Hepatitis B Herbal Cure – Ayurvedic treatment

What is your name? My name is Ashish Malik and I have come from Delhi to take the medicine of my grandfather. He was hospitalized in Batra hospital for three months. Dr Sareen told us that he is suffering from Hepatitis B, Chronic Liver Cirrhosis and it can’t be cured. We can only overcome complication in 6 months to 2 years. One of our relative named Lalit informed me that he took medication of same disease from Vaidya Madan Gulati of Planet Ayurveda . I approached him with a hope so that my grandfather can survive. My grandfather has undergone medical test from Dr Lal Path Lab, in which his viral load was 83 lakhs IU/mL. Then we started treatment from here. As the treatment advances he started taking food. His diet intake increases from 1 chapatti to 6 chapattis. Even he stops us accompanying him to toilet and started going to park. LFT started functioning properly. SGOT and SGPT also reduced to the normal. It was hard to believe that viral load was lowered to just 86 IU/mL. We are thankful to Vaidya Madan Gulati. This treatment has built our trust on Ayurveda medication. Can you name some medicine prescribed by Dr Madan Gulati? Phyllanthus niruri capsules, Yakrit plihantak churna, Echinacea capsules and Punarnava mandoor I love my grandfather and Vaidya Madan Gulati is a “God” for us.


  1. hello, i am also hepatitis b positive, can i know the cure rate of hepatitis b by your treatment.

  2. hello does vitamin c, food that high in fiber can help to cure hepatitis b and lowering your protein intake can help

  3. Sir,
    I, RAMAREDDY, from Andhra Pradesh, I too suffering from HEPATITIS B, Today I watched your suggestions on Youtube., Could I have medicine which are shown on screen my local Ayurveda medical Shops. Anyway  Thank you alot..

  4. Hi @Raheem muniru 
    You can check this real testimonial – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OCx6hRlNsg


  6. Dr.Vikram, my siblings and I are Hepa B reactive since birth.Most probably, it was passed by our mom.At the moment,I feel ok but i get tired easily( I got two year old boy whom im caring)what is the best product for us?Thank you

  7. Dear sir,i am 29 years old recently I was diagnosed with hep B inactive carrier with viral 560copies.Doctor told me not required to take medicine but every 4 months check liver status. is there any cure in ayurveda.please suggest me sir.

  8. sir I am premnath gupta and suffering from hepatitis B. Now virusload is 14000 .Is it curable please suggest me what I do. And please tell me about medicine .

  9. Hi Dr. Vikram….thank you for the valuable information here in this video. I have a question…. The title with this video reads, "HEPATITIS B HERBAL CURE-AYURVEDIC treatment". Now in the description section below the title it says "Herbal medicines by Planet Ayurveda provides the effective treatment to hepatitis B and other liver disorders naturally. Now, i'm really not trying to get into semantics here however, I would like to to be 100% clear if I buy the Planet Ayurveda’s Liver Care pack, that I'm in fact purchasing the cure for HEP B.. Can you please reply to this message and confidently say that if taken properly that the Planet Ayurveda’s Liver Care pack will cure HEP B. Thank you I appreciate your time. Brian

  10. its me kazi Rabiul Islam, from Bangladesh, i just have finished my post graduation From University of Dhaka, i identified myself as a Hepatitis b virus bearer, so almost 5 years have gone i am as b virus positive,now my HBs point is 3.39(ellisa method) and last 1.5 year ago i tested hbv dna that came positive and pont almost 3^1o an hbsage was negetive and antihbve was positive 6 month ago but after all most of the time i am very weak to walk and move.now i am suffering various health disorder such as weakness, and little fever,and eye burning and foot burning some time stomach disorder and most of the time i am very irritate and little fun or insult make me much angry and irritate.but i wanna go abroad for higher study, is there any medicine which can help me to turn into negative? please suggests me me please

  11. @Dr. Vikram Chauhan hey Dr.vikram I would like to know it can help liver inflammation or hepatitis C what medication herbal can take for ?

  12. take Koren red ginseng of dr lizada from the Philippines. several have been cured from a b and c. it can all diseases. u may google it and contact them

  13. i hate all these contradictions- one site will say herb A is good for hep b, another site says be careful if you have hep b, it can cause liver damage. SERIOUSLY????

  14. Dear sir,i am 28 years old recently I was diagnosed with hep B inactive carrier with viral 9120 copies/ml. What should i do? and my mother she has Hepatitis B too now she is 69 years old. Please give me advice Sir.Dr .Vikram Chauhan

  15. Sir

    How many months to cure Hepatites B to Herbal Cure.

    Patient values are HBsAg = 483.73 iu/ml all test are normal

    Please help us.

    what ayurvedic medicine use for cure.

    How many patients to cure 100% what % of people to cure this problem.

  16. hi doctor i have ulcers and i did banding of the oesophogus varices.how can i overcome these condition because i was told i have hepatisis b. i like eating fruits like paw paw,apple, avocados.am on the right healing path?

  17. sir i really need ur help
    my dad has hepatits B
    5 years phle pta laga tha jb treat ni kia ussr phle se ho to pta nhi
    n ab pta lga h pura so what should we do

  18. Dr please my husband is in heptaities b and he is in Ghana how can we get some of your madice please and me am in Lebanon if I can get some here in Lebanon thank you

  19. How can we get negative ? Dr do u cure can u negative my hepatitis B reactive to negative if u can then please tell me how I can get your medicine ? I'm from Doha Qatar

  20. Acute hepatitis b can be treated itself…..but challange is to treat chronic hep b…..

  21. my Hus is hbsag + 3.25 how can I cure this am at Kerala is this available at Kerala how many days take is this cure

  22. Hi Doc thanks i found your youtube channel about this hepa b. I’d like to ask how do u if you are acute or chronic? If the doctor will tell you that you should stop drinking any herbal supplements or leaf tea, do i have to stop it Doc or continue still? Thanks and more power.

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