Helping Ugandans save emergency funds for health services – #Insiders4Good

>> I’m Onyancha Chrispinus from Uganda, working
with clinicPesa. Three months ago, a
23-year-old mother, she lost her life
because she did not have access to 5,000
Ugandan shillings. ClinicPesa is
a healthcare micro savings and credit line platform
that will enable them or will enable
low income earners in Uganda and Kenya to be able
to actually set aside funds so that they
can actually use it to offset their medical bills
at the time of need. There are over 65 million people in Uganda and Kenya who do not have access to
health insurance. Reason being, health insurance
being too expensive, and also looking
at the employed in the informal sector and even the employed of
the formal sector. Not all of them, or not all the companies, have
their employees insured. With clinicPesa,
they will be able to plan for themselves. What motivates me is if
I can be able to give for low income earners the ability to actually go visit a doctor, the same way a person with insurance or a person with
his hard-earned cash, it would be my joy to see
them also visit the doctor.


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