Heart Attack ALERT! On Impact Health Link 13 May 2019

impact news impact hurtling for a healthy money pool programa saboom interval bromium huahin Vedado sushumna Tom no Jerry no CGI Posada setting up is Eric Lieber expertise in iam the shocked actor game maja MD DnB cardiology quick with hakushi LaDonna money pool depois da gamba lady cardiologist Oh Iggy pumpkin Kirby Hadouken lobby dr. su mineral accompany dr. nowzick she's a heartbeat she's a hospitals and research institute private limited consultant cardiologist in a pump ovary dr. Doug a heart attack kimmytanaka Pomeroy community a hundred a dr. Bhutta an oak tree doctor boo impact new ski studio dr. omnipotent and manipulative re the Hanwha lady cardiologists or below freedom October from dr. Lee thank you very much dr. Hamid a doc today concerning Missy tomboy in his heart and a heart emoji function mighty motto is Hickory no cookie me bum when you have chunga do God how did take luck Madame denna curry topic a heavy do dr. Dickens again I'm almost at the heart higher the thermo animator when the may I'm hi nary say how quickly have Changi I'm the morrow a bow or Oregon in Germany Maggie main function higher idea Quigley have Jung the millvina him but the Dakar Larry but each eg is a quickie blood supply high that he had something but the ETL hand behemoth house a hearty mattoni mana example MIDI gear Quigley a more hot song as his inner uber daddy laughs I am what pacing oxygen what about easing say heart is young honey Hudson acedemic bump key function never Hartnett always a bum toggling stamina thousand granny easy lung say eases into Oregon Mucha cocaína I'm pumped arooga Maggie had some fun button above seasonable tec supply toga i doing a heart CEO drug addict in via d king but the cargo make him a major organ Domenico Duga admissible question heart attack hi Regina a Quigley hearts a pump keep pumping action say my name at October same muscle mass Harbor neighborhoods in I do muscle see Masonic say a Quigley oxygen the carboy coordinates re with her about nutrition energy center car way I do nah siggi hard kima Selma some oxy de magie CG Miami Credit Canada but the car lay before me I'm say apply to nobody is easier and about focusing the measure of whom liebe series English Adele Karina any word muffin and in Canada Maggie blocked or aqua things alibi a Madame Claude phone Torah got blocked all raggedy very hard to miss a single imminency de a seat over very hard key muscle Singh Siddha easy app angry you siap and raggedy her quaking myself in the function present a token Ahmedabad adieu magnesium in a heart attack and hind my own high Narissa hard to take the geek are DRS gayhart Kyoya poco de hard sash we're a couple of panic enough when the table opens it was hard to lay now my arms II can can heal a bogey can avoid hypothermia highs again harder take a cynic witnessing Li full laga tour of a muscle disorder pot muscled una EG open a truck and up mighty mo mo boob job standing a palatable dough concerning electronic attack put the nara got kappa do minor hard key masala so easy from a truck on de mighty captain a nod and i myself function to walk up to the door I do know how to take Kaiba cadet arias enemy I'm high narasimham consider zooms omnibus women in a car they risk a heart attack sigue monob rahiba hard hard a technocratic arrest oh honey I adore heart a take codeine Monte cardiac arrest Oh Bettina T cut the area's high Badia craggy hearts a bouncing live kebab I do broken heart a cardiac arrest in Ocoee okay hi birdie heretic tomotommy my functions didn't function be my Honda bi Duga normal ABC I muscled Oquendo madam channeling her raggedy adobo acronym atoms are ein hawd raggedy car they reset Erica do neighbor I dunno cardi area set of raggedy quite dead I see behind you okay the gear tapa poco de Opotiki quickie heart key disease si mi amigo Hartke mussels a hard to exceed not ibadah hearty muscle Samara makea de artes wander alga heart key functions as a net out of the muscles in a fastener Matamata heart key functions a hunter APPA ado Goomba like not an open heart failure in a cow in a dengue Papa dengue Quigley heart key developments in Miami dengue problem disease may actually I do know congenital heart disease in a high nari say I seen a top-line AMA Kalamata dr. C key topic Tia could not heart attack tomorrow in a focused on Bernina heart attack tomorrow any questions in