Heart’s Medicine – Time To Heal: The Movie (Cutscenes; Game Subtitles)

Blue Giraffe GameHouse Heart’s Medicine – Time to Heal A-Allison, Daniel’s not looking good… That’s because he’s bleeding out, Jenny! We’ll need to clamp this artery. GOT IT! Time to floor it, Joe! This won’t hold by itself, I’ll need to place a ligature. Jenny, get me the kit. Daniel hasn’t got much time left… Tell Joe to drive faster… Any chance you could drive even faster, Joe? I’ll try. Joe! CAN YOU KEEP THE AMBULANCE STEADY, MAYBE?! It’s either faster or steadier, Allison… This storm isn’t helping. The ligature is holding, but he’s still losing blood somewhere… I need you to survive for me, Daniel… Help me undo his straps. There it is! You hold him steady and I’ll stitch the wound. He… He’s stabilizing! And we’re close to the hospital, he might just be okay! I really hope so… I… I just can’t lose him now. No, you’re right, I think he might just be oka… ALLISON! JENNY! HOLD ON! Three months earlier… Heart’s Medicine – Time to Heal A little to the left… I’ll say when to stop. Hey Daniel! Allison! I heard you were back! You excited about finally interning at the Surgery Department? Excited and scared… Nonsense, you’ve got nothing… …to be scared of. Ugh… Don’t worry, I’m okay! I’m… just going to take a quick nap… I’m sorry Allison, but if I don’t keep working this renovation might be the end of me… No problem, I need to be in surgery anyway! Hey Dr. Quinn, my nam… Why did they send me two interns?! This is not going to work, I can only train one intern at a time… One of you is going to have to go. Well, it’s not going to be me! Oh… But… I kinda thought… Okay, so it’s been decided. But… But what do I do now? You can talk to Michael at the ward, he’s always in need of more interns. …And that’s pretty much how everything works here at the ward! Exciting, isn’t it? Let me guess, Quinn sent you? I might be able to take on another intern, but you’re pretty late… I… I’m really sorry, I thought I was assigned to surgery… Hmmmm, I could explain everything again… Jenny? You were here on time, do you mind a little déjà vu? Nope, I love instructions! That’s really nice of you, Jenny. I think I’ll get the hang of it… I don’t want to waste any more of your time. Let’s get started. …And I’m done. What a day… Allison, these are the dirty sheets from all the wards. You mind giving them a wash? Sure… No, I can only train one intern… Oh, I don’t mind, you just take the one surgery internship there is… Allison, why don’t you just wash ALL THE SHEETS IN THIS HOSPITAL!? Sure, seems like fun! I’m such a loser… Uhm… Connor? Allison!? Hi, ehm… I was just… ehm… …showing Jenny where to find the… ehm… disinfectant… yeah… So… yeah… Jenny… now you know. Bye! Oh, Allison… Welcome back. I know this isn’t your favorite place in the world Earl, but at least the sun is shining. You know the sun will give you skin cancer, right? Sure, but that would give you something new to complain about. Allison! Maybe Allison can cheer you up. *HMPF* I don’t like brunettes, they can be quite annoying… Good luck… Hey Earl, do you need anything? Yes, I need to not be in a hospital. I can’t really change that, but I could get you a glass of water? Water!? What am I? A plant?! Is the temperature in here always set to “Devil’s waiting room”? Hmmm, it is pretty warm. I can try to set the thermostat a little lower. Try!? How about you just DO it? Oooh, I read that book too, do you like it? It’s incredible… …Incredible what passes for writing these days. Utter garbage… Could you stop walking around so much? Uhm… My job requires me to walk around… Sure… Just ignore my requests… I’m freezing! Can’t you turn the thermostat up? First you’re too hot, now you’re too cold… A person can change his mind, can’t he? By the way, shouldn’t I have gotten some form of medication by now? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ve got the medication. With this whole renovation several orders have gotten mixed up, so it took a little longer. So I almost die of old age here, because you… I dare you to finish that sentence. Allison… Ruth, I’m so happy to see you! I heard what happened with Quinn, dear, not really what you were hoping for on you first day back… I don’t know Ruth, maybe I just wasn’t ready for surgery… Oh, shut the front door. You’re just as good as that brat Mason, and Quinn is an idiot for not picking you… Come to think of it, all the men in this hospital could use a brain transplant. Thanks Ruth, I needed that! Just speaking the truth, dear, now let’s get some food in you. I’m heading back to the pharmacy now, but remember Allison, don’t let anyone get you down. Especially these jokers… Well… Uhm, yes, you can just drop it off over here… Uhm, Daniel, what’s happening? I was kinda sorta hoping we could store a couple of things for the renovation here. Uhm, but doesn’t that interfere with our patients? It might… A little, but you would really, really, really help me out of a bind. Okay, if you’ve talked this through with Michael… Thanks Allison, you’re amazing! What’s that for? For helping me out today. This renovation hasn’t been going well… …and it’s nice to have a little help instead of just complaints. Well, thank you. This renovation is really important to you, isn’t it? You know I became the head of the hospital because of my father, right? This is my way of stepping up and showing people I’m just as capable, if not more capable than my father. And I’m not going to let a few negative voices stop me from making this the best hospital in the world… …Even if that means I have to renovate it myself. Well, you’ve got my help now. That’s true, but you also have an internship you have to finish, so I’ll use that help sparingly. You look suspiciously happy… I know, it was this thing Daniel said yesterday… He talked about not letting negative voices influence him and I guess that stuck in my mind. Talking about negative voices… I hope he doesn’t give you too much trouble, but Earl’s blood pressure needs to be checked every minute or so today. Don’t worry, I’m just going to kill him with kindness… Can you kill me now, because I’m already done with this happy nonsense. Pointless. Can you be any slower? Don’t hurry on my account. Speed isn’t one of your strong suits, is it? You done yet? Oh no, this isn’t happening! Well, at least you can make it over here quickly when my life’s in danger… What?! Are you insane?! I thought you were dying, EARL! ARRRGH! Why?! I’ve been nothing but nice to you today… And you’ve been spewing insult after insult. What did I ever do to you? Oh, so now you have nothing to say… I’m not falling for that again, Earl. EARL? EARL?! I know we don’t always get along… But I need you to come back… …Dad… Oh… Allison! Yesterday I didn’t have a chance to tell you, but I’m really happy you were here to help Earl. How’s he doing? Not responsive, but still alive, thanks to you! I guess… I’m so sorry Earl, it… It’s all my fault… Please be alright… That’s something I don’t miss about being a doctor… All the worrying… Did you do enough? Is your patient going to be okay? It’s not just that Daniel, nothing has been going the way it should. I was going to start surgery, I was going to impress everyone, I was going to save people. Not have a patient, who was under my watch, almost die… I know things look bad right now. But think of it this way… At least things can’t get any worse. *SIGH*… I have to tell Michael I caused Earl’s heart attack… Michael… Yes? I… I… I can’t remember, do we bandage clockwise or counterclockwise? Clockwise, and there’s no shame in asking. Michael… I have to tell you something really bad… I… I think I might have caused your father’s heart attack… He was trying to get a rise out of me and I yelled at him, that was when he started shaking… Yes, he does tend to annoy people. And by the way, you should always stand up to him, but Allison… Unless you labeled medicine incorrectly, you didn’t cause anything. Something tells me, you’re being pretty hard on yourself. I used to be the same way, but in the end it doesn’t help you at all. Take my dad, he’s been hard on me ever since my adoption, even more so after Mom passed. I could cower, let that influence my self-worth, but that only hurts me more… No one is going to believe in you, unless you believe in yourself. Of course, that’s all theoretical… You know, I don’t even know if he loves me? Okay, enough of this sentimental stuff, let’s get to work. Oh… Hey Allison, did we have a meeting? Well, no, but I was hoping to get Earl’s medical records. Just to see if there’s something I can do. That’s very admirable Allison, I think his file is… Right here! Thanks Daniel. