Heart Attack First Aid

heart attacks if you suspect someone’s having a heart attack the signs might be that they’re pale cold clammy feeling sick feeling thirsty maybe they’ve just had a nasty shock or maybe they’re at rest and they suddenly feel incredibly ill keep everyone as calm as you possibly can encourage the person to sit on the floor in an upright position because they’re likely to be breathless and if they’re happy to do so pop something under their knees to put them into the lazy W position like this because that gives them a little bit of extra blood to their heart but not too much support them like that or leave them up against a wall if they have a GTN spray because they’ve got a history of our heart problem then you should encourage them to use it now they would shake it and they would spray under their tongue if they’ve been prescribed a 300 milligram aspirin they should also be taking that as well and they would chew it if there is a defibrillator to hand discreetly are somebody to get it so if you’re in a work environment or somewhere near where there is a defibrillator and likely be signed up then you would also want to get it put it out of sight of the person so as not to alarm them but then you’ve got it so that if they do collapse and you need to use it you have it for him to keep everyone as calm as you can get an ambulance all the way quickly and that will give them the best chance of a full recovery you

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