Herbal Plants And Their Medicinal Uses – Medicinal Plants & Their Uses

Common Herbal Remedies. People have been collecting herbs to use as
medicine for centuries. Many doctors claim, however, that taking herbs
in place of your prescribed medication is not recommended. There has been a vast amount of information
and testing with regard to herbal remedies. Herbs, like vitamins, are good for your body
and overall health. Although the exact cause of why herbs have
a positive effect on the body is not always known. Usually, herbs need to be taken over a long
period to receive the benefits to your health. Listed below is information about some common
herbal remedies. Alfalfa has been known to be effective in
healing ailments such as gas pains, pain and stiffness from arthritis and ulcers. Alfalfa herb tea possesses no adverse components,
and is safe for all people including children. For relief from upset stomachs, colds, bronchitis,
bladder troubles, and jaundice, Chamomile is recommended. This herb is also helpful in the regulating
menstrual cycle’s rheumatic pains, and headaches. Chamomile has also been effective for babies
with colic. In addition, it can act as an insect repellent
when used properly. Dandelion increases activity in the pancreas,
liver, and spleen and contains insulin substitutes. Dandelion has a high vitamin and mineral content
that is used for treating kidney and liver disorders, along with skin disease and loss
of appetite. Eucalyptus is a major ingredient in many commercial
medicines such as cough and sore throat medications. These plants also contain oils that are extremely
potent antiseptics. The oil may be applied locally on wounds,
sores, and burns. Eucalyptus can also be used as an insect repellent. Ginseng has been used for more than 5000 years
in the Chinese culture. This herb strengthens the heart and nervous
system. In addition, it builds up a general mental
and physical vitality and may be effective for treating colds, coughs, gout, diabetes,
headache, and backache. Hawthorn is known to cause the dilation of
the coronary vessels. An improvement has been shown in patients
and is helpful in insomnia. It has been used to treat high blood pressure
when taken over a period of time. A strengthening tonic for the entire system
is Strawberry. It is helpful with diarrhea, night sweats,
liver complaints, gout, and jaundice. Strawberry is used internally for weak intestines
and is also used for enema. The above herbal remedies listed above are
general guidelines. If an herb does not agree with you or if you
feel adverse effects, discontinue using the herb. The information contained in this article
is not intended to replace the services of a physician. This video presentation has been created in
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