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Allison?? Allison?? Did you sleep in the hospital? I might have… Okay, but why did you sleep on the ground?! There are like three good beds in here! I… I… don’t know… Oh no, Earl’s file!? I’m sure it’s all still there, just collect the pages… I really wish I could help you, but with everything that’s gone wrong at the pharmacy… I was here to pick up the prescription bottle with Earl’s medication, but that seems to have disappeared. I didn’t even ask about all the problems at the pharmacy… It’s been pretty hectic all around, maybe we can catch up after your shift? You’ve got a deal. A-hem I’m sorry Ruth, I was looking over Earl’s file again, there must be something I can do for Michael… You know, he doesn’t even know if his dad loves him. I don’t think you can find proof of love in a medical file, Allison… Some people, especially Earl, have had their heart locked far far away… …and it takes quite some searching to find it. That’s it! Ruth, you’re amazing! I know, it comes naturally to me… …But why, exactly? What are you so happy about? Queensburrow Bridge Hospital! It’s a nice hospital, but I don’t understand why that makes you so happy… Your dad, he lives in Queensburrow, he practically has a hospital next to his house… Yet he travels an hour and a half each week to go to the hospital you work at. Your dad might not say a lot of positive things, but his actions speak way louder than words. And I know this doesn’t get him out of his state, but this must at least prove he loves you a little… I… I never thought about it like that… Thank you, Allison. I was hoping that Earl would be back, before I had to leave for another department. I almost forgot, tomorrow is your last day… I’ll really miss having you here. You want me to wash these sheets? Nah, I’ll take care of it, you’ve done more than enough. WAAAAKE UP!!! Being my last day, it was worth a try… You have to put your lungs behind it, otherwise it’s never going to work… WAAAAAKE UUUUUUUP!!! That’s my dad, even sleeping he manages to do the exact opposite of what people want him to do… You did very well, Allison. To be honest, better than I expected when you first arrived… You care more than anyone and that’s what is going to make you an amazing doctor. Try to remember that… You’re much, much better than you think you are. You’ve also been a great teacher… Bucket… Get me a bucket… EARL! Thanks, I might puke from this sappy mush. Good to have you back with us, Earl! You do know, right? Know what? You know… That I… I lo… I lov… I know you do, Dad. Hey Daniel, you look like you’re having a hard time. I’m picking out colors for the new hospital wing. I’ve got it down to Brandon’s Blue and Parade Blue… Why don’t you pick the color? Are you sure about that? Completely, I mean what’s the worst that could happen? I must be losing my mind… Hey Ruth… I’m so happy you’re here. This new pharmacy is great, but I really need to check our orders, because things keep going wro… I need methyl-pre-pred-predniso-niso… Methylprednisolone, here you go. What if I deal with the patients and you just go through all the orders without being bothered. Amazing, Allison! You’re going to earn that ‘A’ I was going to give you anyway… And? It’s a complete mess, several things haven’t been ordered… …and we have a huge stock of amphetamines arriving. Daniel is really mucking things up… I’ll give that boy a piece of my mind! Go easy on him Ruth, he’s got this entire hospital to run now on top of the renovation. He looks pretty stressed as it is. I make no promises, but for you I’ll try. Are you here to mess things up some more? No… I mean… Sorry, what? I was just looking for something for my headache… You know what gives me a headache? When my stock doesn’t add up, because someone’s not handling the orders properly. I’ve already fixed some of the problems… But not all, I’m afraid… Today several boxes will arrive with some of our missing medicine. It’s just this renovation’s taking more of a toll than I thought it would. I’m sure it’s going to be okay. What? I tried, didn’t I? I’ve also got a letter for you from… I know where it’s from! Is everything, alright? It really looks like a lot of the things we we’re missing are here! Now we just need to go through it all and tally it. You want to make a night out of it? GIRLS’ NIGHT! Definitely! I was meaning to ask you… I can see something is happening with you and Daniel. I have no clue what you’re talking about. But what ever happened to you and Connor? Well… I don’t think that’s going to become a thing, since he’s now hooking up with Jenny. You mean that manic pixie that’s bouncing around the halls? Well if that’s what he’s into now, good riddance… I might not think Daniel’s great at running this hospital, but I guess he is a decent guy. That has to be the most amazing surgery you’ve ever done! Well, there was this one time a man’s liver imploded and I still saved him. I’m here to pick up the amphetamines for my narcolepsy. Allison? Dextroamphetamine. It’s not here… Tsk… That could have been your intern. Can’t even find a box on a shelf. It has to be here somewhere… I don’t have time for this, I’ll be back tomorrow! You need to have it by then, because I run out in two days and my O.R. is booked solid! I can’t seem to find it, I guess we’re going to have to go through the closet box by box. Nothing… It’s so weird… Yesterday you counted an overstock of amphetamines and now we can’t find a single one. You’re not secretly running a drug cartel are you, Allison? Oh no, it seems the gig is up. You’ve finally caught me, Ruth! We do have to find out what happened, I’ll start making some calls. So you’re a hundred percent sure you’ve sent us the medication? We’ll take another look around our end. Is the medication fo… We’re working on it… OKAY!? This is getting serious. A large quantity of this type of medication going missing… We’ll need to report that to Daniel after this shift. I’m sure he’ll know what to do. I DON’T NEED OUR GUYS ASPHALTING THE ROAD TO THE HOSPITAL, I NEED THEM TO FINISH OUR NEW WING! AARGH! Allison, Ruth, I’m sorry… The renovation? Anything we can do? *AH-HEM* We actually have a problem of our own… A large amount of amphetamines have disappeared from the pharmacy. Hmmm… I’m sure they’ll turn up, they’ve probably just been delivered to the wrong room. But we counted them a day before they… Allison, I don’t know, maybe you’ve misplaced them, maybe someone moved them thinking they were something else… I have a lot of pressing issues to deal with and all probability says they weren’t stolen. But we need them to… You’re an amazing team, I’m sure you can figure something out. I’m sure Daniel will know what to do… Oliver! If you keep escaping, one of these days someone is going to step on you… That guinea pig is going to be the death of me! You better tell me you have my medication, RIGHT NOW! I’m afraid we still haven’t been able to… I HAVE SURGERY TODAY, I NEED THAT MEDICATION! I understand, but we’ve tried everything and… Are YOU going to tell my patient that he’s going to have to wait TWO MORE WEEKS, in which he could possibly DIE, because some GLORIFIED CLERK can’t find my medication!? I’m sorry, Quinn. All I can do is call around to other hospitals… …But they’ll have to be willing to break the rules to give us their controlled substances. I’ll expect my medication, before this afternoon’s operation! JUST DO YOUR JOB! I’d like to talk to Ted Lansing at Queensburrow Bridge Pharmacy… That was the last one, I’m afraid… I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t break the rules either… I’ll go to the O.R. and tell Quinn. Thanks, Allison I told him he shouldn’t do the surgery, but he wouldn’t listen… What do we do now? You were taking a long time… What’s happening