Herbal Relief of Lyme Disease

– It’s all word of mouth that people call and text and it usually starts
with a question. If you ever work with Lyme
disease, that’s a common one. Now Wyoming has Lyme disease. But it’s a different
species of Lyme organism than we have in New
England and California. I had to find that
out the hard way by having Lyme disease
myself and being told that it doesn’t exist,
I couldn’t have it because I was in the
mountains for a month before I came down with it and I hadn’t left 11,000 feet. I would have had to have
gone to an eastern state in order to get Lyme disease. Or northern California,
where it’s been for a decade or two. And so as far as I know, I
was the first case in Wyoming and I used that
to learn about it because I really didn’t know
anything about Lyme disease. That’s one way to learn
about the immune system. Come down with medical issues and try to figure
a way through it. By the time I went
through treatment, I’d already gone to
stage two Lyme disease and it’s very hard to diagnose. Borreliosis is what it’s called. Borrelia burgdorferi
is the spirochete that causes this Lyme disease, was thought to be the only one. I was doing research
with a group of people interested in bighorn
sheep diseases when I had to drop out and
say I can’t even remember my name most days, so I
can’t be publishing papers with you guys on bighorn sheep. So our colleague in Argentina, who’s
working with deer, with selenium deficiencies,
the same thing we were working with here, he said, “Did
you know there’s more “than one type of Lyme disease?” And he sent me an ecological
paper that had just come out about eight, nine years ago on these species
of Lyme borellia. There were five different
ones, possibly six. One was ocean-going,
living on albatrosses. But the one we have in
Wyoming is a different species that probably is carried
by different vectors other than deer ticks, which would explain
why I was fairly sure where I got it from, a black fly that was courting
the bighorn sheep. I was very close to
bighorn sheep every day. At any rate, none of the
standard medicines worked for me and it continued to get worse
over a period of six years until I ran into an alternative
Chinese practitioner, Chinese medicine
practitioner, who gave me some Chinese herbs and
it went away in a day. And it’s never come back. So I went from unemployable,
could hardly walk, and neurologic
symptoms, parasthesia, pains that were unexplained
that were debilitating, joint problems, arthritis, I
couldn’t play piano anymore, which really bothered me. Plus I couldn’t work because
I couldn’t think very well. Cognition was affected. To a day later being
completely recovered. So I had tremendous enthusiasm
for spreading the word and I knew of a couple other
people with the same symptoms that were also diagnosed
as not having Lyme disease. Their diagnosis was we
don’t know what you have. They also recovered
very quickly. So I started treating people. The thing about some
of these networks with things like Lyme disease
is people hear about it and becomes a network
of people with a disease that’s hard to diagnose,
and often untreatable. If you catch stage one
Lyme disease early enough, you can treat it with
doxycycline very efficiently, but once it goes to stage
two, it’s not treatable with doxycycline. That’s when alternative
medicines work really well. And it turns out the chemistry
of the Chinese medicines I was taking also occur here
in Native American medicine, medicinal plants. So I start asking people when
they would call up and say, “I hear you dealt
with Lyme disease. “Do you have any clues,
because I’m unemployed, “I have pains that don’t have
any connection to reality, “and my joints don’t work
and I’ve been diagnosed “with Lyme disease.” Usually the first
ones I got were people that actually were
diagnosed with borreliosis. They responded very quickly
to the Chinese herbs but then I asked a few that
were up for experimenting if they would go with
some experimental herbs that we can try, because I was
able to suppress my symptoms with osha root, which
is a very, very popular Native American herb,
popular in the sense that all of the tribes know about it
and use it for lots of things. But it’s a very
effective pathogenic drug and it kills pathogenic
bacteria and viruses. Very few things
can kill viruses. So this borellia
organism is a spirochete, which is a type of bacteria. We used osha root on
a couple of people and it seemed to
work right away. So that’s what I use now
because it’s cheaper, it’s easier to find,
and it’s native. You don’t have to import it. Osha root combined
with French sage, which is equivalent
chemically to the Chinese herb which I forgot the
Chinese name for it, but the Latin name
is artemisia annua. The one we have is
artemisia frigida. It has same the lactone
glycosides in it, which kill parasites. So I use this plant. It’s in season right
now, it’s collectable, so I just grabbed this right around my cabin. I dry these and keep them and
make tinctures out of them. But osha grows in
higher mountains. Going over Togwotee Pass,
you can collect it there and keep a stock dried. It’s only good for
two years though, and I found that out by
experimenting on myself, because I was using
osha root in lower doses to suppress symptoms
of Lyme disease. I didn’t know at the
time if I took it at the same level, the same
