Herbal Plant Sambong

Hello You Tubers good morning we are now at our
garden. This is Sambong. Sambong, has an antibacterial, antifungal and diuretic properties. Since this has a diuretic property, this can cure possible hypertension. Because of its diuretic property, this can also reduce high cholesterol level. Because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, this can kill bacteria. and flush out the toxins in our body. This could also cure gouty arthritis by flushing out the uric acid, and the urate crystal that could cause inflammation, pain and immobility. Because of its diuretic property, Sambong could possibly, flush-out kidney stones. Sambong can be used as a tea, can also be used topically. When you make Sambong tea, just get two or three leaves. For me, I started making a tea with just one leaf only, because I don’t have ill feelings. I used this a prevention for my gouty arthritis. DISCLAIMER: This is not a drug and I don’t claim this to be one. And I am not responsible for any untoward side-effects. Thank You for watching, please share.


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