here?! Found some! Everyone out of my O.R., you’re contaminating this operation! Not you, Mason… I need you to stitch up this patient! Uhm, Daniel? Where did you ‘find’ these amphetamines? Oh, I got them from another hospital… Another hospital… Everything okay, Ruth? Maybe… Are you sure, you’re okay? You’ve hardly said a word. Something’s not right about what happened today. Something’s been not right the whole time… I’m just glad everything ended well. Hmm, maybe… I need to check something… Quinn, are you in here? RUTH?! This is the MEN’s bathroom, can’t this wait? Can I see the prescription bottle Daniel gave you today. I’m on the TOILET!? So? You can’t roll a prescription bottle under the door? You’re not going to let this go, are you? What do you think? Just as I suspected! Ruth? Can I have my prescription bottle back? RUTH? AARGHGHRHG! Look at this… This bottle of amphetamines was from our stock… It didn’t come from another hospital! But… But where did Daniel get it from then… Exactly! The only reason Daniel would have these, is if HE was the one who took them! So, what are we looking at? Ruth was just showing me the address on this prescription bottle… It looks like it was sent to our hospital and is part of the missing amphetamines, Daniel. So… You think I’ve been stealing our own medical supply? Like that doctor on TV… Wow, guys, just wow. It simply must have been mislabeled… By the way, doesn’t Quinn need this medication? I’ll bring the medicine back to Quinn, you just go back to work, okay? Seriously… He did seem pretty sincere… A mislabeled bottle, Allison? That would be such an immense coincidence. It does happen… It happened to Earl… So you’re suggesting that it must have happened twice then? I just don’t buy it. But I don’t think Daniel would steal medicine, it’s DANIEL. I like him too, but you must admit the whole thing is weird. IF he does have the pills, just IF, he must have them in his office. There is a way we can find out, once and for all. Thanks for helping us hang up these promotions, Daniel. No problem, it allows me to be a strong manly man for a change. …And to be honest I could use a little break from my phone with you lovely ladies. I’m going to use the little girl’s room, you just get started. That’s the last of it. Did Ruth fall through the toilet? She’s been gone a long time. Yeah… Uhm… Old age? Daniel!… Ehm… Do you ever think about when we first met? Sometimes, do you? Sometimes… Maybe we should talk about this later… I really need to go back to my office. No!… You…You can’t go to your office… Why? What’s going on, Allison? No… Ruth! I need you to get out… I’m sorry, Dani… I don’t have time for this, there’s a lot of things I need to do. Don’t blame, Alli… GET OUT! We should have never done that, Ruth. I was so sure… But there was nothing in there… The pharmacy is about to open again and I’m sick to my stomach. I just hope he can forgive us… *KNOCK KNOCK* Daniel? Can we come in? We feel really bad, Daniel. We want to apologize, Daniel. What we did was awful… It’s no problem, an honest mistake, could happen to everyone. No Daniel, we really did something wrong. I KNEW IT! D… Daniel? Y… You didn’t. You made me believe I was going mad! These pills are going with me, back to the pharmacy… You can’t take them! I need them! I… I need something to keep me going… I just need to finish this renovation… I… I was going to show my father I could do this… My dad… He’s going to be so disappointed… Your dad? Just be glad the hospital board isn’t involved… YET! Ruth! We can’t… Daniel made a mistake, a big one, but if we involve the board, he’ll lose everything… A mistake?! He’s a self-medicating doctor… Such a cliché… …And you just want to let him get away with it and keep working as an addict!? What if I help him detox and kick the medication? Ruth… Please… First we need to remove all the medication you have here. I know you’re ashamed, but we’ll get through this… Find all of Daniel’s medication! Done. Thank you. Don’t thank me yet, you still have a long road ahead of you… So how’s your favorite addict doing? He’s getting better… How are you doing? Well, the pharmacy is back fully stocked and in order, which makes me very happy! Did you know that today would’ve been the last day of your internship at the pharmacy? Well, let’s get started then! I guess that’s it… I didn’t even ask where you were going next. I… I don’t know, I haven’t checked my schedule… I’m scheduled to go to… The Emergency Room! You’ll love it there! You’ll learn some serious medical stuff. Don’t be a stranger, Allison. Don’t be silly, I’ll see you for lunch tomorrow! Allison, right! I’m Sophia, I run the E.R.… Wow, this place is pretty impressive! Yup, but you look like you can handle it! Well, that’s us! You’re in for a fun day! Can’t wait! That’s the attitude! Another good day for the books! You got a bit winded, didn’t you? Yeah, sorry, there was a lot going on… Don’t apologize, you did amazing! I don’t know… Believe me, you didn’t puke, you were in control, you helped several patients… You didn’t kill anyone and you’re still alive… That’s a great job in my books! Hey Allison! Meet Joe. Hey! I would give you a hand, but then my fair lady would fall to the floor. My name’s Joe and I drive one of the ambulances here… …I also managed to somehow get this amazing woman over here to fall madly in love with me. I’m just dating you for your car… Is that right? Hmm… It does have a siren and it is pretty impressive… Ah, whatever… Speaking of my car… I need to get going. You ready, Jenny? Totally! Love you and see you after my shift! That man… He’s just so perfect! Life is so much better if you have someone to share it with. Sophia is awesome, she’s in total control and nothing gets her down… And she actually likes me… ME! Why wouldn’t she? And I’ve been doing really great, no mistakes… And the work is REAL medical work, I’m suturing wounds, removing glass and I’m just… I’m sorry… I keep rambling about how awesome everything is and I didn’t even ask how you’re doing. Surprisingly well, actually. I mean, i’ve been able to stay away from amphetamines so far… And even the renovation has been going better than ever. On top of that I get to spend some time with you. I couldn’t have gotten through this without you, Allison… I… I have to get back to the E.R.… I’ll talk to you later… I was about to send out the dogs… You had a pretty long lunch… Someone special? Saved by the bell! I… Is my dad g-going to be okay? I… I… don’t know… Don’t worry, we have the best doctors in the world working on him… Allison? I could use a little help… Well, at least he’s stable… Can I talk to him? You can try, honey, but he might not be able to talk back yet… One for you and one for your dad… Dad? What’s going on Allison, you haven’t been yourself the whole day… Well… This is all a little too familiar to me… Oh no, we’re crashing… Don’t worry Alli, we have parachutes, they’ll never catch us now! And we lived happily ever after! Right Dad? Indeed we did! Now we go play hide and seek… And don’t hide on an extra easy spot… okay? Okay, Alli… …Twenty …Nineteen …One …Zero! Ready or not, here I come! I found you! Dad? Dad, get up, this isn’t funny! Dad?! Can you move a little, I need to get… S-Sorry… His situation isn’t great, he’s totally out of it… We don’t usually see a patient this young in such a state. If only we could’ve gotten to him sooner… Yup, if only… What happened? Why did you run away? It is all my fault, if I found my dad sooner he would still be okay… Sweetie, you’re dad had a cardiac event, there would’ve been nothing you could do even if you had found him sooner. Let’s go back to your dad, shall we? You want to help, right? I’m a 100% sure your dad can hear you, even though he can’t talk. What if you just keep talking to him to remind him why he has to stick around. Whadda you say? Okay! …And you promised me we would go to Happy Funtime Land this year and you always have to keep your promises… …I will keep my room clean, I will not ask for candy for a full week and I will always, always listen… …And… And… Mr. Giraffe would really miss you a whole, whole lot… Yawwwwn… And who would read to me, before bed? You… Yawwwwn… You always do all the voices!!! I… yawwwwn I… also can’t reach… yawwwwn… …can’t reach… zzzZZZZZZ What’s happening? What’s happening?! I… I… I only fell asleep for a second… I’m so sorry… It’s okay, it was a long time ago… It’s just… This little girl, I know exactly how helpless she feels… Have I ever told you why I like lollipops? No matter how bad a day is, you can always have a lollipop! It’s always something that’s achievable… And it might not change anything, but at least now you have something sweet that lasts a little while… There isn’t a day that can’t be improved with a simple gesture, small acts of kindness that make all the difference. So what can we do to make this girls’ day just a little better? Well, I think we have three or four colored pencils here… …And we could give Lisa some stationary or graph paper to draw on. Lisa? Would you like to make a drawing for your dad? I’ll help you whenever I can, okay? Look doctor Allison! I drew you! Wow, that’s really beautiful, Lisa! Lisa, have you ever seen the inside of an ambulance? Does it have lollipops? Does it have lollipops!?