dosage, and for the same period of time that you take
the Chinese herbs, which is about a year,
then it doesn’t come back. I would take it only
when I had symptoms, and it would make all the
symptoms of Lyme go away. But that’s how I learned
about these things. I learned a lot
about back issues and kinds of illness everybody
comes up with occasionally and injuries, and I try
to find natural ways that are local to
treat these things. – So the symptoms,
with Lyme disease, the symptoms are
different for everybody? Is that what you’re
talking about? – Tremendous variability. And it has to do with the
type of organism it is. It hides. It’s not a normal, ordinary
bacteria that you run into in the first year
of microbiology. It’s a spirochete and by nature
they lose their protein coat on the outside, so
any identity it has with your immune system
in terms of antibodies are no longer functional. So it can hide from
your own immune system after it’s been identified by stripping its
protein coat off and then producing a new
identity when it reemerges, maybe a few weeks or
a few months later. I had recurring symptoms,
and most people do, and when it comes back
in three weeks or so, that was the average time
it would disappear for me. I’d have symptoms and
then they would disappear for a few days. I felt normal. But then we’d come back
and instead of arthritis in my hands, it would
be arthritis in my feet. Or fever. Or when it became stage two,
it’s mostly neurological. I went blind for a while. Could not see anything. I was on a road trip
when it happened so I was stuck on
the side of the road in a place with no cell
reception, no cell phone at all. So I was on my own. It also had affected my right leg, so I didn’t
have motor control of my right leg, but
I didn’t know that sitting in my truck. So I pulled out at Green
River, where they have a historic turnout
and you can look at the Oregon Trail
ferry crossing. I was sitting in my truck
unable to see for hours, and finally I started
to get my vision back. I saw some people
that had pulled in. A couple had driven to
the spot far away from me and they were walking in my
direction to look at the river, the Green River. When they got close, I thought, “Well, I’m starting
to get my vision back “but I may lose it again. “I’m gonna ask them for help.” So I opened the door
and put my left foot out and then I swung around and
tried to put my right foot out and I fell down and
I couldn’t walk. So I was climbing up
on the door window to get myself vertical
and waving at these people to get their attention. Of course, I looked in
every way like a drunk, and they turned around
and quickly walked back to their car and drove off. So I was stuck there
for about a day. Then the vision came back. So that’s Lyme disease. It’s very, very strange. Borreliosis is about as
cryptic as an illness can be as far as symptoms go. All of them disappear. You actually kill the
organism using osha root, which is well known for
killing cryptic organisms, whether it be a virus
or pathogenic bacteria. – That kind of explains
why it goes undiagnosed, because what do you test for? What do you see as an
evidence or marker of it? – Right, so they
decided on things in the medical profession,
they have certain criteria. There’s five of them, and you
have to have at least three in order to qualify for some
of the harder drugs they use. Like ceftriaxone is a pretty
serious antibiotic drug. You have to take it IV,
but you don’t qualify for that treatment
unless you’ve had three of the five indicators. Sometimes you don’t
have those three. Because it’s such a
cryptic symptomatology. You don’t often have all
of the required symptoms. So the bullseye bite
site is one of the things that only less than 50% of the
people with Lyme disease get, but that’s one of
the required symptoms to be diagnosed with Lyme. I didn’t have it. – It makes me wonder what– Could there be adverse
effects, though, taking something potent enough
to kill the Lyme disease? – Oh yeah. – And osha is– – That’s part of the
experimenting process, because osha is so potent. If you take it in a high dose
which is what I was really trying to determine with
my experiments with people, what kind of a dose
can you take safely when you’re in that
high range of osha root? There’s not really much in the
literature on that subject. Osha has been used for a lot
of pathogenic infections. But this was a new one,
and there’s nothing in the literature on it. So I went too high
with one woman and killed off her
intestinal flora, as you would with
Flagyl or a lot of drugs for giardia, which
are very potent drugs. Nothing new in
the medical world. But it took her five– It took her two months before
she started showing signs of not being able
to absorb food. She’d killed off her enteric
bacteria and microorganisms. So we took her off of
that, and as it turns out, that was enough time. So I learned two things. You didn’t have to
go a whole year, because she’s now two
years from that treatment and still has not had a
recurrence of Lyme disease. But it all went away overnight. The common phone call I get is, “I’m indebted to you for life. “I no longer have any symptoms.” Wait and make sure it doesn’t
come back before you say that. But that’s usually a
long term recovery. You can get it again
but the treatment lasts about two to
three months, and then it kills the organism.


