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-Are we ready to go?- -Okay- Hey everybody. Today’s topic is how do we calm our minds? How do we do it? So stay tuned. So like I said, today’s topic is kind of like a meditation for beginners. Because I hear from many of you,
that anxiety is one of your biggest struggles. And the racing mind, trust me, I have a racing mind too.
And I completely understand the issue. And something that I do, and that I know many of my yoga teachers and my friends do that kind of helps them calm their mind, is what I call meditation for beginners. Now all you need is 10 to 15 minutes. You need an area where you are going to be quiet, no one’s going to barge in on you. And put yourself in comfortable clothes. So that’s kind of how I would start it out. In the end they say that they hope you can do this at any time, any place, blah blah blah. But right now, we need to kind
of create our own meditation environment. Now what we have to do, is we sit comfortably. They said you can sit with your legs crossed, like a traditional meditation type stance, or seated position. Or however you feel comfortable. Because I honestly can’t sit cross legged for that long. So I usually stick my legs straight out or
kind of off to the side. Whatever is comfortable for you. The most important thing is that our back stays straight. Because, something to do with the way that our body’s positioned. If we are hunched over our mind immediately goes into kind of a sluggish, slow, down kind of mood. And so they say that keeping your chest open to receive, and it helps with breathing and it also helps with your mood. So make sure that your back is straight. And now we are going to get into the knitty gritty
of how it works. They say that you can leave your eyes fully closed or partially closed. Partially closed just feels weird to me, so I always just
close my eyes completely. And you are supposed to focus on your breath. You breathe in and out through your nose,
and you can feel the breath. Now that’s what I want you to kind of tune into,
you can do it with me right now. So we are going to close our eyes. And we are going to breathe in through our nose
and out through our nose. And I want you to feel where the breath goes. Does it feel through your stomach, your chest and up through your shoulders? Do you feel it brushing along your nose,
as you breathe in and out? I want you to stay focused on this. Now this is when our mind takes over, right. All those thoughts that we normally keep busy so we don’t have to actually pay attention to them become aware to us. Many of you have told me, ‘You know when I try those
breathing exercises I feel like my mind races more,
and it gets worse.’ It actually doesn’t get worse,
it just brings our awareness to it. So we are actually paying attention. It’s kind of funny, huh. That happens all day long but we keep ourselves
so busy that we don’t notice. And so every time you find yourself, you know,
falling away in to thought, ‘Well when I get done with this I’ve got to go do this, and when this is over I should do this, and ahh I should have called that person, da-da-da-da.’ I want you to focus back on your breath. Feel it in through your nose. Feel it building in your body. Feel you breathing it out. I want you to take full uncontrolled breaths. You don’t need to hold it, you don’t need to breathe fully all the way to the top. Just feel yourself breathing. And if you can do this for ten minutes,
you will feel a lot better. I promise you. And I know some of you will be like,
‘Ten minutes is a really long time Kati’, and
‘Oh my god I don’t think I can do it.’ Then we will start with five. But we just have to start with slow incremental shifts, where we focus back on our breath. And the thing that’s great about it is, they say that our mind is kind of like the ocean, right. And I’m at the ocean. And when the waves are coming across, right. The waves are kind of like those crazy thoughts that we have, all the racing thoughts. It stirs up the bottom of the ocean, right. And we can’t even see anything. And if you get down with your goggles,
it’s cloudy. But if we let the waves pass and the water is actually smoother. You look down below and it’s clear. And what Im trying to do is clear our mind,
so we can see more clearly. When we do meditation more frequently and it’s more a regular part of our self care, you will find that you are happier, your relationships are going better, you are more able to change. Because we are giving our mind some time to be still. To figure out who we are, what we are doing,
what feels good to us. When we quiet our mind we can actually do what’s best for us as a whole. Now I know some of you are like,
‘Kati this is a little, you know, hokey pokey.’ But give it a try,
and let me know how it goes. Start with five minutes, move to ten. Ideally we want to ten or fifteen minutes. And I promise you, you will feel a world of difference. So if you like these kinds of videos and you want me to do more meditation, breathing, yoga, things like that. Give it a thumbs up and let me know. And also don’t forget to find me on instagram. Or on twitter. I’m also on tumblr. And obviously on youtube, hello. And don’t forget to add me on google+ because if you leave your comments then I can respond back. And I can give you whatever advise or
answer you are wanting. Subtitles by the community