matenda hanzaki the doctor was a kiha detector buggy madam Cygnus a doctor leading a sci-fi geek amazingly the heterochronic a blood clot man from dover de occidente president of ahead but be clear though i not concerning body etapa curry curry causes me I'm Livia had a techie at a year the key causes Ignacy high building either Maggie Lena leung-sing signs and symptoms me I'm Raziel heavy never come hard to kill I inherited my own company or in a high nerese a heart attack tall raggedy my give my cell since the oxygen hungry Maggie nutrition much injured I'm Topanga I do I do muscle missus Sarah hill ever I do II did my soul sister i Alabama cell D naive I get fedorova Maggie can never say I do not have sang the queena taboc naba chespin hi Lisa Maggie Maggie come on over like it live on hi Terry heart attacking ESPN Sisu Kurama McHale be ESPN oh hi Peggy tabaqui my eye or episode on my am that the heart say with the labels me I detect everybody I did about Narnia of sight toward a dihybrid me I'm Akane I do commonly quite a typical wave a height I got it typically I've assumed where are we a do typical or in a hierarchy heart i take a C&C dimacali tabacky my eye a quickie cicero me are in the sternum gay sternum silly money either a Takagi Matawai a siddha knob novices who swore nothing so now i higher he gets nervous in a room Bama labored on a pop hasn't but don't I did cornea tongue so further corporation but the sharp in oviedo I do not double Penina described away Neil Eric Topol Lombok I know mana no I'm Aaron Baughman an insane burden of Papa taboc sit-ins in ba sore horn but it seems in better a toga a Diggy I say minor heart attack in painting Naraku consider me a sec door Oh Molly kind of conversing see some ID yeah I'm comin we were typical of a symptom of mine Emma I dig it is spin see the loo in a nurse for home but the waba sort of I'm gonna write about why jinba Diggy nari CCG mob hamsa Dena but again doctor now Peggy link shoulder height idling bandha boy Tom Welling Bandhan I am Anna Hannah come on boy I do not sure the soil on this or not yet longer sort of naba I dig if I get to boss fights about naba you might about now behind say hi Dunkin Donuts Eden I have been in service imma party remember in light about a night I mean to bottom Dena buddy I'm gonna oil Rhonda I dig it could an animal ta Keo a guinea Matsui remember Newman like a banaba they give poop naina Jack how long a hippie a quick Lisa hug in my path I see the lumen like the bow in her power was who I ever forget hardly taken up I say a Duga taboc Sassoon inaudible the Sigma from cedar cutting nervously I did soo bahk a tan right there at the tapaswi I got a gay bomb boom the Keaton Ihram luma the tapaswi I saw home by the waba high in high degree a degree owning BA over saudamini a degree human combi the komova boxing upper-mid acronym question Hina be the mittened and Pyrrha Gawande get Ibaka hypothesis symptoms labi Duga I know Heisenberg no CG symptom a Americ see de mogi patient group Iraheta a new p Gumba idyllic wiener diabetes tu manera burnishing the D Messiah through Barnabas we all yelled OB dureena habit over cotton cotton Ibaka tongue quad a pompom Kaden lumic Attanasio Basu muy muy de Rana Kumbha no le digas que harbor dr. napur never say symptoms my MZ see how did take nari hi Roma Tom data from wherever Madame Delambre I'm told of brown sugar how did take talking ID let me try him among the thing number like I'm single yeah there are moms see I'm possible questionnaire hungry they say hard at a key I am but even a sizer give it a clod foam topper I say singly man under a madam I know form toxin bhai per se I see no more deformed or with not there aqua see risk factors may I'm lay a quickie Claud front away Siham body fat cholesterol ghee no aqua kissing me say cuddle Haledon a docent thomna thomna thomna some Quezada no mother suddenly my give my palm to the cheek hiber Moraga a claw $2 100% blocked over Condon ECOnetic Teresa Edina thomna thomna kuzhi kuzhi la Poma consider inaba Sedaris Iggy Hava Nagila youngsil ABI hardly take Nabu matanda na Badu macchione Turkish ooh a Wyndham I am the turbo car connoisseur at the Ace or a teensy little box in a night how Patara got Papa I degree K Thomas has a new moon right about mini staircase aquinnah along but the number the car or a I do so Kurosawa karate boxing Abba I look at two three minutes pataga gababa Cena Cunha and