  1. Hi Im In Tyler Texas and none of the doctors will treat Lyme they say it doesnt exist. But I made them do a test.Iwestern blott came out 145. poss is 110 Having trouble with my vision now . Drs Tell me no such thing. any Herbs that will work please let me know [email protected]

  2. I didn't even bother with antibiotics, because they don't ever work for a person with zero luck and has had it for 10 years without even knowing it. I'd trust natural herbs over antibiotics any day.

  3. docy penicillin gives you major problems .. go alternative .. safe alternative . i am sold . call a good chinese doctor .. use safer penicillin first when first bitten . next is who makes the best osha . different osha by ground and state it's in ? lol.

  4. Worth trying. The American health system has let millions of Lyme victims down and we are left on our own everyday to figure out survival……..with a brain and body totally messed up by Lyme.

  5. Hi this is Scott I sure would like to talk more to you about Lyme disease I have had it for 2 1/2 years now and it keeps coming back the anabiotic does not last very long I sure would appreciate some help

  6. my question is has anyone tried it and does it really work it seams like new herbs ive never heard of are popping like teasel and osha so has anyone experimented with osha and does it work in a low dosage cause if was to experiment with osha id 2-3 drops one or twice a day depending on how my body can handle it so yeah has anyone tried it and were did yall buy?

  7. i decided to give osha a try after this video im doing 3 to 5 drops.
    recently my heart started hurting i dont think its the oshe to blame but instead the glycerine i think it might be toxic not sure if its company anyway whats the best way to take it alcohol glycerin or just plain osha in tea?

  8. can somebody please reply lets work together glycerin isnt that great would someone try alcohol or tea instead and give results

  9. Dont feel bad i live in rhode island talk about east coast. And i still get treated like im crazy evwn with a positive lyme.i came up positive and the hosptal never contacted me so from the time i had positive test it took three months and thats only reason i found out was because i went beck to the hospital they gave me doxy and to be honest i dont think it has worked now they are saying i have fibromyalgia i just dont kno anymore i so tired of fighting doctors. To be honest im just tired of it all. I just turned 40 and i feel like my life as been stolen

  10. https://www.healthyplanetcanada.com/st-francis-osha-100ml.html Ligusticum porteri Ligusticum porteri, known as Osha or oshá

  11. I just started using Osha root after watching this video I found it at my local sprouts and it is wild harvested. I also had the same symptoms going blind while driving etc. Anyway. It is very strong, start out slow and take the Buhner recommend cytokine Cascade herbs to help with the herx, motherwort, egcg with quercetin, cordyceps, skullcap, shizandra those help so much when herxing along with Burbur Pinella. I am taking this along with green dragon Botanicals LB core protocol 15 a day and working my dose up, Samsara tick recovery two scoops a day and working my way up, and woodland essence Bartonella trio and Otoba bark 5 drops 3 times a day. Also azithromycin and mepron for Babesia.
    I've had this for way too long so I'm hitting it hard.
    The osha root made me herx like no other I did a full dropper had extremely vivid dreams but today I am functioning quite well.
    I am going to keep taking it and see how it goes.

  12. what is name of sage herb he saying ?
    i couldnt find any prince sage or prinz sage..what is he saying ???

     the other herb he talking osha root i found online at only one place…can this guy give dosage , sources to buy his herbs…??