… Of course it has! …Aren’t the ambulances that way? Yes, but let’s take the scenic route. Aaarrg… Arrr… Aarrgg! It doesn’t look good… He’s too weak to receive medication, but too far along to recover on his own. We have to do something, Sophia, he’ll die otherwise… I knew the E.R. was a dangerous place, but this is a first for me… I’m sorry, Daniel… It’s this case… And these stupid medical journals aren’t helping me at all! When was the last time you were anywhere besides this hospital? I don’t know… Okay, tonight, you’re eating a homecooked meal at my place. And I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer, missy! Have a nice dinner! Thank you… Allison? Allison! I wanted to know if you wanted something to drink. I’m sorry, I keep having to apologize to you… If you’re going to be thinking about it anyway, why don’t you tell me about your case? Well… It’s a 49 year old male, came in with a heart condition… So basically, you need some way to make him well enough to handle the cardiac medication? Exactly, then he could recover almost instantly… Well… There’s this doctor in Boston who’s experimenting with slow degrading stimulants to increase a patient’s health temporarily during a treatment… …And then only after the patient has started the real recovery the stimulants start breaking down… Daniel, that could actually work! Dr. Foggerty, Boston General… I guess that this dinner is over… Rain check! This is really impressive Allison, this might actually save his life. So, we’re going to try it? Uhm… Yeah! You’ll have to keep his stimulant level up during this shift. Will that help save my dad? We really, really, really hope so. Come on… You have to do the rest now… Lisa? You know you did that, right? I normally don’t do this on good days, but I think you’ve deserved one of these… I owe you my life, Allison… And on top of that Lisa told me all about what you guys did for her… We just did our jobs. Well, thank you! You take good care of him. I will! I actually saved a life… Yes, you did! You know, not every day can be like this, but… Joe taught me that if you remember these days and forget the rest, you’re truly invincible! So you do listen to me? Every once in a while… Guess who just saved a life? Really? That’s amazing, Allison! What’s so important? Well… Tomorrow I’m showing some people the progress we made on our new wing… I’m thinking about inviting my dad… What if he doesn’t like it? I’ve worked so hard, I really want to impress him… *SIGH*… Maybe I shouldn’t invite him yet… Daniel, you shouldn’t worry so much. What’s not to like? This wing looks amazing, I’m sure John will love it. If I can save a man, you can show your dad this amazing new wing! So… Here it is, it’s still a little rough, but this is our new wing! Amazing! I like the feng shui of this room. Wow, you actually did a pretty good job. I love it. What do you think Dad? It… It’s awful… My hospital was fine before, it doesn’t need a new wing. And who picked this color, blue for a hospital?! JOHN! What were you thinking?! Daniel! Allison, I need a little time alone. But… You don’t have to worry Allison, I won’t… You know, I won’t… I just… just… need a little time… okay… You have a great last day at the E.R.… A-Allison? Your arm!? Th… That needs to be set and stitched up, you’ve already lost a lot of blood… Th… The others? The others!? She’s still breathing and her pulse is strong! It looks like she dragged herself onto the grass and then passed out. I don’t see Joe… He might still be in the ambulance… A… arrr… J-Joe fffffirst! I… I’ll survive… Joe? JOE! St-Still alive… Joe! Thank goodness! I’m coming for you! Joe? I can’t really see… How are you doing down there? I’m… I’m a little stuck, bit scratched up, but that’s about it. AARGG… aaah… RGRGRG… All… Alli… Allison… Allison! Catch… Take those bandages, you’ll need them for Daniel. Go save him! You can come back for me later… Thank you… ArrrgGG… Arrr! I… I’m losing… feeling… Arrg… arm… Yo… You… have to… d-do… it… now! Daniel, I have no kit, all I have are these two bandages… If it’s broken higher up and I try to set it… R-Risk… w-we… rrrrrg… have to… t-t-take! N-Now… D-Do it! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGG! NO! The wound… an artery must have ruptured… A-Allison? Was th… that scream, Daniel? Ye… Yes… He… He’s out… His arm it’s… Stay focused Allison, what is it you need to do? I… I need to stitch Daniel’s wound… There’s… so… so much blood, Joe… B-But my suturing tools… I don’t ha… But if you keep the pressure on, he’ll be alright for now, right?. Yes… Good! I’ve looked and I don’t think the suture tools are in the ambulance, so maybe they’re out there somewhere… I can’t reach it… JENNY! I could really use your help right now… Maybe I can find something that’ll help me reach it… That stick might just work… *CLANG!* Joe, what happened? Is everything okay? Everything is fine, I think a panel came loose, don’t worry about me… I DID IT! JOE, I actually did it! JOE?! JOE! One month later… ARG! I can’t wait till the new pediatrics room is built so I can get out of here! Oh, I kinda like it here. You would, wouldn’t you? What do you like most? The constant sweat smell… …Or dealing with people who can do nothing for themse…? Back to work, I guess… Jenny! You ready for tonight? I got us combo-tickets for both Lucha Libre wrestling and the monster truck rally… I don’t know Connor, cars getting crushed… Oh… But… uhm… these are non-refundable… Hmmm… We could also watch the new ‘Disposables’ movie. Nevermind, let’s just do what you want… Cool! It’s going to be a great night! Just you wait and see… Make sure you’re on time tomorrow, I might need your help… Allison is coming back to work… …against my advice. Don’t worry about Allison, she’s a big girl that can handle herself. Allison! So good to have you back! You okay? As okay as I can be… I’ve just had to testify… I’m just happy to get back to work. Well, let’s get back to work then! Daniel…? Where… Where have you been, I’ve been calling you… I mean we haven’t even talked… Daniel? Daniel!? I just don’t get it, he hasn’t spoken to me since the accident… Is he angry? Did I do something wrong? Well, $%*# ’em then! If he doesn’t wanna talk to you, he doesn’t deserve to talk to you! I wouldn’t use the same words, but I have to agree with Connor here… And if Chance and I actually agree on something, it has to be true! Don’t worry, we’ll cheer you up! Prin-cess! We talked about this Connor, you can’t bring your dog to work. It’s a therapy dog! You know that just calling it that, doesn’t make it true, right? Okay… She can stay… Now let’s find some toys for you to play with! Thanks for today, Connor! Don’t thank me, thank Princess! Thanks Princess! See you guys, tomorrow! Isn’t the recovery room closed in the evening… It used to be, but Daniel specifically asked to train here after hours… …to make sure he isn’t “disturbed” by anyone. How’s he doing? He hasn’t been able to move two of his fingers yet… I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to… What do you mean it’s most definitely me?! You took me to a monster truck rally… I mean, you’re not exactly relationship material… When you nearly die, you start to re-evaluate