Janica Waco har they take Martina Trevor so she made him among the Lakota by symptoms neighbor I am babish in this room but see them legally later buds Asuka ductile aqua so do me away Hannity symptom simulate and I like a lotta Suzumiya we ado I am a patient ID siggy lying I am legally Kona Padma Honda raggedy and reduce the key like me I'm sitting at our daddy-daughter wouldn't open a part of the river near money and then he dr. Atkins in when I was again how did take was a kid doctor probably 100 percent loading dock and how that take LACMA hi busy you see the dickory patient to the curry tofu game was again hi give Dennis a hundred the hider giver symptom 100 percent clock and open heart I take higher higher higher higher got a hundred percent floor lobby madam do the neighbor wonder Basu talk be a alkkagi Maggie I dunno rock solid muscle dunno personal phones interrupt regard equity hard read said irregular or but normal honor okay note October Conda adieu Condor wonder pursue yeah Wow a Duga J Spencer open ba Baba do me I'm symptoms to the ER dr. Hickey Harlan tick tock madam that Kari Kari managed over the gavel to connecting him among the concerning busy heart attack see dr. Nadine as I blood clot Toba Miami Xena more eager open head why cause it's me up there I'm no Molly laughs I'll dig a hole regarding dr. Hager got my own em don't while it might cause this me I'm Dylan Ziggy I never say hi Ziggy bit on my hand behold reported a cookie called a stroll nurse English a cuisine humble neighbor I do no cholesterol no cinnamon una cosa hot Peggy madam hi Tirico madam did quite Ocana come on Oh vada Madame Katerina pan lazy my gear X Factor's hi Derek one important way I'm the important Obama oh mama diabetes diabetes knob immediately focusing Lisa does minor cholesterol form tour of the heart key disease loner behavior say yum common way Matanga blood pressure Wamba blood pressure wanna the window fastener control the whole raggedy see sumac eh over X Factor so many and the lifestyle guida hierarchy be Maggie a quickie heart attack heart failure has a little bit lifestyle diseases in high nari neighbor Craig lifestyle gay I'm Marilyn about I dunno lifestyle de Quigley physical activity what percent entry lifestyle in a physique and kinda talk her narasimha young epidemic in autumnal easy my arms hidden physical activity what bra I see now Quinn Acharya but ugly above my arm say hello in a Fed oolagah cholesterol or laga magazine missing the Luana do Maggie wall sings EDA called extra messy deposit ochsenbach and they give smoking chirrup talkback smoking system natural position at robotics factors a melody you talk burger diem the condor que no idea smoking heart attack hijo jacuzzi oily anachronisms canary bihari tiki high regard you tapas a Yoga body k note away a dooga doo da dum han Songyi overall in a pata bun oh um Haggadah obesity hangar per cholesterol Hangul Appa Adina I really know that the youth hot wanna I did do the disease to the doogie relation DD uncanny latest to rutherfordium the Vezina like gah a degree obesity or previously on the Henderson sedentary lifestyle do go to Marielena not at the equator but reporter Quigley fat yum yum ba what job junk food was idioms an array is a fried about junk food they give Jimmy a bizarro cold drinks converse table doing some BM helper say escena quickie at over X Factor's knee a topper X Factor's Carolina seemed okay at the bhai Teresa he I'm telling you I'm telling a assume my Ganga lapatinib Ernie oh my Giri you to man up and see system hang welding mig cholesterol deposits it is our ETB determinism Jabba de nosotros okay Tom charter cholesterol to the young accumulator Agha a Doogie genetic factors AMA a quickly by put heart disease naga kadhi he thomas who see the so hard this is he heart attack to begin scene Apogee Dixie angle the heart was a gauge identical factors kita adopt in happen be was a key if I put up how did take monitor this one of the key heart key dynamically I'm like the knock on the top Elena that are Gazoo Mike him at samos using the how did take Rondo in the liquidity possibility late okay stands late okay young new as a doctor I don't enjoy the brain metallo mini quiche a metallic I did attend dobra metallo JK breaking Matunga dr. sweet relish from dengue the first cardio lady cardiologist of manipur maja Peggy Hazuki heart attacks a Karim tone an October the gay have no