  13. Tried Osha root tincture 5 weeks ago.1 dropper about .07 ml. I had the same effect as John. After 6 years of suffering with Lyme disease 85% of my symptoms stopped overnight. I took same amount 3-4 times a day for about 12 days. It does kill gut flora. Took a lot of probiotics to get flora going. Restated Osha after a few days. Will continue with maintenance dose 1-2 droppers daily. Also started Cistus tea to get the biofilms. I feel better than I have in years. Brain fog and fatigue stopped immediately. Hope this helps others. Thanks John

  14. Osha root .. alias " wild parsley" … have used ="false wormwood" .. or Estafiate Silver Sage .. have not used root but buds seem very strong, fall seeds very strong  ( pick a little .. use like chew , for good measure or stave off hunger ) … roots would be strong after fall die back …… VERY BITTER ..  .. soak in vodka .. ?? 3 months ?? … use kefir afterward  or other ferment … or – best .. combination of all available … as per amount … start with 3-4 drops .. wait for any Herx to subside .. do again ..?? 3 days … if no herx .. bump it up a little … but with all herbs/ .. you spin the wheel .. you take your chances  .. best practice= follow biblical advice .. fasting & bitter herbs .. week ( 7th day) / month ( full moon )  & religious holidays … 
    .. it seems that "Carrot Seed Extract" is very potent and may be "Queen Anne's lace" .. much like osha .. different names for same plants .. and same names for different plants …  .. check out " A Taste of Heritage " = Crow medicine / herbs … Indian tradition includes "Sweat House" .. increase body temperature to kill critters … our grandfathers / grandmothers were not fools …

  15. I got Lyme disease from my mother.
    I told myself for years that my symptoms weren't enough to justify even getting tested.
    I was wrong.
    Now I'm 20, and I can't stand the misinformation anymore.
    I've known dozens of people who have died of Lyme disease, mainly because the symptoms were just too normal for them to take them seriously.

    Below are some LIFE SAVING updates:
    – Lyme disease is very common
    – You can be infected 15 minutes after a bite!
    – Many cases don't even show severe symptoms for years
    – Nearly all ticks are infected in the north east, and it is spreading
    – By the time you notice the bite, the tick has likely already injected its saliva into you
    – The only way to know if the tick transmitted Lyme to you, is if you bring the tick to a specialist to get tested
    – Lyme specialists should always be contacted after a suspected bite, since most doctors are not Lyme-literate, and will only refer you to Lyme specialists, or dismiss it due to underestimating the risk
    – There are co-infections (alternate strains) of Lyme Disease that you can get in each different tick, and each co-infection causes a different group of symptoms
    – Ticks are not the only way to get Lyme disease!
    – Lyme is passed through blood, so it can be passed from mother to child in utero, and can be SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED!
    – Symptoms can be very hard to detect at first, and if you have any odd or mundane symptoms that don't seem related, I strongly suggest visiting a Lyme specialist. Even if you have never seen a tick on you.
    – People living in the north eastern areas of the US are recommended to get tested to Lyme annually.

    Those I knew who have died, or are currently receiving treatment had symptoms like these:
    headaches, back pain, and they felt cold or even feverish at times. Over time, they got dizzier, and more tired and sometimes just so depressed that they couldn't motivate themselves to do everyday tasks. Others felt constantly on edge, and stressed to the point that they physically and mentally broke down.

    These are all symptoms of spirochete damage. They dig into your brain and your nerves and your organ tissue. It messes with your blood flow by attacking your heart, making people feel cold, or have vision issues from low blood pressure. Spirochetes damage your ability to concentrate by attacking the brain, causing headaches that feel like pressure behind your eyes and to the back of your head. Peoples hormone regulation is thrown off, and emotions are set into constant turmoil until glands like your thyroid slowly stop working, causing weight gain.

    There are many symptoms of Lyme disease, because the spirochetes could be attacking anywhere in the body.

    Please realize that pain is not normally a constant. You shouldn't feel tired all the time, or have trouble going to bed or getting up. You shouldn't have to feel stressed, overwhelmed or depressed every day.

    I was treated for Lyme, and it was like my life became consistently enjoyable. I still had all the same daily troubles, but they became manageable.

    All I hope is that some of this information will reach someone and they will take the leap to meet with a specialist, because that was all I needed to be set on the right track. It is just so worth it.

  16. OMG, this is really works, OSHA root tincture buy in Sprouts or online, nasty as hell plus the alcohol but nothing more nastier then slow death from Lyme.
    I have suffered for years and I have small kids not ready to check out yet….. so somehow of with God’s guidance I came across this video. Took about 8-9 drops twice a day, fatigue and brain fog is gone in 2 hours from the first intake, I went and finish my floor tile project the whole lobby in my house ….. and I am ready to fly. Really everyone who is suffering from this debilitating disease take this OSHA root tincture if you want to live.