your life. So it’s that again… It’s not like you’re going to drive an ambulance off a cliff a second time… Right? Allison? Allison? WHY IS IT ALWAYS SUCH A MESS IN HERE, DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING MYSELF?! Uhm… Okay… It doesn’t matter Connor, it was nice, but now it’s over… Well… That’s just great… I guess cleaning up is out of the question… I’m not the most observant guy in the world, but something tells me this wasn’t really about the messy room… It wasn’t… Wait! I’ll get you some tea, Chance always says everything’s better with a cup of tea… Now where did you hide your tea, you… So if I never talked Daniel into showing the wing to his dad… Joe would still… And Daniel… You’re going to become a doctor, Allison, so you can’t think like that. At the end of the day, you can only hope you’ve done more good than bad. But I’m one to talk… I might not show it, but things get to me just as much… Just try to focus on the good things you’ve done… You saved some kid’s dad, right? I’m sorry Allison, I mean… I really, really want this… But not like this. …But I also don’t want see you any sadder, let’s just pretend it didn’t happen. Has someone been drinking my tea? I dunno, maybe it was the tea-burglars, there’s been a lot of tea-robberies lately… Allison! Have you seen Daniel? No, but he might be here after closing time, why? He was supposed to testify about the events during the crash… This is the second appointment he’s missed… He… He hasn’t spoken to me since the crash, I just want to know he’s okay… Well, he hasn’t talked to me since the crash either… I’m so sorry, Allison… It’s not your fault… I’m not so sure… Time for a walk Princess, you comin’? Yeah, I could use a little fresh air, thanks… Don’t thank me yet, you’re picking up after her! Hey Allison, there you are! Do you know Sophia is in the hospital and she’s looking for you? You look a little pale, everything okay? Why? Why is she looking for me? Did she look angry? I didn’t think she looked angry… …But here she comes, you can ask her yourself… Hide me!! Sophia! Sophia! Allison’s right… …Here… Hmmm, that’s strange, she was here just a second ago… She just left 10 seconds ago… …That way. There she is again! Are you sure you want to keep doing this? Connor, I’ve been trying to find Allison all day, have you seen her? No, she… uhm… she’s not here. BARK!! BARK!! Hey Girl… What are you… Allison?! Allison?! What… I’m… I’m so sorry… Joe… It’s all my fault… You must be so angry… Angry? Angry at you? Angry for what? I’m sure you did everything you could for Joe… I… I do have something to ask you, though… Joe… My Joe… I can’t even bury him… The mortician is holding the remains until everyone involved has testified… Daniel… Exactly… I know you and Daniel are close, can you talk to him? I don’t know, Daniel’s been ignoring everyone since the accident. But I can try… Thanks, Allison… Daniel? Daniel! Please, I need to talk to you… I did the best I could in that crash, Daniel… And Joe… Joe… Be angry with me all you like… but you need to testify. Sophia needs closure Daniel, she needs to be able to bury Joe. Fine! Be that way! I can’t believe I thought we… …Nevermind! I’m really sorry… So much gloom… You guys need some serious fun and Allison, you know what that means… GIRLS’ NIGHT! I’m in! Allison, you bring the food. Sophia, you bring the drinks. And I… I’ll bring the entertainment! Is that for me? You shouldn’t have… I didn’t, this food is girl-only, so unless you went through some drastic changes… Hmmm, Emily didn’t say this recipe was going to be so complicated… That was sooo good! Yeah, if this doctor thing doesn’t work out… I can’t take full credit, it was a recipe from a friend. How about that entertainment… You cheeky monkey… I was getting to that! Nothing like a little KA-RA-O-KE! I’ll start… ♪♫♬As he came into the window, it was the sound of a crescendo…♪♫♬ ♪♫♬Hit me with your best shot! Why don’t you…♪♫♬ ♪♫♬…As long as I know how to love, I know I’ll stay alive…♪♫♬ ♪♫♬It’s like ra–ea-ain on your wedding day!♪♫♬ ♪♫♬DON’T STOP ME NOW! CAUSE I’M HAVIN SUCH A GOOD TIME!♪♫♬ Thank you so much, I really needed that… It’s been pretty lonely, since Joe died… Us girls need to stick together. I… I didn’t get a chance to warn you, he just walked in this morning… Daniel! Please… Please, you have to testify… You… You can stop trying to convince me… I’m on my way there now… I’m sorr… You shouldn’t be. What are we doing here, Daniel? I’ve been here every single day, since the accident. Right… here… I should have just died, right here… I just mess everything up! The world would’ve been better off… That’s not true at all, your new hospital wing is going to help lots of patients. *SIGH*… If I died here, you would’ve been able to save Joe… And if I hadn’t convinced you to show the hospital wing to your dad… …we wouldn’t be here either. You can’t blame yourself… In the same way that you’re not blaming yourself? We’re quite a pair, aren’t we… If we didn’t almost die here, this would be quite beautiful… YOU DID IT! Joe’s remains have been released. Everything is ready, tomorrow I can finally have his funeral… You’ll be there, won’t you… Try and stop me. End of your last day, kiddo! I feel I hardly had a chance to talk to you, while you were here… Promise me you’ll come practice Eastern medicine with me, once the wing is done! I promise! And I better see you at the new pediatrics department as well! Only, if we keep going on walks with Princess! No time like the present! I’ll be right there! Wasn’t Daniel supposed to be here, right about now? He was, but he canceled his appointment. No matter, I’ll see him at the funeral tomorrow… Whenever you’re ready, Sophia. Daniel? Why weren’t you a… Oh Robin, I’m sorry. I thought Daniel would be here… Do you know where he is? He’s gone. What do you mean ‘he’s gone’? He told me he needed a little time for himself. I told him, I would take care of things until he got back, he is my son… So… He… He just left?! I’m afraid so. He took his passport and one bag of clothes. Allison… I’m sorry I have to ask, but… Would you be alright starting at radiology without me? Daniel left quite a bit of work for me… I guess. So… I’m on my own then… OH… COME ON!? Can I help? Really? Would you? I have a meeting I need to go to and these forms have to be filled and filed by tomorrow. Sure… I’ve got nothing better to do anyway… I… Is my dad g-going to be okay? I… I… don’t know… *SIGH*… Maybe I shouldn’t invite him yet… This wing looks amazing, I’m sure John will love it. What’s the worst that could happen? Oh no, we’re crashing… Don’t worry Alli, we have parachutes, they’ll never catch us now! And we lived happily ever after! Right Dad? I don’t see Joe. He might still be in the ambulance… Go save Daniel! you can come back for me later… JOE!? Life is so much better if you have someone to share it with… I should have just died, right here… He’s gone, Allison… STOP BLAMING YOURSELF! Hey Allison, I have someone here who really misses you… Princess! I’m so glad you guys are here… I think someone wants you to throw their ball… Oh… Sorry… You know I’m here if you wanted to talk… I know. I just haven’t been sleeping so well. You could always sleep over at my place. You really think that would be smart? But seriously Allison, you’ve been through a lot… I just worry about you. I’m sure that if I get some sleep, I’ll be fine! I guess the printer is out of toner… Well, that’s just great… Hello! Is this radiology? Yes, it i… Ma’am? Joe! How? I… I thought you were… I’m sorry, ma’am, but my name is George… But… But… You know what, I’ll come back later. This can’t be happening… What can’t be happening? I think I might be going crazy, Connor… So you started seeing ghosts, so what? So what?! Yes, so what? Everybody sees some ‘ghosts’, it comes with the job. This is Chelsea, I lost her when I just started working here, but we’ve become good friends since… And this is Tim. Tim was quite the troublemaker before he started hanging out with me, weren’t you Tim? But seriously, don’t worry too much about it… Your brain can do weird things when it’s stressed. And even if it is Joe, you can have worse people haunting you. I guess you’re right. But maybe we can do something tonight? Cause