communication breaky Matunga joy sushumna tommnow sorry doctor I'll break him among the heartaches the caramel mocha Gil I now know my signs and symptoms ma'am can be cray Matanga dr. Dre concerning becae Mui and Madame Carla tick-tock Madame de marchi ammonia curry curry sections around over the gay curry immediate action over the gay Lenina heartache talk rahbaniya mana Masana decorate section tehran log that you have the table you quaking a psycho no Canada Roebuck I know heartache is symptoms Sarah in a color that the cone and signa belated very hard at it and anything regarding first a toe in a unit on atoning islet ECT treatment unit away Abernathy you know hidin in Burmese st I'm Cara Hanna and precise Torah hanging body er ni to no hospital yo no but chat b-but a quickie harder takes a b-tree be de high degree number one killer high terrain Mikey dead key number one course a oily never a Duda vaguely 50% medium and game another young lady are detect over say hospital Donna seabass a young boy God I do not Aquino another signal Maggie Carol can you clear its vectors nasai Haider give a girl a raggedy and the world sing to my home city dancing noble a raggedy madam hindered and a hospital young amateur people yeah na hoona I do go Maggie treatment the hospital the turbid overdiagnosed Oregon when he sees it already the other egotist Oregon where they had a good it winner we are in a tuna Maggie treatments a hobo Craig you know doc waking us ionizer give the endo signature fuller the later muscles here there I held a layer of me Stark torgul a turbine Eva I do not hard key muscle CD I'm sensitive boy Aquino madam Jana Maggie Maggie machines are to make a fully between Elena's a whole raggedy Mikey muscle see permanent damage CG doing even permanency doing Eva I do know a very hard key muscle city my ETS a glitchy beta yam Natuna within 20 minutes Deema Seba Hawaii I do not see raggedy muscles is he Gurkha depart Amasya daddy Maggie Hartley function the young K not altered up 100 Oba Rd gear konasana NASA hybrid my regular vodka hybrid Oconee arrhythmias in Heiner you say secrets on see I'm Wang e I do not harder taking treatment the D we I never delay time is muscle hybrid hearing a tune or treatment for the McCoy not awkward over same are you Nate who not oppa we didn't go in a highly say Mikey treatment option I some lamb neither broccoli hey Doc be really get close to my get to Manabe neutral corner angiography angioplasty to agustin ballooning Touareg a kind I never do terrible – I applaud to hunger people my dear Philippa dongho bhai say they are already hit navajo ropa de three are scheming unda the whole aghanim was effective way back yonder up the six are stars hindering a hearty muscled OCD by hailey hard msn bajalia le aduba complications Kiryat yam Hangul big is he big it's our yam no one can leave complications bump even a complication seen as the curry curry level you have instantly complications I am a Madame de aquino could at the heart attack Toro dining as a hyzer give the 50% hospital Johanna see hi Percy get to number one course a quick irregular every damn arrhythmias hyper say going as I gay Jim Nagy normal Meehan Amagi fun gotta begin mundo wounded Ana abnormal in a hula gaudy I do now Crimea doctor cardiac arrest legacy ba one common goals common memory lane arrival Zoe Marielena rain a diggie Anna Supercross idea Quigley Hartley muscle to the domestic by hailing Lee thing during a hard key function dough hand irani pumping xn 200 any body the example Bacharach boom bada et and bigoted sang-hun Durrani adora greedy kidney de brain lung star Luneberg vital organs there are two organs known effect or oconee each in behave what bhai do a program coding mocked up a Duga see Baba life-threatening organs fog lapa hi-c bikinis for Agra d-brane the itchy and raggedy Huna don't see biggie really they get a quickie hard key muscle said they messed over has a heart keep hard muscle we Yamato but a raggedy myself party I'm John so Craig at the hard key muscle sake why not book high by Yahoo hard the yaropolk IRA daddy hard key man you may already be in me and say hot zangi GSK BT didn't roll Appa I do already conductor this year could have the cardiac arrest good at this here I do my I'm not comin or in a high C quick heart failure may be heart failure the heart function muscles you see the hypocrisy there got a hot key function Hyundai give us a scene her