Hear from Sophie about our Medicine Health & Public Policy MSc

I chose to study medicine health and public policy at Kings because I'm really interested in the way that policy intersects with the real world so coming from a teaching background trying to understand why things that seem to make logical sense to me as a teacher weren't then being implemented on a wider scale Kings is a great place to study medicine health and public policy because I think it's one of the only universities that kind of brings together those different elements so health but bringing it to the side of policy and how that's implemented I will be doing my dissertation on and the relationship between adolescent mental health and outcomes at GCSE level in schools I think that it's really important to understand why certain students underachieve and it's also important that government has evidence I thought they need to be doing in schools because I think we live in a very results driven world and if we understand better how teenagers brains work and what's going on with them then we can help them to get better results so what Kings have been great at is that we've got a range of different experts so everything from philosophers to epidemiologists to quantitative and qualitative researchers means that there's quite a diversity of people to help me there'll be a whole host of people that can give me their views and their expertise I think what's been so fantastic about Kings is the variety that's in the course so lectures on everything from kind of obesity and smoking to how we implement social justice across the globe so what I'd really like to do going forward is is go back into the classroom and teach we've kind of renewed passion for it but being able to have the skills that I've got from this course taking me up to a deputy head or a head teacher role where I can interact with policy and interact with this staff and students within my school to help all of them achieve in progress

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