I need… Well… I need to not be here… Well, okay, that sounds like we’ll need a plan! See you after your shift. Are you ready to go on an adventure? Totally, what have you got planned for us? Well, I saw this romantic comedy was opening tonight or maybe we can go to the nightly farmers market. Really…? Well… Uhm… Maybe… I heard the monster trucks were in town… …And there was a Lucha Libre wrestling match at the gym. Keep talking like that and I’ll marry you before the night ends! Last one to the car pays for the hotdogs! I was back at three! Three! He even bought me a Luchador mask… So… Connor’s single, you’re single… Sounds like fate to me… It’s good to see you have some fun again, dear. No… No… No… I saved your dad… You can’t be here… Please tell me your dad is okay? Right here! And aside from a couple bruises from the checkup, I’m fine! HMPF! I’ll have you know that people always tell me I’ve got very gentle hands… Okay… I guess all I need now is to get one last scan and then I’ll have a clean bill of health! That’s great! You really had me worried there for a moment. Let’s get you some contrast fluid! This can’t be right… What isn’t right? Is my dad okay? Allison?! Don’t worry Lisa, it’s probably just a mechanical error… Happens all the time, we’ll just do a re-scan… Where’s the man with the lollipops? Can you get him? Well… I wish I could… But lucky for you, I just happen to have some of his lollipops, right here. It’s been a long day, maybe you should go home. We’ll get you the results tomorrow. I don’t get it… No… This has to be the machine… This would suggest all his organs are damaged… This would suggest the man was already dead, Chance… It has to be a mistake… What are you all looking at? Robin! I needed a second opinion, but I couldn’t find you… This… This is no mistake, this is very serious… I understand this is hard to hear and we still need to run some extra tests, but… Right now we need to look at an option that will slow-down the degradation of your organs… It looks like an aggressive autoimmune disease and if that’s the case, there’s just not a whole lot else we can do. How long would I have? We can’t be sure, but it looks like weeks, maybe a month or two with treatment… NO!… I can’t accept that! Lisa… She already lost her mom… I’m… I’m all she has… That’s why we need to get started as quickly as possible… WITH WHAT?! Giving me a few extra days in a hospital bed?! FORGET IT! I feel fine. I need to take care of my daughter! But you have to… Give him some time, Allison. You can’t make this personal, we have many more patients we have to help today. I don’t know if I can handle this, Connor. Saving that little girl’s dad is one of the few good things I’ve been able to do here. And now it turns out, he wasn’t saved at all. Sometimes, you know… The world just stinks… That’s your great insight, huh? I have learned this over many, many years, yes. I’m glad you’re here… I’m not going anywhere… WOOF! That’s a pretty card… It’s… Well, it’s a postcard from Daniel… He’s currently in India of all places. He’s writing about this group of people he just joined… a spiritual healing faction. Not really sure what that means… Did he mention me at all? I’m sorry, Allison… I understand… Put your dad on the phone… Yes, your daughter Lisa just called us… She’s very worried about you, Mr. Asher. We’re ready whenever you are. Wow, did Lisa really call the hospital? Well… A little white lie never hurt anyone… I’m sorry… I just couldn’t… Don’t worry about it, we’re just glad you’re here now. Lisa, do you want to go with me? Today, a couple of my clown friends are coming over. It’s okay, honey, your dad is going to be in the boring machine anyway… I’ll be right here when you get back. Come on, let’s not let this wait any longer, we’ll start with the full-body MRI. Robin? Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with the machine? We had it checked a couple of weeks ago, so it should be okay, why? Because the scan is showing very little to no brain activity!? We have to prep him for surgery… But… But… He was fine… Allison, there is no time for that now… We’ll have to place him on the stretcher, so you can prep him! I’ll go see Quinn and ask him to prep and clear the O.R.… Once he’s ready we’ll pick him up. Very well… Are you coming? What? Who? Me? Yes, you… If you do half as well as you did at that crash site, you’ll make a fine intern. But you’ll have to start now… As you can see we have an operation to do! I… I don’t know… I… I don’t have time for doubters, it’s now or never… You go with Quinn, make sure the operation goes well! Okay… We have a male, 42, full organ shutdown, not responsive, possible autoimmune disease. Allison, you’ll be in charge of the roster… So… I… Allison? I need confirmation… Okay! Thank you! I can’t be holding your hand through this… Okay, you assign the team to their correct positions and help them with whatever they need… This is going to be a tough one! I guess that’s it… I took care of all immediate damage and hooked up the machines… But it’s pretty obvious we’re dealing with a really aggressive autoimmune disease that’s attacking, well, everywhere… And there’s still very little brain activity… Turn off the respirator for me… Y… You sure about that? Hmmm… His body isn’t breathing on its own. You can turn it back on. Well, not every surgery can be a success. Shouldn’t we do something?! Surgically, we did all we could do… …We gave him a pretty big blood transfusion and put him on medication. But it’s up to him now and even if it wasn’t… We have more than just one patient to get through. Female, 31, ruptured intestine… Well… She’s going to be completely fine! See, Allison! For every bad operation, there will be… Allison! My… My dad… He isn’t doing well, is he? No, he isn’t… I-Is he… Is he going to die? We don’t know yet Lisa, but… BEEP BEEP BEEP Emergency surgery? NOW?! Don’t worry, me and Lisa will be right here when you get back, right Lisa? Unless we run away to a tropical island together, from the money we made by selling these amazing drawings. These are for my dad, but I can make some more we could sell. Well, I’d better hurry then… Male, 20, internal bleeding… Stephen Coffeye, who had a snowboarding accident and has 3 sisters waiting for him. Okay? After that medically irrelevant intermezzo, let’s get started… The PATIENT is going to make a full recovery! Another one for the books. Allison? My dad is starting to look really yellow… You did good Lisa! But in a few minutes a couple of people will come in and take your dad to surgery. You’ll have to stay here, but I’ll go with him, okay? Okay. I’ll take care of Princess, she gets scared too. Don’t forget to take care of Connor either… Male, 42, liver failure… He’s the dad of a little girl named Lisa, who really, really needs him back… Let’s get started, shall we? *SIGH*… Well… he’s on liver dialysis now… …But that means the autoimmune treatment didn’t take and it’s the beginning of the end. from this point on, he’ll just cost us time and money. H-How can you say that?! These are real people, Quinn… with real families! We, as surgeons, can’t see them as people, if we want to do our job right. In surgery you make hundreds of decisions, each of which may end a person’s life. Treating patients as people will stop you from making the hard choices, the correct choices and that’s what really kills. It’s because you care about those patients, that you’re willing to do absolutely anything to save a person! Even if you disagree with me Allison, we’re still going to have to start the end-of-life protocols… …And that also means preparing that little girl for what’s about to happen. I miss you Daddy, will you come back soon and play princesses with me? Hey Lisa, can you tell me a little about your dad? My dad is awesome! He’s always nice, super smart and I always get to pick what to play. Even when it’s girly, he doesn’t care. I think it’s because I never knew my Mommy. If… Just if… But IF my Dad dies. Where would I live? Do I get to live with you or maybe Dr. Connor? Lets get some dinner first, then we can talk about moving in together… You coming? I wish, I have to get back to work with the sociopath surgeon… Female, 44, exploratory surgery of the stomach