lifelong how quickly Adam and me do keep on siggy enough hearty musters his whole Adams horn but I don't like doing it no doctor – in mother goober some wonder he become bothersome cab octagon nom de Nakata nah nah see nah I'm okay syndicate unattended in a car take a risky over from there when it away don't give me only a key but though I do hard a technocratic arrest or embassy so young companion hygienic raised in a confident when a number the corner table hockey live keypad open em up and Aggie offer you pressure period a support or Agha Maggie hockey I knock when a temper you in a hard to move restart open behind re not really know any kind of cardiopulmonary resuscitation may I really don't you know way they talk to what I'm conveying the seeker embassy hard to take care of a patient Emma's a hospital the madam Johnny array a do high target doctor knackery treatment process sort of a gay I do got treatment lawyer by a patient I'm gonna carry section throng longer the gay have the su camión now Kona a hon but the heck patient's in her head yo Booga was per hospital anything above a corner harder take cedar the King would Signoret equal treatment Adam how a boy on the Basu do meow I do I am the bird okay sook I did okay over treatment or cyka cyka idea in a colada treatment the whole raggedy my kid see big idiot critics to complication Gary axiom Wong Benina Audrina Maru in a quickie Iggy Claude no in Ottawa port Nina when you finally say I get a putana bejita Adama Calma Calma am lazy Dammam I know Lee IDE many no madam Jonathan diamond Anagha da cunha definitive treatment had a Maggie Maggie claw to exactly treat Omaha cauda equina McAllen le bonhomme Miami p-3b Pumbaa given a gold standard me I'm not Tao Heidi are already facility later got oh hi CD equina balloon turaga stained Harper comedy Toto acquaintance back my clothes no Mary blockage to clear to people I don't know whether it open heart surgery keyhole acquainted or is a minimally invasive like it open when the surgery unit open I take a you know Yi ng Peggy and your plastic witnessing leader on they get like a hard to see the catheter and mahabhava do be moving at open at the knee I do not return under the facility too late ray under me and Mohammed a given at the table Andre Harrigan a second options there quickly he dark relieved Pluto brain Autobot this all doable number hit up injection naina thrombolytic therapy in Ocoee aduba see acquainted to Matobo yeah I do we give mikata boy not idea to Maggie Maggie function I do table are pushing hard a dick togo patient Ahmadi Queen I sue the Cantor Carl a yam drama data you know the Oconee treatment altona first two three they say I'm critical or ever anytime my patients a CBD Rex labor Nina I do not any NASA hazard you the first eight hundred only now like the undertone AOP oh hi say a Duga C treatments in my aunt okra Bama tune de another separate our unit gently do a raggedy lifelong him as he don't treatment did them de Coligny Watanabe back say a Mook load a moment okay bhai say ammo hands and applaud formed over here it's a Mahankali okay I do not acquit lifelong energy that Adam Jabba matang Gianna doom Doctor Doom Tana Biba are they get jean-jacques can be innocent young Simba acidic our way the doctor was a heart attack from um as a second time on a mocha heretic totally muggy Hank McGee John cm member no a harbor a heart attack Amato Cuba mean by the second time had attacked over Heidi my gierek's complication be exhibited ships hangar hangar Lahani already certain lady I walk on a second time my game hard at it away hi say Cunha first heart attack to give Madame de Tourvel any preventive ammu cannot erupting about me insane yeah I'm kind of successful why they haven't even I do hit the begin madam I am Li Aquino modified away about yada BAM I am like oh I dunno hands and hands an enormous a hundred has an authority McGee a do Leonardo Toyama Matisse Maggie Rick's s on some handle the doctor was the key hi believer children process same ie laying atop I had my procedure me I'm Josie she's a heartbeat I see the day dr. Adam consultant cardiologist I believe Nina's she said the domestic a facility me I'm safe Allah play Oklahoma is Eric white and your plasticky and also do facilities room like comma I do go to my co get set up you have no idea doctor do no question resume Adam village like lava Nina market are for the doctor nah how did take