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Thank You mr. chairman and congressman price thanks for being here I'm good thanks for the conversation we had the other day thank you um congressman arm on May 7 2015 let me begin by saying all of us know that we have come through a very unusual election process president elect Trump received almost three million votes less than Secretary Clinton but he won the electoral college is going to be inaugurated this week he won a number of states by rather slim margins during the course of his campaign mr. Trump said over and over again that he would not cut Social Security not cut Medicare not cut Medicaid let me read some quotes on May 7 2015 mr. Trump tweeted I was the first and only potential GOP candidate the state there will be no cuts to Social Security Medicare and Medicaid on April 18th 2015 he said quote every Republican wants to do a big number on Social Security they want to do it on Medicare they want to do it on Medicaid and we can't do that and it's not fair to the people that have been paying in for years and now all of the sudden they want to be cut end of quote August 10th 2015 mr. Trump said quote I will save Medicare Medicaid and Social Security without cuts we have to do it people have been paying in a few years and how many of these candidates want to cut it and quote March 29 2016 Trump said you know Paul Ryan wants to knock out Social Security knock it down way down he wants to knock Medicare way down and frankly well two things the one you're going to lose the election if you're going to do that I'm not going to cut it and I'm not going to raise ages and I'm not going to do all of the things they want to do but they want to really cut it and they want to cut it very substantially the Republicans and I'm not going to do that on and on and on point being this is not something he said in passing I think it is likely he won the election because millions of working-class people and senior citizens heard him say he was not going to cut Social Security Medicare and Medicaid congressman price a very simple question is the president-elect mr. Trump going to keep his word to the American people and not cut Social Security Medicare and Medicaid or did he lie to the American people I have I haven't had extensive discussions with him about the comments that he made but I have no reason to believe that he's changed his position all right so you are telling us that the best of your knowledge mr. Trump will not cut Social Security Medicare and Medicaid as I say I have no reason to believe that that position has changed a congressman price quoting mr. Trump again released paraphrasing him just last week he said broadly speaking Pharma is getting away with murder you recall that tweet I did okay there are many of us on this side of the aisle who are working on legislation that would do at least two things number one end the absurdity of the American people being ripped off by the pharmaceutical industry who two years ago made top five companies made fifty billion dollars in profits while one out of five Americans can't afford to fill the prescriptions their doctors write will you and will the president-elect join us in legislation we are working on which number one will allow Medicare to negotiate prices with the drug companies and lower prices and number two allow the American people to bring in less expensive medicine from Canada and other countries is that something you will work with us on the issue of drug pricing and drug costs is one of great concern to all Americans I think it's important to appreciate that a couple areas we've had significant success whether it's in the generic area where costs are significantly less than they have been and in part you are aware sir I don't mean to be don't have a lot of time we are paying by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs you don't disagree without do you and do you disagree with that I think that's the case I'd have to look at the statistics I think there are a lot of reasons for that and if we get to the root cause of what that is then I think we can actually solve bipartisan one of the root causes against that every other major country on Earth negotiates drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry in our country the drug companies can raise their prices today they could double their prices there is no law to prevent that from doing that will you work with us so that Medicare negotiates prices with the pharmaceutical industry you have my commitment to work with you and others to make certain that the drug pricing is reasonable and and that individuals across this land have access to the medications that they need it wasn't quite the answer to the question that I asked um congressman price the United States of America is the only major country on Earth that does not guarantee health care to all people as a right Canada does it every major country in Europe does it do you believe that health care is a right of all Americans whether they're rich or they're poor should people because they are Americans be able to go to the doctor when they need to be able to go into a hospital because there are Americans is it we're compassionate society no we are not a compassionate society in terms of our relationship to poor and working people our record is worse than virtually any other country on Earth we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any other major country on Earth and half of our seeing older workers have nothing set aside for retirement so I don't think compared to other countries we are particularly compassionate but my question is in Canada in other countries all people have the right to get health care do you believe we should move in that direction if you want to talk about other countries health care systems there are consequences to the decisions that they've made just as their consequences the decision that we've made I believe and I look forward to working with you to make sure that every single American has access to the highest quality care and coverage that is possible as access to does not mean that they are guaranteed health care I have access to buying a ten billion dollar home I don't have the money to do that and that's why the we we believe it's appropriate to put in place a system that gives every person the financial feasibility to be able to purchase the coverage that they want for themselves and for their family again not what the government forces them to buy but if they don't have any well that's the longest Larry thank you very much thank you Thank You senator Sanders senator hatch


  1. Free housing. Free food free medical free WiFi. Free wages when you don't work. Free education free free free the socialist promise. But who pays. the American working man.

  2. could Tom Price be more evasive and two faced?????? NO
    Go to Thailand break a bone and go to the emergency room, less than fifty dollars you will walk out free and clear, I'm not saying things should be that cheap here but come on get real health industry get passionate about your oath and purpose in life, not the greed

  3. I would have LOVED to have been Tom Price at 5:43!!!!!! THAT'S where I say….. (and I would insert the pauses for a bit of drama), "Senator Sanders, can you define "RIGHT"? Do you mean ANYBODY……, ANYWHERE……., ANYTIME, can make an appointment with ANY DOCTOR….., in ANY HOSPITAL or CLINIC, for the necessary care….. and the Government just WRITES A CHECK?" Then….. I would KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT AND WAIT FOR HIM TO ELABORATE, 10 MINUTES IF IT TAKES THAT LONG, because the answer creates even MORE QUESTIONS. You people simply don't understand the limitations of a limited resource based society. ATTEMPTING to provide what you people call a "right" would guarantee the destruction of civilized society. You see it's not JUST people like Sanders and Chomsky who have a monopoly on strong intellectual arguments In fact, I've considered Norm to be a bit of an idiot for ignoring the reality of economic limitations.

  4. Well Well Well . . . In the words of Voldemort from Harry Potter. . .Addressing Tom Price "Spoken like a true Politician"

  5. Trump supporters are always asking for evidence of just about everything pertaining to the corrupt Trump administration. If you would broaden your search for truth past Fox News maybe you would actually learn something instead of relying of the rest of us to keep you informed.

  6. As far as his private flights private jets and all, he works for the government he's really f**** important and is oun mind. I'm so sick of establishment both parties. This should be a jail sentence. Or pay the government back you SOB.

  7. Now we know Bernie was lying. Trump has no plans to screw with medicare, SS, medicaid. He is a liar. We can see that now. Bernie was going on about nothing. What a loser.

  8. trump loves people with names related to money! … mike PENCE… tom PRICE… rex TILLerson… sonny PerDUE… alex a COSTa

  9. June 7 2017 We filed a police report and reported Welfare to US Congress medicaid disabled part of transactions cameras seeing xrays Attorney General Adam Laxalt SNAPS Chase bank JPmorgan accounts, TANF, etc monthly computers JULY 20 2017 thurs Today

  10. This jerk off, totally avoiding the question. WE KNOW what THEIR agenda is. Sickening. Throwing all of us under the bus. God sees everything.

  11. EVERY other NEWS channel calls out Price's corruption and lies, Faux "news", the state propaganda channel, makes Trumpanzee apologetics.

    Quite telling…..
    Fox, you ARE fake news.

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