  17. The blood have to clean your body and you have to exercise no matter what.
    It is not the bacterium that is the biggest problem, because that bacterium will eventually die on its own.

    The problem is the poison that the dead bacteria leave in your body in your organs and your joints and it is precisely that detoxification that gives all that pain.
    What you should never do is stay in your bed because it can take years before the disease disappears.

    If you can no longer walk with the pain in your hips and knees, for example, try cycling but move as much as possible as your blood needs to flow and clean up the poison and use garlic, ginger (for the joints), carrots, onions, black pepper and cardillum tincture.
    Also buy ginger powder and garlic powder and use it generously.

    Use low-sugar milk and bread and eat healthy.Within a year I was 100% cured without antibiotics, while six months ago I left with a walker and I couldn't walk more than 4 steps.
    And then I had to sleep with a pillow between my knees in pain.

    I went straight through hell and came back thanks to god because the doctors and the hospital couldn't help me at all!

  18. The western medicine will treat only what has showing in blood test, urine, xRay, MRI ext…. Lyme is a symptomatic disease like Autism, Dawn Syndrome. The blood test to catch Lyme is 40 y old and has 15% accuracy only.
    People go to doctors for the complications of Lyme such a heart issues, kidney failure, fatigue, thyroid , liver…… this is all aftermath of Lyme. Then doctors can not treat what they can not see….Lyme…. so they treat what they see…… this is how people continue to go untreated.

  19. Hallo. Ich bin aus Deutschland und hoffe sehr,dass die übersetzung klappt. Ich wohne allein und bin sehr ,sehr schwer an Lyme und coinfektionen erkrankt. Ich vertrage keine Antibiotika und habe keinerlei Hilfe und Unterstützung hier. Bin total verzweifelt. Können Sie mir evtl.helfen?

  20. It sounds like he is using an herb that is local
    and therefore is good for the specific Lyme or co-infections that are in his specific area….
    so I'm wondering if the herbs he's mentioned would work for all areas?
    I can certainly understand him not wanting to have a spotlight on him but this information is so important and can help so many people and the people who love them. This is so hopeful and wonderful, would anyone like to make a video explaining how to create tincture and potency-for educational purposes, just explain how tinctures are made. It would be really wonderful. Just sharing your own experiences isn't medical advice…
    I'm in an area also where there is absolutely no help. Some days it's hard to think there's a much of a future. Thank you for making this little video!

  21. Around this part of the country, there are several diseases that the Docs can't figure out.
    I had Still's Disease and after 18 months trying to get some relief and get a diagnosis in Wyoming, I went to Salt Lake to the U of U Health Sciences Center and after 5 hours with a Rheumatologist She told me I had Still's Disease. I had NO IDEA of what that was and she gave me it's history, in a nutshell.
    The Docs in Lander and Riverton had no idea what it was and I had to educate them on it!
    Basically, They have known about it for over 100 years but have no idea how you get it or where it comes from and only about one sixteenth of one percent of the World's population has it so, no one researches it because it wouldn't BE PROFITABLE!
    Consequently, they don't really know how to treat it as ITSELF. They treat it like JRA, which its symptoms are most like!
    BTW, your symptoms, other than the blindness and a few others is VERY MUCH like Still's Disease!
    I'm really glad you are cured, John! Your knowledge and your work is irreplaceable and we can't afford to lose you!
    BEST WISHES, to you!

  22. Iv been dealing with lyme for over 10 years I had to make the hospital test me for it because my "Dr". Refused to test me. Then when the hospital told I had it the so called Dr wouldn't treat me for it. Iv since be told I have copd. And a huge list of other things. Been treated for them and nothing has changed. I know I was in the second stage of lyme by time I was tested. They gave me antibiotics and said it was gone. B.s. I have dizzy spells like u wouldn't believe. I have head aches like never before. Some day I'm ready to take on the world. Other days I can't get out of bed. I have severe anxiety and panic attacks. So now I walk around with a inhaler and a bottle of clonazepam. My Dr wouldn't send me to a infectious Dr because she said I'm the only one who said I have lyme. Iv been to every Dr u can think of and no one knows what's wrong with me. I need help!!