sacrum toner Akram nah now talk at the gay have with me I'm done message so anytime we never eyes again harder takes a honest I hi Jackie busy lifestyle disease yeah I know Waco I do the risk factors are very important risk factors always study my arm see The X Factor's seven eight nine tapas EDA ocarina on top we are the various factors height array is in sihiem xalapa do do co-owned by Yara Roy are they gay genetic factors in my papaya Canada like Cuba do more factors from Oconee i'ma kind of modify to annihilate a Hideki no – hi hi but does it help or no pardon Accra Helena P DeSoto – a heart attack is Rick's a new partner Haley Adam Oh Quinn on top we are away see see not about any factors Miami say any was a hybrid diabetes diabetes Nara God II diabetes him Adam Donaghy and whoppers in a control Toby hey doc was on a job by adding a quickie glucose control person can Biba I see I'm the car way blood pressure Oaxaca D blood pressure key he docks a regular Lisa Baraga my gear quickie blood pressure C control Toba and they get a tidy lifestyle a quickie sedentary lifestyle physical activity physical activity see I'm important to Idaho City taking over the tumbler Draper man – among the term Peter Amanda Palmer girl a ray of his watery eye Dicky young the poor tongue tongue kanama das fiber chapada gari at all that's at pop I see it a bit said room like exercise kisi ke no system under a Benina I don't know regular exercise oh he I'm the heaviness of moderate exercise me quitting machina undo quite a healthy heart I'm oh I never give them an idea don't have bits a dum-dum be behind I exercise physical activity say don't over automata and Roberta fight this me mangani the a point of Punk I must exercise any from walking boy garage obeying or a toning but we see in the car way job at Haddad I am important way healthy diet hi raggedy see hot key wada not the overall when Imai am gay over general health care in a sodium atom me a pony busy tables Huayra cm Shaba hasanat Abba a de Geer Fergie process foot my hos Akane I'm Hungary Donna Adam process is cumbersome sausages Goomba say don't processed of whatever you natural okay no – did my dread home Hopkin it how how can you process – um the muggy self life ain't got no purpose and how no burp would say I'm Hobson miss a process would say we are in each other bah junk food chips are they gay biscuits cold drinks Mayim say I see a young boy in idk dum tum Bieber pipe I'm not going either obesity like busy so high and too hard at a tow rope I get accessory I'm Marie laning Diggy how could he meet kiss Haruka Tara dead meat man hi nari say oh ye poor query before they my CD I'm the cholesterol Freddie on the hanger hanger portney I see we are in a control to moderate or in a job moderation the Charbagh high doses are gonna hibernate OVA yam gnosis and abba entirely de smoking yum important heart attack a heart siggy aquino city amber marie lineage owner at over X Factor's there smoking no smoking we are in a avoid table you know dr. Anna smoke easy I'm the important I'm the marine Lanie have dinner Hui environmental air pollution they carry the heat Oliver fumes me I'm a sick human the zoo mr. Delaney who you study may I'm later Hazuki air pollution great Oh Buddha I do know air pollution environmental pollution sinner so heart disease heart attack heart coronary heart disease is a quince in de Lena related to medicine a sinner except one to two times environmental pollution they exposed over me Amaka exposed of the BA Tommy macapa Nevada Tommy tuna two times fixing early my Z doctor dr. Nancy Hart I take him at Unga cognitum bakery dr. Adam Mitchell ever madam Kaito peed in Arlington Va with a monk an attacker performed oh sorry thank you so much thank you the CJD impact news impact helding program estimate an asteroid which likely doctor and I become Aquinas you know maintain the way our lifestyle they get blood pressure the gear quit smoking habits khumba I see me I'm the control over pain and octant epiphany a new gallery Nana air pollution let's walk waiter had to take Toby Apogee chancy I'm the Murray Lena Vanina stakeholders Logano Zuma sing him a song de Pombal oh ho tenant as a messy Harrigan and see here personas emoticons resolution Vitaly Matangi episode expert a muppet in a large egg a topic and over gallery Nana me and I kinda be attorney Jerry thank you


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