the support groups where talk about the surgeries and talk about food and cooking and get down to making some great lifestyle changes to make allow me to help patients get healthy and feel better about themselves you

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