  1. Question: Hi Katie, I think I may know someone with munchausen syndrome. However I am not sure. Please can you tell me, how as a mental health professional, you distinguish the difference between a self harmer or someone who has the condition munchausen syndrome? Also how are they viewed by mental health professionals? For example typically therapists don't like to deal with borderline (bpd) patients. Thank you in advance!

  2. Oh the irony, my anxiety is preventing me from doing this. I'm so paranoid about my eyes being closed just like that. 

  3. Love your shirt!! Do you think you could do a video that touches on embodiment/embodiment exercises? My therapist taught me a great exercise today and I would love some more! Thanks Kati!

  4. #katiFAQ
    Hey Kati,
    This is a bit longwinded so I'll try to make this short and sweet, 2 years ago, I had a therapist who told me that I couldn't go to see her anymore and she never really said why and she never referred me to someone else, and we had been together for 2 1/2 years and I trusted her with everything. When she told me that, I literally was crushed inside, I fell into a deep depression (even more than before) and I went back to old habits. I'm now seeing a new therapist (who's wonderful by the way) and she found out that my old therapist is coming back to work (she was on mat leave) at the same facility where she works and she's wondering if maybe I saw her, and talked with her, that that might helped me to recover a bit from that fiasco. I'm still not over that incident and it scares me shitless about even the thought of seeing her, I don't want to see her, but I'm wondering, do you think it would be beneficial for me to see her and talk things out whether in person or on the phone? I'm so upset with her still, and I'm scared I might say something that will hurt her feelings, even though she destroyed me 2 years ago. Would seeing her help me to get over what happened?

    Thanks so much if you reply to this message in your video!
    Have an awesome day!

  5. is it normal to fantasise you are in your favorite band (as one of the members and your famous) while listenig to it? is this because i want to escape my reality.? as i have done this since i can remenber. i'm 22 now and i still do it but not with a hair brush anymore lol while i'm walking around listening to the band or singer. i am quite depressed at the moment i also fantasise i am skinny too.

  6. Awesome vid! Stopped me from acting on the ed voice just now. I'll never be able to thank you enough for all your time and energy that goes to making these vids. Know that you have saved my life and I'm sure many others! Thank you so much xo

  7. Ella D, if even leaving your eyes just a little open is too much for you, you can leave them wide open. Just pick an object to look at, and keep your gaze focused on it. Even better if it's something/an image of someone you find inspiring.

  8. I've tried doing this so many times. I just can't do it. However, i think its because i live in an abusive environment and my anxiety puts me into what my therapist has called hyper awareness. This is seen as a bad thing but it helps me avoid any negative attention as i know the minute they walk into the room if i should leave

  9. Can someone please tell me how to add a person to my circle? Sorry, I'm not familiar with the whole Google+ thing.

  10. My therapist and I do this sometimes after a stessfull session. It really helps me ground myself before leaving the session. Thanks for the video Kati

  11. How do you know when 5 minutes passed?! Every magazine and yoga teacher talks about how easy it is to just take 5 or 10 minutes a day for yourself but I am too scarred it will feel so nice that I'll just do it for hours without noticing. I don't want to set an alarm because it will scare me and make me stressed right away!

