Hear From a Radiation Therapy Student

– When I was looking for a career, I imagined a future in health care. I wanted to make a difference. I imagined my future working in a career that had a bigger
purpose and would provide a quality of life that I wanted. (bright music) Medical imaging careers
are in high demand. And jobs are expected to
grow more than other careers in the next 10 years. Specialties in medical
imaging include radiography, which uses radiation to create images of soft tissue and bones, nuclear medicine, which
uses radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose and treat disease in the cardiovascular,
endocrine and GI systems, radiation therapy, which
uses high doses of radiation to treat cancer, sonography,
which uses sound waves to image the cardiovascular system, cardiac and vascular
imaging, which helps patients who need cardiac or vascular
interventional procedures, cardiac electrophysiology,
which helps patients who have arrhythmias, and CT and MRI, which gives high levels of information to help in the diagnosis of disease. The faculty help you lay
out an educational plan that will deliver a career path from entry to career advancement. At Loma Linda University,
you’ll experience dedicated faculty support,
motivated classmates, hands-on skill building,
community engaged service, values-based curriculum, board preparation and employment opportunities. Find your future in medical imaging. (bright music)

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