area… Allison, I’ll need you to check the amount of toxins every minute and make sure it never rises above 8%. Allison! Wait up! You did a decent job today. I’m not the bad guy here! In a few days’ time, the machines of patie… of Mr. Asher will be shut off. And in all probability his life will end. It’s better for everyone to prepare for that. Don’t you think I know that? This little girl is going to lose her dad, Connor. And there’s nothing I or anyone can do about it. …And on top of that, I can’t bring myself to tell her. You know sometimes I wish I could be like Quinn, just turn off my emotions. Maybe… Maybe I’m just not cut out for this job. Why… Why the long pause? You… You think I’m not cut out for this job… No… Well, not surgery, maybe… HMPF! Allison, that’s not what I meant! Wait! So, IF this keeps up, I might need you to step in. I’m still here, Quinn! Very well! But better safe than sorry. We thought we’d find you here. How are you holding up? Not great… Well, that’s why we brought the karaoke machine! ♪♫♬I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake shake…♪♫♬ You can really sing, Lisa! I don’t get it, even for a autoimmune disease, he’s deteriorating much too quickly… I could redraw a little blood and test it again. I mean, you shouldn’t get your hopes up, but we could at least retest it… Thank you… Lisa… We’re going to have to talk about your dad… I already know… He’s not coming back, is he? It’s starting to look that way. Your dad, he really tried… *SIGH*… We really tried too. Even now, we’re still testing his blood hoping to find something else, something that could prove us wrong… …But if we don’t, they’re going to turn off his machines in two days’ time. It… It’s okay… Allison… You know I’m supposed to be the one helping you, right? But you have been helping, you and Dr. Connor have been here every day. I know you did everything you could. I’m sure your dad is proud of you, you’re an amazing girl, Lisa! Ruth! Are those the results? Uhm… No… Something completely different, they haven’t come in yet. But is it okay if we talk about it later… I’m kind of busy at the moment. Okay? Do you need some help? Not really, I just need to… Uhm… Get this in order… You su… Absolutely sure, just leave me to it… Okay… That was weird… Thank you Ruth, for assisting with anesthetics today. No problem… Ruth! The results? Have they come in yet? Not now, we have an operation to attend to. Female, 53, fluid around the lungs… There’s not much going on now, did the results come in? Yes… they came in… But let’s not talk about it now… I’m sorry, Ruth, but I need to know, was it positive or negative? The fact that I’m hesitant about telling you, doesn’t that say enough? So there is no way to save him? There’s more, isn’t there? I need to know, Ruth. It just… We have one more day until they turn off the machines. OKAY! I’ll tell you the results… It won’t matter anyway. The reason he’s deteriorating so quickly… …is because of the experimental stimulants YOU gave him. Allison? I’m so sorry… I… I can’t help anyone… I… I quit… Where’s Allison? She quit, yesterday… In the middle of surgery. Why? What happened? She just wasn’t cut out for this… You’re wrong about that Quinn, we all could learn a little from Allison! Well… That was enough excitement for the entire year, let’s get started. Male, 24, appendectomy… We can’t wait much longer… I don’t think she’s coming Lisa… *SIGH*… That’s going to leave a mark… That’s just great Dad! Don’t you think I had enough bad stuff happening already? You really had to give me a couple of bruises too? Bruises! Bruises! HE HAS BRUISES! What slows brain activity, behaves like an autoimmune disease, but unlike an autoimmune disease causes bruises? …If you’re suggesting Dregen’s Heart Parasite… That’s insane. The chances are a million to one, even if he had been to a Third World country. But you have to admit, the bruising doesn’t fit! If there’s any chance, any chance at all, you have to at least try the operation! It could save him! I’m just not convinced, Allison… And as the Head of the Surgery Department, I can’t operate on someone’s hunch. But… You can attempt it yourself, if you think you’re up for it. Me!? P-P-Perform an operation… by myself? Do it! I believe in you, Allison! Don’t look at me. If you think you can do this, I’m with Lisa on this one. I guess it’s now or never… He’s on a CPB pump that has taken over heart and lung functionality. I’ve got all my tools right here. Time to get this operation started I’ll need to start by applying disinfectant… Once I make this incision, my time will be limited. The longer the operation takes, the bigger the chance of failure. Oh, no, he’s got a huge amount of fluid building up inside him, I’ll need to vacuum it away ASAP! I need to move the lungs aside gently to get to the heart. Okay, Dregen’s Heart Parasites feed on red blood cells and fat. They are almost invisible on a ultrasound, unless I agitate them into moving… Let’s click on the heart on the spots with the most fat to get them to move. That should be plenty! Let’s check the ultrasound for movement… I can’t see anything… Why can’t I see anything?! This can’t be, you have to have Dregen’s Heart Parasites! I can cure Dregen’s Heart Parasites! Lisa needs you to be alright… I need to be right about this, darnit… I have one last option, injecting trace amounts of toxins straight into the heart to agitate the parasites. That means he’ll start dying from the moment I inject him and I can’t fix that until we’ve removed every parasite… …and on top of that if I’m wrong… …I’ll be the one who actually killed Lisa’s dad. …But I’m not wrong! I knew it! Oh, no, there… there are way too many… It might leave some marks, but I’ll have to use sonic waves to destroy them quickly! The toxin is really hitting him now… The oxygen levels are becoming dangerously low… His body can’t handle much more! I’m sure that’s all of them! The sonic waves damaged his heart wall pretty badly, let’s stitch that up quickly. I need to inject the adrenaline now, before his system can no longer recover! I know your body’s been through a lot, Mr. Asher… But you’re going to fight with me when I turn of the CPB pump, right? I’ll start massaging the heart, but you’ll have to take over from me, okay? COME ON! YOU CAN DO THIS! Come back for Lisa… Please… I always knew you had it in you. Oh, put a cork in it… One week later… See that girl over there, someday she’s going to be Head of Surgery… I knew it the moment I saw her, mark my words! I don’t know Quinn, I don’t think full-time surgery is my thing. But… But… Who do we have today? Lauren Henfield, mother of two, she’s got internal bleeding from a car crash. Well, what are we waiting for… Are you sure you won’t reconsider? The Surgery Department has a spot for you. Maybe someday, but for now, we have a party to get to… You have to hand it to Daniel, he did build a pretty amazing new wing… I guess… Ah-hem! Thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate our new wing! This wing wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of my son, Daniel… But since he’s not here today, I’d like to take this time to talk about someone else. Someone who has also worked tirelessly and beyond what could have been expected of her as an intern… Someone who’s persistence saved several patients, but on top of that also my son himself… Someone who even brought a man back from the dead. Join me as I raise the glass to Allison Heart! May you be lucky enough to have her in your department! How about we just get back to the party, John? Couldn’t have said it better myself! Jake Berry, Miranda Kalagian and Adam Gubman, take it away! So, Jenny? I heard you’re single again? I know it’s unbelievable, but I’m single too. Well, if you could move your single self out of my light… I’m trying to study here… Pretty nice party, right? If you consider contracting ‘hearing loss’ a party… …But it is nice that we get to spend some time together. Pfew! I think you’ll have to find someone else to dance with, I have to go to the little girl’s room… Oh, it’s on now! Allison! It… It’s your mother… I guess I’m not in this game. Everyone always forgets about the janitor… I’m back! Sure… Even this scene isn’t about me…