  23. Please! The name of the Chinese dr. you went to see! Been struggling for almost 20 years. Ready to give up many times. This sounds hopeful. But please don't leave us hanging with only part of the story, as so many do!

  24. An update on my health condition after watching this video, you can read below what I did, but all I did I took the guy in video advice and took OSHA root tincture for about 2 weeks 1/2 droplet and happy to announce to the World the Lyme is gone.
    I know that for 100%, because using a test which was showing Lyme and now using the same test it’s showing Zero Lyme present. First test I did it was a Full Moon and the Lyme bacteria is so intelligent, it can hide by covering itself by protein for self preservation, protein is a building block of life.
    All I did took OSHA and another big thing I stopped using steaming sauna with my head in, still can use infra red saunas but head need to be out, extremely beneficial to kill Lyme by detoxing your body in that way.

  25. Try the titer test and only the titer test no matter what the doc says. He might say you need a pretest before the titer test. Don't do it.. just get the titer test period. Misdiagnosed for about 15 years.

  26. Wondering why the information in this video is not made easily available to the public. The doctors at the hospitals should be sharing this

  27. I had no idea there was more than one type of Lyme disease . Which type or types would be found in Texas ?

  28. 1 day cure. Bullshit. Makes me think there’s money behind this, or he has a company that sells these herbs. Maybe 3-6 months you could get some relief. Be honest and don’t deceive people.

  29. God I hate youtube's notification system. Not a single damn person is responding to their older comments. Impossible to direct message someone on youtube, so you're just screwed.

  30. FARM TO FORK in Wyoming…. www.WyomingPBS.org:
    This man being interviewed says that he knows of successful healing with Lyme Disease achieved by using these herbs:
    "OSHA ROOT which is a very popular Native American Herb" …. as well as using "FRINGED SAGE" which can be found in Montana. That the FRINGED SAGE mimics the Chinese Herb that he used which goes by the Latin Name of: "ARTEMISIA ANNUA" ….

    …. but that he happens to use something native / available to Montana area, by the name "ARTEMISIA FRIGIDA" (Shown @ 7:24 min/seconds) ….
    … which again…ARTEMISIA FRIGIDA is the alternative Herb that he uses versus the Chinese Herb by the Latin Name of Artemisia Annua.

    Also… that OSHA ROOT, he says, he has discovered to be potent / Good For 2 Years (7:40) … and that using OSHA ROOT for One Year's Time … is generally the time it takes to use it… in order to eliminate Lyme Disease (but…I am not clear if I got this info correct … ???) …

    He also shares that OSHA ROOT is known for Killing Cryptic Organisms…whether those organisms are from a Virus or Pathogenic Bacteria (11:50 sec). Also, that the Bulls Eye Bite is only seen by 50% of people who contract Lyme's Disease. And that the Medical Establishment requires proof (visual proof) of having a Bulls Eye Bite… although in his case … he did not ever experience a Bulls Eye Bite from the source carrier of his Lyme Disease (which he says he contacted Lyme Disease … from a bit via a BLACK FLY that swarm around Big Horn Sheep).

    He states that OSHA ROOT is very potent….& that it can cause loss of all Good Intestinal Bacteria… plus using it can also cause lack of proper food nutrient absorption. He experimented w. OSHA ROOT and came to discover w. one particular woman, that using it in high potency dosages for her, over a period of 2 months, was enough for this particular women he discussed… to have extinguished her Lyme Disease symptoms …and that after the 2 months of using the OSHA ROOT she was healed or completely cured.

  31. Clinical diagnosis of Spirochetes is as easy as falling out of bed according to who was the world's foremost authority: Lida Mattman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WozrCFW0mRM
    It is well known that the diagnostic tests are flawed and purposely skewed to prevent positive results because it would expose the PANDEMIC.

  32. "LYME" a false title implying JUST Borellia when there are 25+ coinfections that answer all of the current diseases previously labeled Etiology Unknown, is NOT treatable with doxycycline or any other antibiotic because it creates CELL WALL DEFICIENT ORGANISMS which is how this plague became PANDEMIC. People are now ASYMPTOMATIC CARRIERS!
    Anybody notice I keep posting the same link?

  33. The us government wants to ignore lymes because it was spread by the US government on plum island by a captured Nazi scientist after WW2. The Department of Defense was trying to weaponize ticks. Lymes Connecticut is only a few miles away from plum island.

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