  12. Ok i didn't know If I should post or not but here goes. Sorry if it's long…
    8months ago I broke up with my girlfriend and for 4 years before I'd be having panic attacks and anxiety attacks, therapy hasn't help so far I've had 5 sessions in the last 6 months due to the fact I can't leave the house to anywhere I don't feel comfortable, I need to be able to go out again and explore life, my ambition is to volunteer wherever I can overseas but my confidence is at its lowest point and my anxiety seems to not wanna to let up it's not getting worse but it's always the same, is there anything you'd suggest or recommend, my family are recommending hypnotherapy. Hope you can reply. 🙂

  13. PLEASE COULD YOU DO A VIDEO ON PERVASIVE WITHDRAWEL SYNDROME. My friend has just been diagnosed and I want to be able to understand it a lot better. what is is? How it effects them? How it becomes like that? Is it like depression where they loose them self? do they do it to protect them self from the world etc? I want to understand as much as I can to help her, thank you 🙂

  14. i love that the monday videos have been outside lately, such a lovely view. makes me want to go outside 🙂 
    great video, will defo try this! thank you! 🙂 xx

  15. There are Ohio State University Mindfulness techniques online that my doctor recommend.  I think they are actually helping.  They are a free download.

  16. I always start breathing way to fast or way too slow when I focus on my breath, it makes me even more anxious, I just can't work with it. 

  17. Kati.. love your shirt. I have been suffering with anxiety and ocd from 1997 until 2004 when I found yoga and learned meditation. I became very interested in eastern culture and began reading teachings on zen. I was able to work and went into full remission from all anxietys and hypocondriac symptoms. Last year 2013 i broke down mentally. Full nervous breakdown in hospital _ I was overworked , death in family and my dog died and a ton more . For some odd reason i developed fear and negative association with yoga ,zen and all the stuff that cured me before. As amazing as it was , each time i try to meditate i get a panic attack. My home that was filled with zen eastern culture is now so strange. What is your take on this? Any ideas how i can get through this?.

  18. Thanks a lot Kati, I've been doing meditation for the last year, but have quit doing it as much as I used to do lately. So I appreciate you reminding me! 🙂

  19. What I found out is by not giving in and not letting it bother you to the anxiety and I just try to avoid what causes it, it's still there is just not as bad and more calmer, but sometimes it's very intense to the point I can't take it anymore 🙁

  20. Meditation really does work and help, but it's not a one time thing, you can't just do it once and expect results, you have to keep meditating to get the results.

  21. I used to breath in through my nose then breath out through my mouth
    it's kinda weird when I breath in 'nd out through the nose

  22. Hi hope all is well. I'm really upset. I'm a semi-pro athlete who aspires to reach the top level. I train hard and have a lot of passion for what I want to be. when I train everything seems to be fine and I do pretty well. Everytime there's either a try out or a match. I get mentally imbalanced and nervous. my anxiety levels start to rise which makes me do everything fast like there's no tomorrow and I can't perform consistently on the level I want or was during practice.

  23. Thank you so much, Kati! I've had an incredibly difficult weekend and your exercise worked just when I was feeling completely overwhelmed and hopeless. It helped me look through the fog and gain perspective.

  24. partially closed eyes just means that you're let your eyes be directed more to the ground and that you're defocusing (= you don't look at something specifically). That allows you to still have your eyes open but be in a introspective state

  25. When I was living in Atlanta, I signed up to do this "Meditation and Body Pain Study" from some therapists affiliated with University of Washington. Initially I signed up just for the money…I know, I know! But I was broke and I thought I would just say what I thought these psychotherapists wanted to hear and throw in some extra "New Age Woo Woo" I used to hear all the time in Seattle. Well, long story short, I did get paid and I did sort of embellish the "woo woo" but…I couldn't believe it…the techniques I was taught actually DID help some of my chronic pain! I do meditate now, usually in the morning when I first wake up. I do some leg stretches and back exercises I learned when I had Scoliosis surgery, then I say some morning prayers and it really does help calm me down! So…I guess therapists sometimes DO know a few things! Ha ha! Will wonders never cease? LOL.

  26. Thank you Kati you have made my week your videos help me when I have a really really badly day or upset depressed mad thank you I also need advice for everything that your videos are about thanks Katie?

  27. Hey Kati
    Please do more video on yoga and meditation. Thank you for creating this ❤️ wonderful video and giving me some tools to use.

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