  1. Okay I'm late but I have questions there is four of this game and I want to know witch one is first witch one is second and so and and what are they names

  2. I love this game and watched this for a refresher so thanks so much for posting this, but I have a couple questions.
    Why was Daniel in the ambulance in the first place? Did you miss a scene? Because it goes from him being upset about his dad then next second he’s in an ambulance? I’m going to have to reply the game to find out why because I don’t get it.
    Also when did Allison do experimental treatment on Mr Asher? I don’t remember seeing that part either. Thanks!

  3. I cried so much for Joe and Mr. Asher, somehow Gamehouse really knows how to make me emotional… I was just waiting for a miracle for Mr Asher the whole time, I’m really glad we got it.

  4. There's a section missing from this video that I don't have in my version of the game. I have the dialogue here. It explains why Daniel was in the ambulance. It occurs after John dissed Daniel's renovations and Daniel left rejected.


    Allison: Daniel?

    Daniel (on phone): All… Alli… Allison!

    Allison: Daniel, are you okay? You sound weird, are you home?

    Daniel (on phone): I’m fffffff… fine! Thanks for asking, I AM home, how did you know?

    Allison: Something’s wrong, we need to get to Daniel’s place FAST!

    Joe: Nothing faster than an ambulance!

    Allison: Just stay where you are Daniel, we’re coming.

    Daniel (on phone): Tha… That’s nice…

    Daniel: There you are… Want some?

    Allison: Daniel, did you… self-medicate again?

    Daniel: I told you I wouldn’t, didn’t I, I… I’m just DRINKING!

    Daniel: Can’t a man DRINK in the privacy of his own home?

    Daniel: Why can’t he just be happy for me?

    Allison: I don’t know, Daniel…

    Allison: Let’s go inside.

    Daniel: Okay…

    (I understand Daniel may have fallen off the roof at this point?!)

  5. Allison é mt vacilona 😂 Connor dá molinho e ela vai atrás do Daniel 😂
    Eu tenho pena da situação do Daniel, mas o Connor é mais estável. Ele só ficou com outras meninas pra esquecer a Allison 😂

  6. Scrr o Connor é um fofo divertido 😍 e a doida da Allison vai atrás do Daniel mano 😓🙄
    Connor >>>>>>>Daniel

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