Heartbeat Music Therapy Helps Parents Cope with Loss of Teen

“Really considering the heartbeat as the most beautiful sound that, I think,” “is possible and when I’m thinking of rhythm, it’s our basic beat.” “So me using that as our foundation
create something” “that could preserve the humanity of the
situation has been a focus of mine.” “The worry that a lot of families I work with, that they would forget” “um…something like the way that they feel, or” “the touch of their hand.” “It’s my job as a creative arts therapist to find pieces that are still successful, that are working inside of them.” “I’m focusing really on that quality of life” “and the songs that come out are as
individual as the families. “I looked forward” “to talking about this,” “and to me this is something in this whole process that has been positive.” “Brian was able to use a stethoscope microphone and record my son’s heartbeat.” “To be able to have that and carry that around on my phone is… his heartbeat.” “I mean, I can listen to his heartbeat whenever I choose to.” “Our son was dying in front of us and it was very tough.” “So just to hear that music, it really, really got my spirits up. And I needed that.” “You have to go through the processes and all of the emotions” that go along with it, and music is good guide to help you through that.” “It is for me.”


  1. Mendengarkan lagu ini, saya seperti merasakan kehadiran dia disini,, luar biasa dan saya harap bisa mempunyai lagu itu dari semua orang yang saya cintai

  2. Every human heart beat is a universe of possibilities ~ Gregory Davis Roberts

    Brian Schreck, you are an amazing human being ♥ ♪ ♥ ♪ ♥

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