1. What about a CTA scan? I angree that EKGs are useless unless you have had a Heart attack already. I told My Dr. that and He got pissed because that and My enzymes were good. Good for arrhythmias but that's it. Doctors today are more interested in Your insurance than Your Health. I bet if they had chest pains They would be concerned.

  2. Thank you so much for such a great presentation. I'm enjoying your book very much! Getting my insulin checked this week!!

  3. Would the Kraft insulin assay results would be adversely affected if you have been on a very low carb diet for several months?

  4. What are typical CAC results for Vegans following a low-fat, high-carb, whole-food plant-based diet like those recommended by McDougall, Barnard & Esselstyn?

  5. Thanks so much for all your hard work Ivor , Its great all this information coming from someone with an engineering background and not someone with medical school preconceptions. Book is preorderd πŸ™‚

  6. Dear Ivor, thanks for the great lecture. I am, however, surprised you never mentioned "ketogenic diet" (a.k.a. high fat/ low carb or Atkins diet) during the lecture, even though it is exactly what you've been talking about and what you seem to have been following yourself. It just would make it easier to do the research for the public, such as the lady who asked the question about absence of fat among risk factors at 29:02.

    The ketogenic diet is the last piece in the puzzle that connects the dots: high carb/low fat diet – growing insulin resistance – metabolic syndrome = high calcium score – high risk of diabetes/heart condition/cvd/cancer – ketogenic (high fat/low carb) diet – improved insulin sensitivity – lower calcium scan – no diabetes/reduced risk for cvd/cancer/inflammatory processes, etc.

  7. Great presentation ! I was just wondering if insulin resistance is the elephant in the room , then what is driving heart disease in type 1 diabetics, as there is a lack of insulin …

  8. Ivor: Enjoyed the presentation and the clarity of the material. Do you have any reference lectures or do you know of a webpage/research paper where the hazard ratio information on calcium scores relative to other major diseases(ie Cancer, etc…) are available? I'm very curious about this. Thanks!

  9. +Ivor – Is there anywhere in the UK we can get this done privately, without a referral from a GP? I'm sure there would be lots of people willing to pay for peace of mind and to set a reference point for future health checks.

  10. I'd love to hear of any CAC testing on long term wholefood vegans. Anybody know of a clean eating vegan who has had a CAC scan and how they scored? I'm just curious as to how two very extremely different ways of eating i.e. wholefood high carb vegan / low carb high fat non vegan, can both provide optimum health – as it seems this is the case to me. Maybe we are just too hung up on fats/carbs/proteins when the main issue is just processed foods. Cut these out totally and eat only natural foods whether they be vegan or non-vegan and you will be healthy – end of story?

  11. +Ivor Could you provide a link to the EU guidelines you refer to? I am trying to convince my Swiss endo that I should have a scan, being a misled 46 year old Type 1 Diabetic for 33 years. Don't get me started…

  12. I`m 65 year old male just had this test done I`v been a bit high on the colesterol side since mid 40`s This is the results not sure what it means Coronary calcium score : Agatsto score 19 The observed calcium score is at percentile 37 for the subjects of the same age ,gender, race and ethnicity who are free of clinical cardiovascular disease and treated diabetes …..they now have me on rosuvastatin 20 mg and Colesevelam Hydrochoride 625 mg 3 times a day is this good or bad ….enjoyed you video thank you

  13. All my blood work results had been good except for my cholesterol and once your total cholesterol is high doctors automatically went to prescribe you a Statin drug, which I refuse to take. I took a CAC scan and my score was 0 despite my cholesterol being high. I wonder how many people are taking Statin drugs to lower their cholesterol and may have a CAC scan score of 0, but never truly knew because they never bothered to do a CAC scan.

  14. I've been completely sugar free for about 8 months and I don't plan on going back, and I've switched to whole single ingrediate foods.. Wondering if I still should get tested since I took out the root cause, I'm pretty much just trusting my body to heal itself. I do feel really great now that I'm not eating junk.

  15. Now I want a calcium scan.Β I live in Canada but I doubt my doctor will go for it as all my risk factors are good. He'll say there is no need. I'm a runner and eat fairly healthy but I admit to having a sweet tooth. I wish I could achieve a higher fat, lower carb/sugar diet. Great video.

  16. But what can one do when one is a young man with a very high CAC score? It sounds great if you get a zero score at 50 and have a 14 year warranty, but what if you're on the other end of the spectrum? Do you just learn that you are mostly doomed and deal with that for the rest of your short life?
    I'm 42 with a CAC score of 156 — abominable for my age. I should be ok for the next decade, but CAC increases at an average of 15% per year. If there is nothing proven to do anything about that, then I am basically hosed before I hit 60. If there's nothing I can do, how am I really better off knowing that I'm hosed?
    I also have very mild aortic stenosis, also abominable for a man my age. I was obese for close to a decade, lost 60 pounds, and THEN found out about all these heart issues, as some sort of joke I guess. Pretty funny, eh?

  17. Thank you for the wonderfully articulated presentation. Anyone who is interested in the root causes of heart disease owe it to themselves to watch this fine work.

  18. I am loving the talk, but I have a question: What if a person has been eating LCHF for several years and suddenly has a heart attack? All of the advice to eat the right foods has already been put into practice years ago, but the plaque built up anyway. This happened to my husband three weeks ago. Two surgeries and three stents later, he is on the mend, but we don't want this to happen again. What else is there to do to stop CVD if you are already doing the right things? I have been watching videos and reading articles, and all the advice is to stop eating high carb, etc. I do not want my husband to die. He has another artery that is partially blocked that was not stented. What can we do? Where do we turn? Thanks in advance for any direction you can give us.

  19. Brilliant presentation Ivor, very persuasive; not mainstream medicine yet, more likely due to inertia and lag-time

  20. The risk factor for smoking, is an effect of many relevant risks. Non smoking (control) is different in many ways. "Correlation does not imply causation"

  21. Ivor, Thanks a lot! Already a big fan! Just schedule my CAC scan for this week! Trying to spread your video between friends and colleagues. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

  22. A calcium scan saved my life 15 years ago. I paid $100 for the scan and it led to me immediately going to my cardiologist for an heart cath. The angiogram form the heart cath showed I had a 90% blockage in my LAD (widowmaker) artery. This was all after 3 false negative nuclear stress tests over the previous two years.

  23. I am investigating as a private person for a year now this subject. I cured myself from type 2 diabetes and obesity and I have made a Facebook Page to share all the information I have found on the internet. I was aware of Insuline resistance and the work of Dr. Kraft but this video was for me the missing link that has put alle the pieces off the puzle to one big metabolic picture for Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and many many more. Thank you very much this was realy great. I find it very hard that so many good information is only available in English. I am from the Netherlands and a lot of people are getting sicker every day but this technical English is to difficult for them. Sorry for my bad English. I have a page called Low Carb in Lowlands where I try to help the Dutch people.

  24. Fantastic, love the way you present this so clearly. Interesting to begin with the pathology and trace back through the causes, so obvious. So much more effective than starting with an ideology and then looking for supporting evidence. That is one difference between education and indoctrination. Thanks for being straight up with the data Ivor.

  25. Please keep these excellent presentations and interviews coming, Ivor!

    After watching your back catalogue, I transitioned to a VLCKD, plus a spot of bi-weekly intermittent fasting. It's amazing how easily the weight is coming off. I did the weight loss thing 10+ years ago through fairly extreme calorie restriction / low fat current then received wisdom and lots of cardio and eventually hit the wall (for reasons I now understand much better). This time, it's practically a walk in the park and I'm feeling better and have my appetite under control.

    All that De Nile is a River in Africa polydipsia/uria were gone before I'd even been at it for a month. Still have a ways to go and will of course need to get some diagnostics done down the road to fine tune things, but it's starting to feel like a Pareto Slapdown.

    Thanks a million!

  26. Ivor, what do you think about the hypothesis that NAFLD / fat build up in pancreas and not beta cell burn out causes loss of insulin function? Study out of Newcastle Univ. 8 week / 800 kcal/d cleared fat in liver and pancreas restoring insulin production in large portion of study participants?

  27. Great one Ivor, much needed clarity in a very muddy area, and I hope it gives a good kick up the arse to the prevailing dogma.

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